Censorship, Communism by Racketeering Leftists

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Jan 12 2021

Big Tech Cleans House!

and JUST WHO THE FUCK ARE BIG TECH!? JUST RICH SCUM WHO WANT TO RULE THE WORLD NOTHING MORE! If not for their “money” they would be nothing.

  • They banned Trump’s fascistbook page, tweeter and instagram (all leftist)
  • Took down Parler!? CEO says “we’ll be back”
  • Google, fascistbook, apple, amazon, twitter and other leftist companies, apparently it’s ok for them to operate while being anti competition, price fixing, monopolizing, antitrust lawsuits against them but THEY get to pull down Parler and mute the president?  
  • Iran about to EXECUTE someone who spoke out against the government.
  • Bill in NY a bill tabled to “detain those who are a health risk to public” INDEFINITELY!

Trump impeached and banned!

in this video, Parler, a non-censored communication app was the NUMBER ONE DOWNLOADED APP on the APPLE store, that’s why they pulled it off the Apple store and pulled thier servers too, Amazon pulled it off their stores as well! CLEARLY the LEFT doesn’t want any other opinions than their own COMMUNIST vision.

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