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If you do NOTHING ELSE today, just listen to what Kristen has to say in this first video. Just click the first link….
Kristen Meghan is an  “industrial hygienist” who worked in military and (unlike me) she DOES BELIEVE there is a virus called COVID  19! So have a listen, don’t listen, IDC. Note this video was removed from Youtube, now uploaded to RUMBLE another new, NON CENSORED media platform that has sprung up. 

Up till today, I had never even heard of the term “industrial hygienist”. She says when she tells people what she does for a living most have never heard this term. They are the heros nobody knows about UNTIL they are NEEDED!

gay leftist satanic pedophile “Facebook” BANNED HER! She lost 80,000 followers and her business on there because SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH!

@15min she points out that CDC says on their website that vitamins will not save you from COVID19. CDC does not want you to be healthy.

15:50 she’s also primary “plant based” listen, don’t listen. Doesn’t bother me. 

“No amount of evidence will change anyone’s beliefs if they are not ready or willing to accept new evidence” 

A teacher can open doors but it’s up to the student to walk though. 
One can be hand fed all the clear evidence all day everyday but if the subject is not willing to look at it, it’s pointless.

2) I’ve sent you Erin before, she’s a military nurse. Here she is on info wars. This video shows how info wars fears they will be shut down if Biden is installed. 
She talks about vaccines here too, how nurses can use their exemptions on how to NOT give vaccines they don’t agree with. NOBODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO FORCE MANDATE ANYONE TO STICK SOME FOREIGN SUBSTANCE IN YOUR OWN FUCKING BODIES! 

Erin in Hospital with undercover camera

video 2: Here she is admitting HOSPITALS MURDERED PATIENTS FOR “COVID19” MONEY!  <– CLICK LINK!!
vaccine will PERMANENTLY CHANGE HUMAN’S DNA! just watch the first opening 2 minutes!

get this; “NURSES WERE BEING PAID $10,000.00 A WEEK” which she says was HUSH MONEY “just do your job!”

Nurses have now banned together trying to get some hold on this globalist takeover;

To stand united in truth and solidarity.  To fulfill our calling and to uphold our duty to do no harm.  To advocate for ethically sound healthcare.  To hold the lamp so that others may see our light and become empowered to stand for the same.  We are nurses doing what is right and standing up for the truth.

3) US District manager Nurse says every tent is empty. Most hospitals are empty. Patients are dying of cancer and other things NOT COVID
NOT JUST US! I sent you before a woman in UK who videoed inside empty hospitals and SHE WAS JAILED FOR IT! 

I think this is the same woman, a district manager of nurses being shaken down by cops on California beach. Watch what they have to say on both sides, nurse vs cops. California beach EMPTY! You still think this is about the flu? 

lots more if you are interested.

@6-7min, Info wars video: biden is A WANTED CRIMINAL IN THE COUNTRY OF UKRAINE doing business deals with China and his SON in Kazakhstan and he’s now going to be in charge of US? 
The images at 6-7 min, is literally what I saw in my dream of people storming the white house (white building)

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