oh but I’m just doin my job…

January 11, 2021 admin No comments exist

This happened last summer in Australia. Now they are collecting money to help with her LEGAL FEES.

You have to ask yourself these questions;

  1. is this about a virus?
  2. why aren’t the cops wearing hazmat suits while handling this potentially lethally diseased woman and her child? Or at LEAST masks and gloves!?
  3. what did she do wrong?
  4. do you think this is an isolated incident (if so, spend some more time on our website, go through the various pages)
  5. do you think this was nesseary to traumatize a child?
  6. is this the world you are “OK with”?
  7. when will YOU decide this is not normal? what will it take for the switch to go off in your head if this won’t convince you?

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