Police Arrest Small Business Owner

November 29, 2020 admin

Toronto Canada – True North Strong and Free!? 

Watch here as a small restaurant owner has the entire police force at his restaurant to arrest him, while large costco across the street is jammed full of shoppers, no parking left!

Now you know we at CBA have nothing against police. Most say they are “jus doin their job” right?

But the police have to have some latitude as to what they feel is a crime right? I mean, if you walk across the middle of the street, that’s J-walkin right and it’s a crime. You can be charged with that but most cops will not stop their car and arerst you for J-walkin right? 

Police, IMO, should be out there stopping Murderers, Pimps, Pedophiles and Drug Dealers right? 

Keep in mind that the biggest crime, largest corruption is the government. They are by far the biggest drug dealers. eg, a year ago if you sold pot, you were a drug dealer. Now the government sells it. 

How can they possibly justify arresting a small business owner when the huge COSTCO is jammed full of patrons right across the street!? Where’s the logic, where’s the JUSTICE in that!? 

A few months back if you saw someone wearing a medical mask you’d avoid them because you “didn’t’ want to catch whatever they had” now most avoid those who are not wearing masks like they are diseased! what happened? nothing more than perception. 
Keep in mind that Bill C-309 can have you tossed in jail for up to TEN YEARS FOR WEARING A MASK!