To anyone who can provide proof of COVID 19 Virus


Welcome. We've been building this website since the start of the plandemic in August of 2019. As of July 18 2021, we will no longer be updating this site but join the conversation on on Telegram. The information is here for those who want it. To those who don't, no amount of evidence will will matter. Some of the books available in the shop area have been written by authors who have researched the road leading up to these days for the past 27 years. We've tried to narrow all that information down for you, highlighting only the most compelling information. We hope you will find this information helpful and that you will share it and use it for your benefit and the direction of yourself, your friends, family and loved ones. 

If it's your first visit to the site we'd suggest you break it down into sections and pick out some articles or videos you might want to see. It would be impossible to take in the whole website in one sitting and only those who seek the truth will be dedicated enough to study this information in any depth.

We try to appeal to those who buy into the mainstream narrative since there's no sense preaching to the choir, those who get it. If you are sitting on the fence or not convinced (either way) maybe this would be of interest to you. Truth is hard to take. Truth is not for everyone. Most would rather be comforted by lies and believe their governments are out to save them. If that's you, there's no sense going any further but if you are in the least bit suspicious or even curious as to what's going on in the world, then have a look.

Polly, above, does a great job of summarizing what's going on above. yep, it's near an hour long but guess what? This has been in the planning for 1000s of years. It means your future and the future of our children on earth. It's the most important issue facing earth EVER.

But there's soooo much more folks. It's all here on this website folks

IF you care to spend some time and take in the information we have been compiling here since 2019.

Note 1) The site is best viewed on desktop computer screens though it will size for mobile units as well.

Note 2) You will likely come across some videos that appear to be missing. Those are victims of YouTube Censorship. We try to avoid posting Youtube videos where possible. We look for the same video on normal uncensored media but some are still being posted on YouTube making them free game for the Leftist, Communist, Socialist, NWO (whatever you want to call them) police.

Ontario Canada "Emergency Measures Act" EXPIRED June 8 2021



So why the continued Tyranny;


Please help me to understand how people are being fined and jailed for not wearing a mask yet drug companies can literally inject unknown experimental chemicals into your body and be completely absolved of any legal repercussion? AND if you don't comply you could lose your job!?

Let's put it another way. If you were walking down the street and a bunch of poeple jumped you and injected you with something you have no idea what it was, would that be against your rights? Would that be a violation of anything? Would that be Illegal? What if they said "we are the government and you need to do this for your own safety?" Does that make it ok then? 

This is not the only Pastor who has been JAILED for holding Church services in Canada.


Yep, we said a year ago "VACCINE PASSPORTS" and most replied "CONSPIRACY!" but HERE WE ARE!

You will need a smart phone** AND take the drugs in order to be able to "MOVE FREELY" which is one of our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS written into our CONSTITUTION but seems to have ZERO BEARING! WHAT OTHER LAWS MEAN NOTHING THEN?

** What about those who can't afford a "smartphone and plan?" will they be given out for "free" too with the "free drugs?"

@ about 30 min, he says "fully vaccinated Canadians"* can STILL TRANSMIT so called virus.

* what are "fully vaccinated Canadians?" since you will see that he has plans to keep vaccinated Canadians well into the future

related Forbes Article

Justin Canadian Beaver says Vaccines are Not Enough

In other words, the Experimental Gene Altering Drugs you took will not stop the spread of so called virus (IF there even IS a virus)

You will still be locked down, isolated, fined jailed etc.

Remember in the 80s when "Tears were not Enough?"

-- 2021, "DRUGS are not Enough!"

When I was young I admired this rich man, he's likely passed by now, Let's just call him "Tom". Tom was a rough old character but he was able to start a commercial business without zoning permission. To this day that same property is zoned commercial because "that's the way it is". There was no rhyme or reason. Simply because this man made a stand back then. He also owed many apartment units. He was rich and successful and here's the kicker, he was ILLITERATE! He could not read or write. Signed papers with an X, had lawyers deal with contracts for him. One day we were at a car auction. It was really busy, 100's of people. He himself had many cars there to sell. In Spite of how busy he was at that time, he took me aside and said something to me that stuck with me for life; "When you see everyone walking that way, you RUN. When you see everyone RUNNING that way, you WALK"

Sound familiar? Right now everyone is RUNNING with their sleeves up, literally camping outside "vaccination stations" like they do to be the first to get the latest IPhone or like "Britney Spears Tickets were half price" to become the first biological experiment with drugs that have never before been used on mankind. DNA altering drugs that literally change the makeup of who we are. There's no possible way to know the long term effects. Maybe we should all take some advice from "Tom"


Above you have heard from top Medical Professionals. Now hear from one of Canada's Top Trial Lawyers, you can hear your legal rights as a citizen.

Stop right here. If you can't get past these first two videos, there's no sense in looking further because this website explains where this all comes from. The roots of this whole thing and it's dark. Don't even bother jumping to roots, if you can't even believe the above statements.

Rise up




April 28 2021

They are NOT "vaccines" they are EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGICAL DRUGS never before tested on humans (OR animals) They are "authorized for use under Emergency Measures Act (formerly WAR Measures Act) They have NOT "Approved" by anyone. Hence Doctors are now seeing cases they've never seen before;

  • blood clots
  • miscarriages
  • entire inside of the uterus just falling out
  • woman on periods constantly over 30 days every day
  • lesions
  • bruising from the inside out
  • old wounds start bleeding out of the blue
  • scrotum swelling in males and erectile dysfunction 
  • protein shedding
  • these experimental drugs have never been tested on humans NOT EVEN ON ANIMALS (thank you)
  • those getting shots are now spreading this
  • makes the body into a factory making this bio weapon.
  • Dr Carrie @15m, nanobots, hydrogel whatever you want to call it. "on demand" can be triggered to deliver at any moment though WIFI, 5G etc. Hydrogel produces its own voltage!
  • @20 min, laptop on mans lap, first 15 min, sperm count drops by 50%
  • she talks about cell phone at the head
The injected are now spreaders. MUST WATCH AND SHARE






You are here for a reason reading this. We are literally at a turning point in human history. A fork in the road. One path keeps humans free as we were meant to be, the other is dark. 500 million population worldwide with a handful of rich and the rest slaves to the system.



Our forefathers fought, many died so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have (or had) up till this point yet today, so many consent. So many simply give away their rights. They simply agree without a fight. 

If you are visiting this site for the first time, there's a lot of information to take in, compiled since 2019. Please take some time, watch the videos, read the blog. We don't expect you to take it all in, in one sitting. Use it more like an encyclopedia. (if there is such a thing anymore). 

A teacher can open doors but it's up to the student to walk through ~Ancient Proverb

Bill Gates Admits To

Human Depopulation Program

You have to understand the psychology here. Teachers think about their daily plan. What they will be teaching to the children. Car repair people think about fixing their next repair job. Contractors think about what they will need for thier next contract, tools, supplies, etc. Musicians think about what songs they will perform and they practice that etc. What do you think occupied Jeffrey Dahmer's mind most of the time? Serial killers think about their next kill. You have to watch this presentation on Bill Gates to show where his head space is at. Imagine if you made all the money in the world. What would your next conquest be? You see, everyone lives in their own bubble to some degree at least. In fact the more focused they are on their own individual lives, the less they see what's going on around them.

They DRUG Children who are labeled as "ADHD" but in fact maybe this is a blessing. ADHD may remove the blinders and while they might not attain the degree of focus other have, they may be able to do better with multiple tasks and perhaps even deal with stress better because their focus keeps changing. Everybody's different you know. Just because some kids are like this, doesn't mean we should DRUG them to "be the same" IMO. New World Order wants us (the remaining few) to be all the same, faceless, thus the masks, "you will own nothing and be happy" as Klaus says.

Alberta's top Doctors

explain why lockdowns are useless and "Covid" (if there is such a thing) is no worse than the common flu.

This next video shows the insane dystopian future of the planet if WE THE PEOPLE don't WAKE UP AND JUST SAY NO. DO NOT CONSENT!

@5:39 - "You don't have a choice. People act like they have a choice. Normalcy only returns when 'WE' have largely vaccinated the entire Global  Population"  ~ Bill Gates 

The Top Truths You Need to Know

1) There has never been a isolate of covid 19. That is, there has never been anything that separates said virus from any other. This was one of the problems with rushing a "vaccine" since there was nothing to build it on. They just guessed.

Buried deep in the document, on page 39 PDF from FDA [The ‘Dec 1, 2020’ version moved it to page 42], in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this:

“Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

2) The developer of the PCR test, Doctor Kary Mullis said openly that this is never what his test was meant for. It's not being used in the manner of which is was intended and 3) it CANNOT tell if one is sick or not. Doctor Mullis won a NOBEL PRIZE for his work. Coincidentally he "died" in Aug 2019 as the plandemic was being brought to the public's attention. You can listen to him here, on our videos page.

The President of Tanzania John Magufuli, tested Goats, Fruits, Motor Oil, even clean unused swabs were coming back positive. This is a clear indication that the tests do not work therefore all the bullshit you see on mainstream news about "number of cases and deaths" is faulty bullshit.

Coincidentally he "died" March 17 2021 - replaced by a woman who holds a position with the "World Health Organization" (which is funded by Gates Foundation)

So the evidence of so called virus is faulty to begin with.

3) on this website you will learn how lawyers from around the world are suing various governments and some even "the world" for the disruption and bankruptcy of businesses, violation of human and civil rights even death due to mental anguish. So far none of the lawsuits we have been following have been gaining any traction since the government have effectively shut down court systems around the world, only hearing cases that DON'T INVOLVE THEM! 

4) Nobody can force you to take a vaccine or an invasive test;

especially not a faulty one and there is nothing to test for since there has NEVER BEEN AN ISOLATE FOUND! 

Canadian "Covey Act"

Section  (1) Any qualified person authorized by the Minister may, to determine whether a traveller has a communicable disease or symptoms of one, use any screening technology authorized by the Minister that does not involve the entry into the traveller’s body of any instrument or other foreign body.


5) Vaccines require some of the virus to stimulate the immune system. Since there has been no isolate, there cannot make a vaccine for "COVID19".

5b) If there is no COVID19" in the vaccines, then what's in them?

5c) This is proven by the FDA where they use the words "Authorised" instead of "Approved". The vaccines have not been approved. If you take them, you are Consenting to take part in an Biological Experiment of which there is no recourse to should something go wrong.

6)look at the chain of command.You can see how control, demands and ORDERS are being imposed on the world and it starts with the rich few who own the WHO, CDC and other influential world health organisations. Orders then filter down into local police and military who are "just following orders"* as the Nazi soldiers did in the 40's. *[this was the defense used by lawyers for their clients at the Nuremberg Trials after WWII in an attempt to shield their clients from atrocities against humanity]. 

Mainstream media as well "we were just following orders" they simply read what the teleprompter tells them to say as you will learn if you spend some time on this website. This is what they all say. Cops use this, "We were just following orders". In fact this was the "defense" used by defendants in the War Crimes trials in Nuremberg Germany after the war, "We were just following orders".

7) Censorship; Nothing you will see on this website will ever be "permitted" on "mainstream media". They don't want you to see it. They will not allow ANY other narrative then their own. "Truth" is now the new "Hate Speech". Schools teach CHILDREN, "if you hear anyone, even your parents say anything other than what you see on mainstream news, you REPORT them to your teacher! Or the COPS or other "COVEY AUTHORITIES" If this is all a conspiracy, why are they so adamant to shut down any other narrative? If this is so bogus, why would they care? They DO care. They want the public to ONLY HEAR THEIR NARRATIVE! People today are being KILLED because they told the truth. THAT'S how important it is to them to SILENCE the Truth. THAT'S called Communism. Thats called New World Order.

8) Conclusion; there were no more deaths in 2020 compared to any other years. This is a statement from the CDC. You can see that 2 million poeple died from the common flu (inFLUenza) each year worldwide. Yet in 2020, nobody died from the flu? Every "case" was death by covid. 

Watch Peggy below. She sets it straight. She's in California but we are dealing with a so called "virus" that is Global right? It supposedly effects ALL humans right? It traversed  ALL borders right? Laws around the world on this are roughly the same. You can look up your own local laws. You will find that AT BEST what you have is "recommendations and bylaws" not civil laws, nothing that can be tried as a crime. They can fine you and IF you CHOOSE to PAY, that's your choice but you can fight it because they are illegal.  Here's her website.

We hope this website will open your eyes to what's going on. The end game is far more sinister than what mainstream media will let on. The only thing we have on our side today is numbers. Earth population is about 7.8 billion at the time this is written. There are only a fe 1000 billionaires on earth and of that group, even less are the ones that want to rule the world. 

But we must open people's eyes to what's going on because much of our population take what's going on at first glance. They simply believe what the mainstream news keeps beating into them daily. It's on TV, radio, newspapers it's all you hear "new cases and new deaths". Please see "Selling the Pandemic" on our videos page. Mainstream media are coached to broadcast the same message.  

If you're still not "sold" on this. Still think it's some kinds of "conspiracy", please note that "there is always a sale made". Either you will believe what's going on according to this page OR you will believe what's going on according to the mainstream media. Either way, there was a sale made. 

Ziggy Ziegler, world's top car salesman used to say, "you either sell the car or the buyer walks but either way there was a sale made". If the buyer walks, then the buyer has "sold himself" on the idea of not buying the car and / or the salesman is sold on the idea that this person is not buying the car" Either way a sale was made.

  1. Some questions to ponder
  2. Why would Bill Gates, one of the world's richest men now be the the world's largest agricultural land owner? He certainly doesn't need any more money.
  3. Why would he be buying up all the agricultural land when his friend Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum says "You will OWN NOTHING and BE HAPPY" or is it ok for the rich to own everything and rent it back to you?
  4. If masks work, why the lockdowns? 
  5. If vaccines work, those vaccinated should not fear the unvaccianted, yet you get Karen saying "I don't want your unvaccinated child near my vaccinated child!" 
  6. You probably wouldn't take your "health advice" from Apple Computers so why do you take it from Bill Gates Microsoft?
  7. If vaccines work, why do you still have to wear masks (sometimes 2 or 3) still have to "[anti] social distance" No large gatherings etc
  8. If vaccines worked why do people need 2 or 3 or how about every month? (yes it's coming)
  9. If the virus is so hideous, why are poeple not forced to wear hazmat suits when dealing with other people. I mean, the "virus" apparently escaped from an level 3 high security lab designed for dealing with such contagons but your 99c cloth mask from walmart is gonna save you right?
  10. Why are the masks and gloves not have to be disposed of in hermetically sealed bio hazardous material containers only accessible by TRAINED individuals? Instead they end up littering our streets, lakes and oceans. 
  11.  If the virus is so heinous, why do you have to be "tested" to even know you got it?
  12. If the virus is so vile, why do we not see poeple dropping dead in the streets, in thier cars, in thier houses? So far the only odd deaths like this have been people trying to exercise while wearing masks, cutting thier oxygen levels and  rebreathing their own carbon dioxide. At least one we heard of smashed his car after passing out from lack of oxygen while driving. Lucky he did not kill himself OR OTHERS.
  13. Here's a good one.. They claim you must wear a mask over both your mouth and nose. The reason is because they claim "the virus" can be transmitted though your spit. Therefore the virus lives in your mouth too right? (which, they are all connected, Eye, ear, mouth, nose all connected through channels in the skull) so why not swab the tongue? Mouth swabs have been used for years in murder cases where Life or Death is at stake. Surely a mouth swab should be enough to test for a cold.
  14. Why the secrecy? The covey camps are kept in top secrecy as you will find on this website.
  15. Why did the "Ebola" not "cross the borders"?
  16. Why was there no masks, distance, fines, police brutality etc over SARs or Swine Flu or Bird Flu or Ebola or Tuberculosis etc Why was there no ticker tape running on the bottom of EVERY NEWS CAST EVERY DAY stating how many poeple died of other things in past? 2000 dead today from Heart attack! 1500 from cancer, 2500 from car accidents, 4500 new "cases" of diabetes?
  17. How come nobody dies of the flu anymore?
  18. Why did we never have a black double decker bus driving around downtown London with messages on the side and PA system telling people "STAY AT HOME!" etc during all the other above "pandemics"?

Make up your own mind but do it fast because we need people to realise what's going on before it's too late.

Thank you for visiting


Please take 15 minutes and listen to Peggy. She's a straight shooter. 

the Logic of Testing for COVID

We're testing for a virus that has not been proven to exist (no isolates)

with a 40 year old "test" which was not designed to be used in this method and cannot tell if one is sick or not

which subsequently produce FALSE RESULTS

Using METHODS which are against both HUMAN and CIVIL rights

but either way, SHE'S A WITCH! AND SHE MUST BURN! 

img - 2021-01-27T134533.748

Lots of pages here folks. We have many videos on the Video page, we have a News Page, Blog as well as this landing page all on the menu. There is a LOT of information here IF you are willing to look at it. 

Most have their minds made up and nothing will change their thoughts. Most only go by what they see on mainstream news. 

All we can say is that if you are "happy" with the lockdowns, tyranny, reduction of your civil and human rights, then this website will not help you.

However if you are as disgusted as we are, know that you are not alone and know that there are alternatives. It WILL take some actions on your part that might feel uncomfortable to you but the only thing we have at this point is numbers. (population). People have to wake up and realise what's really going on here and it's got nothing to do with a virus.

You are being Lied to

There is no pandemic

hospitals are not being overrun

no more people are dying this year than any other year

More Empty hospitals....

covid 19 has never been isolated 

people have been dying from the flu since we've been keeping records

the flu has a vaccine for past 70 or more years yet the flu still exists, still kills millions per year yet no one ever batted an eye 

no one wore masks or distance or bankrupted thier businesses or committed suicide ver the flu before, or SARS or TB or Avian flu or Swine flu.. and why didn't Ebola cross the borders? 

Throw your masks in the garbage and be prepared to fight. That's what it's coming to.

It was predicted in the movie SongBird which is set in 2023

spoiler alert, don't waste your time watching the movie.


  • people locked in their houses (already happening in Japan)
  • Nazis walking the streets
    • force entering your houses
    • pulling people out
    • forcing fake tests
    • forcing vaccines that turn you into a hybrid
      • or sterilize you
      • IF they don't kill you first

Meet your "Health Experts"

These are just some of the people you are taking your health advice from.

I thought in a free society, we were at liberty to choose our own doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, those people we take advice from. Yet here we are in 2021, being forced to take advice from people like this who are on the rich elite payroll. Doesn't that seem like a conflict of interest to you?

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine
Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine

Director of WHO, who is paid largely by Bill Gates.

Maggie Celine Louise De Block is a Belgian Minister of Health
Maggie Celine Louise De Block is a Belgian Minister of Health
Tam, Canadian Health Director, worked for WHO. Some say she was born a man. You can research that yourself.
Tam, Canadian Health Director, worked for WHO. Some say she was born a man. You can research that yourself.

Then we have Gates himself who is not a Doctor, not a lawyer, not an elected official not a scientist yet he seems to be running the show.

Good Point!

They want you to wear masks so you don't spit on people right? Right.

Said mask needs to cover your mouth too, not just your nose right? Right.

So the fake virus is in your saliva right? Right.

but to "test you" they need to shove a swab up your nasal cavity into your brain? Why not just test your saliva like they test your DNA from a cheek swab?

Watch the video for the reason! 

Police in Vienna walking in solidarity with "WE THE PEOPLE" AGAINST THE FAKE VIRUS TYRANNY.



Worked for Merck Pharmaceutical Company. She learned the risks of vaccines and turned into very vocal Anti Vaccine Advocate. She developed and ran the website 

Watch as she explains how she was tormented (Very creepy). After this torment, she was found dead in her home by her 9 year old son. She was 45.

Still think this is all about a flu?

more about this here.... 

Prominent writer flees Portland after increased threats from Antifa extremists

Writer was beaten by Antifas, caught on camera NO ARRESTS!


After nearly a century, pieces of the puzzle are coming together

Bill Gates of Hell and his communist disciples are now poised for world domination with their take over of the US


Sheep are cute

Unfortunately Sheep get Slaughtered 

Don't be a sheep


Please help spread the word

God knows controlled mainstream media will not.

Bumper Stickers and other products available here.

"No amount of Evidence will make anyone believe anything they are not ready or willing to accept."

Even if you held a gun to their head, they might do what they have to to save thier lives but once the threat is removed, the subject digs their heels in further and solidifies their position against the new information. 

All teachers can do is open doors. It's up to the student to walk through.

Welcome. If you are arriving here for the first time, there is TONS of information on this site. This site is like a University course in SELF DEFENSE in today's world.

There's no way you will be able to take it all in in one sitting. Watch a video, read an article, take it in bit by bit. Bookmark the site and refer to it often as it is updated daily. The more you train, the better you will get at it. 

If it's your first time being exposed to the truth, no doubt this information will be hard for you to accept. The door is now open, we've done all we can.

Now it's up to you to decide your next steps. What to believe, what not to believe. How to protect yourself and your family.There are lots of pages here filled with info. Please be sure to visit our News, Videos, Links, Blog and other pages as well on the menu.

US Total deaths by year according to CDC:

2013: 2,596,993

2014: 2,626,418

2015: 2,712,630

2016: 2,744,248

2017: 2,813,503

2018: 2,839,205

2019: 2,855,000

2020: as of 11/14 total deaths= 2,512,880


full article here.....

Know Thy Enemy

Part of your training is to recognize BULLSHIT!

Understand how the government and others use "Doublespeak" or "Semantics" DON'T FALL FOR IT!


Question; Have your friends or family ever accused you of sending too many email or videos? Why is that not ok but they seem to have no problem being inundated by mainstream media EVERY day, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY,  7 days a week 365 days a year!!! And EVERY Newscast, EVERY Radio Station, EVERY NEWSPAPER is now all COVID COVID COVID! THAT'S OK? But YOU sending those who are supposed to be your FRIENDS and or FAMILY are not ok with that. What's that tell you? They value the mainstream media over that which is CENSORED! 

Journalism, USED to be, relaying FACTS. Now it's ALL about propaganda selling the NWO.

There's a LOT of information on this website from all over the world, doctors, lawyer, scientists who are NOT ALLOWED ON MAIN STREAM CENSORED AND CONTROLLED MEDIA. 

YOU  be the Judge. YOU decide for yourself. Don't just LET mainstream media be your gospel because there is LOTS they are not saying, Lots they will NOT PERMIT to be said! Why is that?

I used to feel sorry for the people of China being suppressed, no freedom of speech. No other narratives are allowed there aside from the government run media. NOW THAT SYSTEM IS HERE AND IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE, UNLESS PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I DECIDE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 




GESARA NESARA Global Debt Reset, Contracts Cancellation And Mass Arrests Mark Christopher


about the speaker;

is there a virus? 
no one yet has been able to prove "death by covid19"
here's a reward if anyone can but out of some 8 billion people on planet earth not one has come forward to claim this prize. 
CDC and other large institutions have admitted that they were not able to isolate "covid19" when they were making a vaccine. So they guessed (at best)
Maybe it's SARS?
Maybe it's pig flu?
Maybe its bird flu?
Maybe it's Maybelline!?
Or Maybe they just changed the name to COVID 19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID "19 aka AI" Artificial Intelligence) 
NWO has attempted this takeover (reset) in past but failed. They tried it with avian flu. when that didn't work they simply changed the name to swine flu. They tried to shut down the economy with SARS as well. 
Throughout history its always been: "create a problem - offer the solution"
now it's "create the problem - FORCE the solution!"


SPOT ON satire






look martha 2

As I got older I became smart enough to realise just how much I miss. Ever look for your cell phone then realise it's black sitting on a black desk. It was there all the time. It was not trying to HIDE on you. It's not the cell phone's fault. 

Tip- Go back to back to the menu and check all the pages on this website. We realise people are busy and usually just breeze over everything. Assume you missed something this is human nature.


"Lucifer Race"

more about this below. See "GENE EDITING, CRISPR & CORONA SERUM"

The System to deliver this "Luciferase vaccine" is known as








Once vaccinated, the DNA, RNA is altered making the victim no longer human. Some hybrid thereof (at best) So we remove the word "HUMAN" Now add up the numeric values of the rest of the letters. Spoiler alert; it equals 666. 

More on this below.


Like numbers?

COVID19 is not a virus. Its a plan. It stands for Certificate of Vaccination of Vaccine ID and 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters AI which is Artificial Intelligence which is what will run all the victims of these "vaccines" to make them living / dead zombies to serve the elite. 

CORONA is 6 letters. Add up the numeric values of the letters you get 66. Put them together. 

Once, maybe a coincidence, twice maybe a coincidence? The numeric odds of all this are unimaginable. Now we have three at least pointing to Lucifer. 

"The Great Reset" is just that. The Elites want their total control back for future generations forever.


If Lysol kills Coronavirus as well as 99% of other bacteria and viruses, why do we need the Bill Gates of Hell Microsoft Vaccines? Billion dollar Covey Camps around the world? Shutting down of all small businesses and churches that only open once a week for a couple of hours? (but not walmart and costco who are open every day) Why the masks, quarantines, no large gatherings, fines and other threats by the oligarch?

And just who appointed Bill 'Gates of Hell' as the world leader giving instruction to the WHO and many other "official organizations"? Is he a doctor? a lawyer? an elected official? some spiritual advisor? 

Of all the billions of poeple on this planet, many great artists, why did Bill "Gates of Hell" Microsoft have to appoint Marina Abramovic as their face of their new Virtual Reality software. They had a whole ad campaign using her as the head. It was only after great backlash from the public that they decided to pull her and the ad campaign.

Point is, this was MICROSOFT's FIRST CHOICE! Think about that. MULTI BILLION DOLLAR MICROSOFT COMPANY'S FIRST CHOICE WAS A SATANIST! [for those who still don't get the connection, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates]

Money means nothing to these people at this point. They have more money than anyone else in the world. Once a point has been surpassed. Money means nothing. Now it's all about control and total world domination. 

Regardless if you are religious or not, whether you believe there is such thing as Satan, do you really want to take your information and direction from someone of this dark mindset? Do you really think this is pretty, positive picture and that these people actaully care about you? 


Dec 22 2020


So get this

In our area, they decided to call for a "new lockdown" starting just after boxing day.

Thinkaboooooudit... If there was a "real virus" that was so lethal, don't you think we should all be in lockdown NOW!? I mean, if your house was on fire, would you be waiting till after boxing day to leave or would you do something RIGHT NOW!?

Big box stores are permitted to stay open so they don't want to lose business over this so they pushed to fend off the "lockdown" till after Christmas. Nothing to do with a "deadly virus" everything to do with economics. Meanwhile 100 of 1000s of small business and even Churches "must stay closed" How pathetic is that!? 

A Church that could hold max what? 100 people on a sunday for 2 hrs once a week has to be closed while walmart and costco can stay open every day of the week, 9hrs a day where 1000's of people come and go daily. It's pathetic and frankly an insult to intelligent people. 

The plan is to bankrupt small businesses and families to make the become dependant on the NWO communist system. "we will look after you. we will give you money BUT you must take the vaccines first"

Dec 19 2020

They got you Right where They WANT YOU!

Things are going exactly as planned.

Stripping you of your human and constitutional rights little by little so you are "ok with that".

The frog doesn't even attempt to jump out of the water as it boils because he THINKS he's ok. At first, it was just water. Then as it got hotter, he just thought, "well that's the way things are". When it's too late, he might think "something is happening to me but I don't know what! Finally he just passes out and gets boiled. Does that sound like you?


Let's ReExamine 

in the 70s gas was only a few cents a gallon

In Canada, it used to be sold by the gallon, then they changed to litres. Since there are roughly 4 Litres in a gallon is didn't seem bad to say 75 cents a Litre (used to be 75 cents a gallon) but as you can see, 75c a litre is already like (75x4) $3.00 a gallon (up from 75c remember?

but it's inflation and everything goes up right? 

Now let's look at how fast things escalated in the past few months;

First it was "stay home" people even made fun of it with songs, "stay the fuck at home"

Then it was 14 days "quarantine" and children were encouraged to make pictures to hang in their windows saying "we will get through this" (fake virus)

Next it was wear a mask

Now it's become a game....

Simon Says "wear a mask in the store"

Simon Says "Close down your store" (unless you are walmart or Costco, you can stay open because "the bogey man virus cannot get you there"

Simon says, "Close down your churches, which only a few poeple go to once a week on Sunday for only couple of hours, yet it's ok to have 1000's of poeple in and out of the box stores EVERY day of the week. Makes sense to me.

Simon says, "wear a mask while you are on a ZOOM CALL" hey, now wait a minute...

Simon says "wear a mask in public"

Simon says "Keep your distance from other humans"

Simon says "if you have a retail store, you must put things on the ground showing poeple where to walk, where to stand"



do these permanent signs seem temporary to you?

do these rearranging stores, telling poeple where to walk, where to stand seem like a 14 day temporary measure to you?

Will the 14 day wear a mask game EVER go away? 

Will the fake COVID virus ever go away? Nobody has ever been able to prove there is an isolated covid virus you know that right? Here's a REWARD if you can!







As you can see, the 14 days is never going away. They will just keep saying there's a 2nd wave, 3rd wave, covid 20, 21 etc. The FLU has been with us since before man has been keeping records. The FLU has killed over 1 million worldwide every year historically. Most killed by the flu were in the last stages of natural life.


So you're already ok with wearing masks everywhere you go right? It's just a little inconvenience right? It's just natural right? How long did that take? How did they accomplish that? Hardly any force. Mainly it was constant barrage of misinformation saying so many poeple were dying from the fake China Flu. These people would have naturally died anwa.  Only months ago, nobody batted an eye. No radio or tv station would be constantly running the ticker tape of how many people died or had the flu. 

Next is gonna be contact tracing. Oh it's just an app. Its for your own safety. It's just a little inconvenience.

Then it will be constant testing buecase your app said you were in contact with someone who "might or might not have been in contact with someone who might or might not have the fake virus and our tests are dodgy at best, BUT you have to get tested now, shove a swab up your nose into your brain. It's just a little inconvenience and everyone's doin it right? Seems logical to me. 

Now you either test positive and need to be quarantined or tossed in the Shiney New Covey Concentration Camps with NO release in sight. They are made JUST for YOU!  You're not getting out UNLESS you take the vaccine(s) One vaccine will keep you going for a year but they may come up with new and improved vaccines so they cannot say that "this is it, this is the only vaccine you will every need" they need to keep that door open! It's just a little inconvenience right?



No way man! I'm not takin any vaccine! Well then you don't get the COVID19 then (Certificate of Vaccination ID and 19 represents AI which is Artificial intelligence) so if you don't get the certificate, you can't work or buy things or participate in our new Digital Currency! If you can't work or make money or buy and sell, you can't buy food or pay your house bills but don't worry, there's always CAMP COVEY for you. It's just a little inconvenience right?

If I told you a few months back, "wear a mask everywhere you go every day" you'd think I was nuts right? You'd tell me "go fuck yourself" right? Guess what? You're complyin' It's just a little inconvenience. You thought you'd never in a million years walk around in public wearing mask right but guess what? you ARE!

Can you start to see why "just wearin a mask is far more dangerous than you suspect? Can you not see that we need YOU and 100s of 1000s of people in the streets NOT wearing muzzles? Can you not see you are already on the slippery slope? Can you not see the water is starting to boil? Can you NOT SEE THIS IS NOT NATURAL!? 






Hi folks, you've made it this far;

That means you are curious or that you want more information. We understand people are busy and they don't have time to watch videos or even read headlines but this is so important, it's literally a fork in the road of humanity. Your attention to the information on this website is imperative not only for you and your children but for future generations. 

We've heard people say "nice bikes" because they landed on our front page. That's how jaded people are today! They don't have the time or initiative to review all the pages of this website.

Well if this video below about "GENE EDITING, CRISPR & CORONA SERUM" is not enough to shock the hell out of you enough into realising what's going on then just stand down. We can't help you and you can't help us.

What we need is for people to realise what's going on today in the world and is has absolutely NOTHING to do with the flu!

What can you do?

#1, we all need to stop wearing masks. This is nothing more than a control thing. It shows how quickly NWO can change people's thoughts and behaviours.

Do you honestly think the masking will go away? EVERY!? First it was quarantine, then it was "distancing" then 14 days, then it was masks 14 days, this kept getting "extended", then there were lockdowns, then first wave, 2nd wave, etc. This is not going away EVER if you keep listening to "government and mainstream media"

Do you really think they have gone to all this work for a TEMPORARY 14 day fix? THINKABOUDIT!  

  • They put stickers on the floors of stores and malls
  • they put up signs all over
  • they reroute people so they are not close to each other
  • they set up "bulletproof glass between the customers and the tellers
  • governments all around the world are spending billions of dollars on shiny new "covey concentration camps"

do you really think this is all done for a "14 day" exercise? 

  • the flu has been with us for longer than humans have been keeping records.
  • the flu has a vaccine but it still never goes away.
  • viruses and bacteria have been on earth many millions of years before humans. 

Even if you take all the vaccines they want you to take, this is NOT going away until WE THE PEOPLE stop participating in this! 

Dude, you think this is bad now? "ahh no, it's just a mask." IT'S NOT JUST A MASK! THEY ARE GETTING YOU READY FOR "AHH IT'S JUST A TEST" You HAVE to get tested right? or you COULD get sick right? Then it will be "it's just a vaccine" Then it's well if you JUST DO WHAT THEY SAY, you will GET TO EAT! 

So I ask you this: "IS THIS HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE? IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN!? When do YOU plan on not wearing that mask anymore?" When do YOU plan to get together with your friends, family, open YOUR business? because the government is clearly not planning on allowing things to go back to normal. Their plan is FAR MORE SINISTER. 

This is why it's up to YOU and I. Nobody else! If you plan to wait for the government, you are sadly misled. 

#2, review the pages of this website. We have links to many patriot / freedom groups around the world, near you. The one asset we have (so far) is numbers. NWO wants to reduce our numbers. We are at war folks but nobody has declared it. 

Learn the history behind this! It's a plan that has been evolving since at least the 50s. Learn about the Georgia Guidestones build back in 79. This is when it first went public and they announced in thier own way their vision for humanity in their own way. What they failed to mention on thier guidestones was that they expect a small number of oligarchs at the top of the pyramid and the rest of the reduced 500 million population to be mindless part human, part AI zombies doing the work for the few at the top of the pyramid. All this information is on this website but we can't make you study it.

BTW if you see a video on our site that doesn't work, we try to keep them current but YouTube, Fascistbook and other leftist site are banning, blocking, removing, redirecting and censoring anything that does not fit their narrative. 



Socialist Media Rules

"ethnic cleansing of free thought" haha

This video is absolutely horrifying - because IT'S REAL! 


ok this is not creepy at all, what if the vaccines could actaully erase our memories? If you've been following our website you will already know that that the vaccines will change the recipient's DNA making them NON-HUMAN but wait kids! It's gets worse! THEY CAN ACTUALLY ERASE MEMORIES AS WELL AS  PRODUCE NEW MEMORIES!

As with any "technology" it could be used for good or evil. I mean, imagine if someone had a traumatic memory. It could be wiped and by implantation of "new memories" a person could learn to play the piano or learn a new language instantly HOWEVER, it will more than likely be used for evil where the victim has no memories of the past and only does what they are "programed" to do. This video is a MUST watch!

Still think this is all about a flu virus folks? 

I feel sorry and mad about the animals they are "testing" this on.

Incase you missed it, COVID19 is not a virus. It's a plan, a SICK plan! A VERY SICK plan. It stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID and the 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters which are "AI". Artificial Intelligence is what humans will become after they are vaccinated. watch the scientist on this video explaining that this technology all exists now. 

This is why the need the COVEY CAMPS because some will not take the vaccines. Those people will represent a threat to this plan. Maybe the camps are not to lock people in. ALl they want is to keep them there long enough to inject them and experiment on them. 

This has got to be the creepiest video I've ever seen. Mostly because it's real and it's here! 

This is so terrifying, I had to post is on our video page as well as our blog so you don't miss it!


Muzzling, quartining, fines, jail, covey concentration camps, personal restrictions, business closures bankruptcies, mental health issues, none of this has anything to do with any "virus" and it's NOT going away EVER! not 14 days from now, not 14 years from now how about NEVER until YOU, the PUBLIC stand up! Throw the masks in the garbage and LIVE YOUR LIVES! We have to stand up for our rights the way our forefathers fought and some DIED for the freedoms we USED TO enjoy. Now it's up to YOU and I.


Please review the pages in the menu of this website. All the information is here but it's up to you on what you do with it. No one can make anyone else do something they don't want to. It's up to you.


Here's a PDF explaining how the HUMAN RIGHTS CODE prevails over OTHER LAWS.

In this video

TrueDough and other Canadian politicians PARTIED with Chinese dignitaries while the two brothers were rotting in a Chinese jail. Their capture was in retaliation for Canada's incarceration of the head of that electronics company which, she was clearly spying. scroll to bottom of this page, lots of videos. TrueDough loves the commies. Pierre TrueDough loved the commies and young Truedough birth father was a commie.
Chinese troops training here in Petawawa Canada for "cold weather warfare" so they can KILL CANADIANS!

Wait! What's this!? 

Mannequins in Hospital Beds!?