Did you vote for communism?

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His Majesty Dough Ford of Ontario Canada is planning to curfews now, same as they already have in Quebec.

If you’ve been following this page, I hate to say “I told you so” but “I told you so” This is NOT going away EVER! The noose will just keep getting tighter. Their plans are sinister. “They” are the global elite. “They” are the few rich that “own” this planet. Some “not as rich” like politicians have to side with the elite becuase they fear what’s to come. They need to be on “their side”. They want a “seat” on the NWO table. Who knows what fear tactics were used on them that they must side with evil and leave their people, those who voted for them and supported their election.

Expect announcement soon. Curfew will be before 8 and after 5pm. Why 8-5? does the virus not work before 8 or after 5? Does the virus know about time zones? Does the virus know about DYST?

If you are caught in the open after that without a good reason like “essential work” you will be fined, possibly jailed or thrown in the covey camps (once they are built) covey camps, unlike jail, DO NOT give you a sentence where you know your either in for life OR you have a term to serve. They can just throw you in and not tell you anything. Good luck getting out.
but ya, this is all “for your safety”. This is all because there’s a killer cold out there that will certainly kill all of us if we don’t comply to the government rules RIGHT!? 

This is all about a world wide virus RIGHT!? Just like swine flu, avian flu, SARs Aids, Tuberculosis, cancer, and all the other possible things that could kill you right?

All living things die at some point of something. These tyrannical martial law actions of “the government” are nothing short of Nazism. Trump was the only one fighting against this. Now the NWO plan will come to be. Most will go forward like sheep and accept that they must be slaughtered. Some will fight. 

I was shattered to hear this message from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I thought it was possible that he was conservative, since he was republican but in the back of my mind, I knew that he is Hollywood Royalty and we know that all Hollywood is for the NWO. The RICH want to STAY WITH THE RICH (Like Birds of a feather). I thought Arnold was different. I wanted to believe he was stronger than that but by this message it appears that he sold out for a seat with the NWO. How can he say these things, while putting pics of Bidens son, a drug addict and criminal, yet hes trying to say that it was “the right” that is painting them in this light”. Arnold goes on to promote Biden and literally upholds communism. I thought he was the epitome of capitalist since he came to America with nothing and made millions.  Arnold was my hero as a kid. I bought all his books, I have posters of him in my basement by my weights. I used “Arnold the Education of a Bodybuilder” as my bible. I’m a Canadian. Having been to CA several times, I was able to see the state go up and down over the years. I made a video of our observations as an outsider looking in and sent it to the then Governor and first lady Maria. Arnold was good enough to write back giving us some government entities that we could appeal to in respect to our findings. Maria even sent us an autographed 8×10 which we didn’t even ask for. To me, Arnold was the “American Dream” coming from a small European town to Hollywood he epitomized Capitalism, making something from nothing. Now for him to support Biden who is the puppet for Communism.. I don’t know what to say. I’m shattered yet not surprised, since 99% of Hollywood elite are in on the NWO. They don’t want everyone else to be successful. They don’t want CA to become even more populated. They NEED slaves. Arnold, are you really hurting for money that bad? Who paid you to make this video? https://www.bitchute.com/video/7kuCrnX34vXf/

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