Don’t want to say I TOLD YOU SO but I TOLD YOU SO!

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Ontario government just imposed a curfew for the non-existent Wuhan Flu Virus with 99.9% survival rate. If you are caught in the open without a good reason to be outdoors, you could be fined, jailed, thrown in covey camps BUT for your benefit, they are NOT calling it a Curfew! Isn’t that nice of them!
“Did yu hear that honey!? It’s NOT a CURFEW!”

This doesn’t go away EVER until YOU and I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! This is Nazism!

We predicted the storming of Capitol Hill, Arnold’s rant, curfews coming to town but hey we’re all just conspiracy theorists here. What do we know. We’re not doctors, lawyers or scientists right? Much like Bill Gates who is none of those either but seems to have the world by the balls. He funds the WHO, tells them what to say, then so called “Health Officials” tell the cops what to do.

IF there IS a Wuhan Flu, the survival rate is 99.98% eg it’s no worse than any flu season (OR it’s completely NON-EXISTENT). They keep saying “cases are going up” well what’s a “case”? The “testing” is completely fucked. Fruits, vegetables, Goats, motor oil, even clean swabs tests positive. Some poeple who were never tested, test positive! (all this info is available though this website if you care to take the time to look it up)

“The HOSPITALS are OVER RUN! Over capacity!”

yep folks, that’s a mannequin!

hmmm? I wonder if a female mannequin is called a womannequin?

OH but let’s be politically correct here, we can’t call them male or female, they must be referred to as “them” since we cannot assume one’s gender because today, anyone can be male female or any of the 100s of 1000s of other possible genders that are being taught to our children RIGHT!?

here’s the whole video below…..

Here’s another you can watch on our NEWS page….

Look up headline “Doctors Begging for Help”

They’re so pathetically low, they even use mannequins to “fill the refrigerated trucks to take away the dead bodies!” This is a new low for anyone, even “THE GOVERNMENT”! Yes, you will see in the above video that they are using mannequins to complete the ruse, scare people into compliance to take the needles!

So, while were on about GOVERNMENT LIES check out these “SECRET COVEY CAMPS IN KANADA!” If the “virus” is real, why all the secrecy?

Studies of recovered Covid-19 virus-IMMUNITY IS CONFERRED (vaccines/masks not needed)

Monday, January 11, 2021

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