Breaking news! NOBODY has DIED of the FLU!

January 17, 2021 admin No comments exist

The first inFLUenza vaccine was administered in 1937 according to this wikipedia article

Since then over 1 million people have been dying from “the flu” every year around the world.

However thanks to the “FLU VACCINES” we have now “eradicated” the flu and we are happy to announce NO ONE died of the flu in 2019 or 2020! Fantastic work people! Isn’t that amazing? From over 1 million deaths per year world wide, today NOT ONE!

Congratulations! Nice work peeple!

There are no newscasts saying “3000 new cases of the FLU are discovered in a given area” or “500 people have died from the flu in December”. No newscasts, no radio stations, no newspapers, NOBODY is reporting “death by flu”

In fact since we knew there was such thing as inFLUenza there was NEVER any any newscast or radio or paper saying “there are so many new “cases” of the flu or ramming it down our throats EVERY day OVER AND OVER, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY how many people died from the flu!

No one ever said “wear a mask” or stay the fuck away from others because they are ALL diseased or give customers the gears like “you can’t come in here because you don’t have a mask! You could have the flu! or AIDs or EBOLA or something! I’m SURE you’ve got SOMETHING!

No “covey cops” beating up old men “for their own safety”

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