Common Sense

November 8, 2020 admin

Regarding masks;

If you believe masks block viruses, then they also must block oxygen right?
If they block oxygen and viruses (even to a small percent) then they must also block carbon dioxide to some extent too right?
humans are designed to take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.


This is why we must not run a car in a closed garage.



Can you start to see that you can’t be of both schools now?

If you believe the masks can stop a virus from entering your lungs (OR you breathing it out) then you must also believe that the masks stop oxygen from entering your lungs AND / OR Carbon Dioxide from escaping like it’s supposed to. EVEN if this is to a small extent.

Either the masks act as a barrier (to some degree) or not. Agreed?

Even Canada’s Top “HEALTH SPECIALIST” cannot decide!!!


Let’s look at it another way;

To what degree do you feel masks will stop said virus? 90% 50%? 20% 10%? You tell me but you can use whatever figure you are happy with. For our example, let’s use a very conservative 10%

That is, the mask will stop 10% of the “virus” fair enough?

this means you must also agree that it stops 10% of the oxygen coming in and keeps 10% of the carbon dioxide from leaving the body. Now we are already at 20% negative effect

but wait kids, it gets worse!

Do you not agree that you cannot breath at all though a wet mask?

(good luck with that)



I’m surprised at the number of people I run into that have no idea what waterboarding is!


Waterboarding is a torture used against prisoners and terrorists, popular in Guantanamo Bay! The subject would be strapped on thier backs. A towel is put over thier faces and water poured over it. This effectively suffocates the person but they can adjust the amount of water poured on so that the subject does not die but is so scared from lack of oxygen, they will do or say anything to stop the torture.

So we agree that water and masks don’t mix do we?

The human body exhales water as well as carbon dioxide. The longer you wear the mask, the wetter it gets, the less oxygen can be inhaled, the less carbon dioxide can be exhaled. Now see how fast our percentages can detrimantailly increase the longer it is worn?

The percentage of oxygen in our atmosphere has already dropped considerably. If you go back 1000s of years, apparently the oxygen levels were far greater than we have now.

brontosaurus could not survive today. Science has proved that the had a small skull, small nostrils for an animal of its size. The nostrils were similar to those of todays camels. The only possible conclusion was that the denser oxygen was keeping them alive back then.


Today our oxygen is further deteriorated by pollution, CO2 in the atmosphere as well as constantly reduction of trees, forests and plankton which all create oxygen.

what little we have left is now further diminished by wearing face masks day in, day out because poeple were told to believe the masks will save them from a fake virus.

BTW if you still believe the virus is real, here’s a doctor willing to pay a $5000.00 reward to anyone who can prove the existence of COVID19 virus. So far not one of the greatest minds on earth has come forward to claim the prize.