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the media is nothing more than a shit show. Please don’t even bother watching it! According to the media, there should be people dropping dead in the streets. In reality, there is NO EVIDENCE that “covid 19” (as a virus*) even exists! There have been no “isolates” found isolating said disease from any other. (*as a “plan” it certainly DOES exist!) 

Now all of a sudden there are no deaths by flu!?… the flu that killed millions of people EVERY YEAR (mostly elderly) since man has been keeping records but now, all of a sudden, nobody dies of the flu? Please shut your tv off and turn to uncensored media IWANTTHETRUTH.CA

A Mexican caravan is now approaching the US border. They are families, young and old who WALKED from Mexico with everything they own in back packs!

  • They sleep in tents
  • they have no heat, no cooling, no hydro, no internet
  • they have little or NO food or clean drinking water (never mind “healthy food” and or “supplements!)
  • they have no health care
  • no social distancing
  • no masks
  • no sanitary hand cleaners
  • where do they go to the bathroom?
  • how do they clean themselves?

According to “mainstream media” these people should be dropping dead in the streets!
a so called “healthy person”, one who listens to their government and does all the things they want them to do;

  • muzzle themselves,
  • wash hands 50 times a day,
  • distance,
  • quarantine,
  • stay at home etc,

those people could not do what the Mexican caravan is doing! Most so called “healthy people” could not walk to the end of the street!

Most “healthy people” need food every 3 hrs!

Most “healthy people” believe they need to be eating dead animals in order to survive! Let alone hike and camp like this! 

Can’t wait to see how the left will handle the caravan since the left are against borders and walls.

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