100 year old “dies of covid” Really!?

January 11, 2021 admin No comments exist

I wanted to share with you an observation I had yesterday which is totally not related but on the news they were honouring one of the first black pilots to serve in the US military. He passed away yesterday supposedly of “COVID 19”. He was 100 years old.
Now I’m sittin there watching this “mainstream news broadcast” telling people that this man died of COVID19. HE WAS 100 YEARS OLD FFS! PEOPLE DIE! THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS! I couldn’t believe they mentioned “COVID19 in the same broadcast! And I realize people are stupid enough to be watching this and adding to their anxiety,

“did you see that Judith!? Another one died of COVID19” 

Can you believe that!!?? 100 years old but he died of covid!? So what? If he didn’t have the covid, he would have made 150? Are people really this daft? 
– no “isolate of “covid19” has ever been proven to exist. Maybe the COVID19 made the guy live longer than he would have had he not had “covid19”!?

While lookin for this article, I came across this guy, 109 year old II veteran, still walks, talks, smokes 12 cigars a day sometimes more! just got his driver’s licence renewed! https://youtu.be/BXyfCGDnuWs

ok one more. this guy was apparently 256 at time of death but others say he was not over 200. In any case, apparently he was a vegetarian. He had 26 wives over his life time and 190 children!

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