The Short of It

November 28, 2020 admin

Sooo, Two Doctors walk into a bar…..ya this would be a joke if it were not true;


Two doctors get their degrees, their licence to practice medicine from the same institution. They both put in the same work. They both pass the same courses. They both now have the same credentials. Are you with me so far???

2 drs

Yet only ONE is permitted to go on national television as long as they are PRO virus, PRO vaccine, PRO masks PRO distancing, PRO we’ll lock you up in the covey camps if you do not comply, PRO Fines and Jail time.


Yet the other who is against all this is NOT allowed on “Mainstream TV” NOT allowed on Youtube, Censored on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, whatsapp, which are all Leftist organisations. He or she could lose their job, be ostracized by their fellow co workers for having their own opinion.

Frustrated doctor sitting in hospital waiting area
Frustrated doctor sitting in hospital waiting area
Many doctors have already been BANNED from Youtube and other social media platforms.
You have to understand, the left promotes “socialism”. This is nothing more than a nice way of saying “communism” but now its not good enough for the commies to run one country. Now they want to rule the entire planet. Under the New Communism (New World Order) there would be no countries, only “sectors”. They sell this as “Open borders” but you won’t be able to travel unless you are vaccinated with the nanobot ID. “Certificate Of Vaccination ID by Artificial Intelligence” (COVID19)
This is what the commies do; Censor Social Media. Facebook for instance is not even allowed in China. TrueDough follows suit calling it “ILLEGAL CONTENT!??” ….  
Meanwhile TrueDough pushes his own agenda, forcing “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” to push minority content.
TrueDough continues to give away tax payer dollars to Muslim terrorists and now hes giving 100 million to the queers as well.
TrueDough has done a great job of surrounding himself with queers and pedophiles including his personal roommate in college and Benjamin Levin who was put in position under Kathleen Wynne government (miss winn is also a queer).
Benjamin Levin was  Ontario School Board Minister responsible for writing the SEX ED CURRICULUM! Is also a Flamin’ homosexual pedophile who was CONVICTED and served 5 years for making and distributing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! 
Then there’s TrueDough’s bestie! Christopher Charles Ingvaldson TrueDough’s classmate and roommate in college (or university) yet another pedophile!

In above article you will also see how the TrueDough foundation uses a pedophile symbol recognized by FBI.

Shamus Oregon used to be on Ch 57 newscast now in a high government position under True dough. 
Ben Chin, was also a Ch57 TV host, now TrueDough’s RIGHT HAND ADVISOR! Neither had any political or legal experience yet they now both hold high government positions with huge salaries, perks, benefits and pensions. What’s the one thing they have in common? They’re both flamin homosexuals but something was out of place; TrueDough appoints Teresa Tam as top health advisor! This didn’t seem like something TrueDough would do!? Something seemed fishy at first but then it all fell together…
Teresa’s Tam was BORN A MAN! Now it makes total sense right? 
and that wouldn’t even matter but….
Keep in mind, these are the people you are taking your health advice from.
Please note CBA has nothing against anyone’s sexual preferences. We just don’t think it has any place being TAUGHT to CHILDREN in PUBLIC schools and or used as some sort of right of privilege to get a high position job.