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About Tom:

His articles I replied to;

Orcas would not be starving if people would realize that they humans don’t need to be eating meat (yes fish is meat too). If eating meat were necessary for humans then all the vegans and vegetarians would be dead by now right? but by some miracle, they are not only alive but also living lives greater than most, longevity, breaking world records in all competitions but no, we need our meat or we will die RIGHT!? of course! 
The “human carnivore” stalks it’s wild prey in the isles of the grocery store and in the drive throughs because they are carnivores! First they take their time looking at the prey, then they circle a few times with their grocery carts, then they POUNCE on the unsuspecting prey grabbing it off the shelf and putting it in their cart! The HUNT is over, the human carnivore survives another day!
The hunter leaves his warm house with a full bely of food and good nights sleep and ventures out into the forest to make his kill. He brings 50,000.00 4×4 trucks, GPS, special clothes, gas, special traps and smells, guns and ammo like those used in wars when others are actually shooting back but he “hunts” the wild prey who has nothing.
FACT IS  Man could not survive ONE NIGHT in the forest without special clothes, weapons etc. In all my years on this planet, I have yet to see a human run after an animal (naked). Catch it with it’s bear hands and claws, rip into is with their “canine teeth” and eat it live as its trying to escape. That’s a carnivore. Anything else is a FAKE wanna be. 
Did you know cows are now the greatest ocean predator!? Yes its true. You see, the “human carnivore” demands “its meat” so fervently and its population continues to grow exponentially. Only 30% of the cow is ever seen by the human carnivore. This means for every 1/4lb burger, we need 70% more animal. So you see sir, when someone says “oh, I only eat a little meat” that translates into 70% more than the “little” they consume. 
To house 70% more animals, we need more land. Animals require 30-50 times as much land compared to feeding humans directly from the earth, so you see how “a little” spirals into 70% more, then that spirals into 30-50 times more land? 
Of course, land is expensive now, so factory farms HAVE SINCE TAKEN TO THE OCEANS! They rake in billions of pounds of fish, grind them up and feed them to the animals which are supposed to be vegans. But by feeding them fish, means they don’t have to buy land and grow crops on the land. Doesn’t that make more sense? of course it does right!?????? 
as well, one must note that it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one lb of meat, 750 gallons to produce one quart of “cows milk”
55sf of rainforests = one 1/4lb burger patty65 acres of rainforest is what we lose every minute of every day due to “factory farming” 
Then there’s the energy use and CO2 emissions, not only from 100 billion animals farting but also the energy by products released into the atmosphere. Factory farming is responsible for more Co2 emissions than the entire transportation industry on earth! The trucks the refrigeration, the hydro….
this is why your orcas are starving. 
2) YOU INTEND TO KILL THE CATTLE ANWAY! just if the predators kill them first, there’s no money in that for YOU right? so it comes back to a dollar value. 
3) THEN the “HUNTER MENTALITY” well now there are too many deer, so its UP TO ME TO SHOOT THEM! what a HERO! You saved the world! how did the world ever exist for billions of years before you hunters came along!? what a God send!  
Did you know recently the Australian government decided to round up 10’s of 1000s of CAMELS by HELICOPTER and KILL them ALL because “get this”… THEY DRANK TOO MUCH WATER!
1) once camels drink the water, they can go for days without. They are one of the most efficient animals with use of water but hey, lets just kill them all.
2) to FIND the herds of camels they tag ONE camel with a radio collar. This is known as “the Judas Collar”. The one lone animal tries to find a new herd to hang with but little do they know, Judas is only leading DEATH to the rest of the herd. Judas is spared so it can seek out new herds. (because they drink too much water. 2500 gallons = 1lb of meat which is unnecessary in the first place HELLO!? ANYONE AT HOME?)

No more suicides? I beg to differ! a personal friend of mine who is a cop told me he’s been to 3 suicides already in January. All of them were TEENAGERS! January 2021 alone! Get your facts straight! 

But no, let’s all just push the NWO communist agenda cuz thats what we need right? Let’s do our best to keep everyone depressed at home and living in fear of the NON-EXISTENT VIRUS with a 99.9% survival rate! Lets RAMP up the fear in the new year with LOTS OF MEDIA COVERAGE OF “NEW CASES” (no flus of course because NOW everyone gets COVID right? Nobody dies of the flu anymore!) Nice work! Keep it up!

signed, NOBODY

When they ask you “where did you get this information?” tell them from NOBODY.

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