Total World Domination

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Microsoft Corporation (Bill Gates of Hell) was launching it’s new virtual reality platform. They designed a multi million dollar ad campaign with Marina Abramovic as the “face” of this new software/platform. MS calls her an “artist”. In fact she is a head satanist. She has parties with Hollywood royalty where they made food look like humans and eat it. She writes things on walls in blood and God knows what they do that is NOT public! After great backlash, the Multi million dollar ad campaign was SCRAPED! MILLIONS of other “artists” on planet earth yet Microsoft, one of the worlds largest companies, in it’s infinite wisdom decided to use Marina Ambrovic as the FACE of the new platform! SHE was their FIRST CHOICE!
Of course Gates (of Hell) stepped down from his company but still has great influence over them. The CEOs still look to him for his input and he’s still a large share holder.

AND NOW Microsoft is developing software, algorithms to BRING BACK THE DEAD! One has to understand where the enemy is coming from…. and I’m not even religious!

Meanwhile Gates of HELL is developing vaccines. Here, he admits on camera that the ROI on vac’s is 20:1. one benefit but there are far more nefarious reasons;

To make “the vaccines” work they requires a special enzyme. What did they decide to call it? (I’m not making this shit up). The enzyme is called “Luciferase” (Lucifer Race)
The vaccines alter human DNA forever making the recipient some sort of human hybrid. The Hybrid is patent by Gates (of Hell) and don’t have any human rights.
Some have already been killed by the vaccines nurses, doctors and other frontline workers who got it first (these are only the ones we’ve heard about publicly) have been killing and maiming people from the 60s.vaccine companies CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE!!!??? [From above video….]

Pifzer has paid out BILLIONS of dollars in damages as well as corruption, bribery and false claims. They hold the record for the largest payout in history 2.3 Billion, in civil and CRIMINAL charges! Yet now they are saying you can’t sue them if you are killed or injured by their “vaccines” which are meant to keep you safe and healthy haha!

Tests are all bullshit. They tested fruits, goats, motor oil, even clean swabs came back positive.

It’s not just about money. It’s about TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!

What if the vaccines could erase memories and install new ones? Not science fiction. This has already been done. whats left if we don’t have our memories? what would a human be like if they had no recollection of what it was like to be free? what if all they ever knew was oppression?
Today vaccines have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the betterment of HEALTH in humans! and yet if you don’t want the “vaccines” they call your an “antivaxer”!?

What does that make a “vaxxer”? a drug addict? Usually people who stick foreign substances in their veins are NOT NORMAL they are DRUG ADDICTS shooting heroin and other shit in their systems but someone who doesn’t want to alter their bodies, well now, they are nothing more than tin hat wearing conspiracists! 

They would need the media on their side. ONE MESSAGE. Here’s how they do it;

and subsequently, they just say what they are TOLD to say…

Bill Gates of Hell; “we’re taking Genetically Modified Organisms and injecting them in little kids arms. we just SHOOTEM right into the VEIN!”

If THAT’s not Creepy enough for you;

There are two ways of getting chips into humans. 30 years ago it was the microchip. Those were about the size of a grain of rice and held lots of information. MY DOG has one of those! Thats OLD news. Those things could be dug out if necessary. 

Today we have NANO chips (SmartDust). Instead of all the information being stored in one chip, why not put bits of information in 1000s maybe millions of microscopic nano chips? Now they can be injected by needle. Once in the body they can all works together forming a system in the human body. They can be read like a product barcode. You would be given a card but the card is bogus. You don’t need the card since once injected, you will be your own barcode! These bots would attach themselves to vital organs, heart, lungs, brain etc

The nanobots could be used against the recipient, controlled by the new 5G towers. If a large group turned against the NWO, they could literally be SHUT DOWN by GEO targeting the group, anywhere on earth, not one shot would be fired and they would blame it on “covid”

COVID 19 is not a disease. It’s a PLAN. It stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID and 19 represents the first and ninth letters, AI which = Artificial Intelligence which is what humans will become, all connected to computers, programmed by NWO. 

The 2nd way of chipping people is by injecting 100s of chips at once using the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System. It’s like a stamp with 100s of tiny needles on it. After injection, the victims are no longer human, so when we remove the word “human” and add up the numeric values of the rest of the letters, what do we get?

Is it also a coincidence that CORONA is 6 letters and if you add up it’s numeric values you get 66. 

This whole thing you see unfolding in front of you now, world wide has nothing to do with a virus. Nothing to do with money. It’s all about Total World Domination. It’s all based on the Chinese Communist model. Media is controlled, each person in China is given a social number. if they are good little girls and boys, they get a better number entitling them to things like FOOD. If they are BAD however, they are not permitted many things. They can’t get a good job they can’t even shop in some stores.
Facebook is banned in China as well as other social media platforms. Now world wide, the leftist platforms like FB, google, gmail, instagram (owned by facebook) whatsapp (owned by facebook) twitter, youtube (owned by google), mainstream media companies all owned by the same, all pushing the same narrative. 

In 2020, the most downloaded app on google play store was PARLER, an uncensored media platform. No surprise then that Google PULLED the app from its “playstore”. Right after, Apple pulled it off their servers and AMAZON stopped offering it as well!

Seems fine for leftist pages like Fascistbook to “permit” their narrative, allowing pages promoting  PEDOPHILIA but groups who are against Pedophilia immediately get BANNED from Fascistbook! They banned me from Fascistbook, they even banned the President of the United States! Here Rudi Giuliani says the US has NEVER seen this kind of censorship before in its history. 
CEO of Parler says “we’ll be back”

This plan has been in the making, possibly for 100s of years. The Rich Elite have always wanted to rule the world but only now do they have the technology to do so. The plan was first publicly announced in 1979 with the development of the Georgia Guidestones. A monument to their vision of the world with their #1 value as being a world population of 500 million.

So what do we do!?

In order for communism to work, the masses must be bankrupt, or at least reliant on “the system”. This is why we see all the small business closures today while big businesses are “permitted” to stay open.
what do we have on our side? we still have masses of population. There are relatively very few rich elite at the top of the pyramid. Most are under that however more and more are believing there is a virus. More are leaning toward “take the injections and let’s gat back to normal”. But there can be no normal with NWO, like one can never satisfy the Narcissists. Nothing is good enough for them. 

This is is why there will continue to be more lockdowns and bankruptcies. Now they are announcing a “new more horrific virus” Now in the UK they have spend millions on a new ad campaign showing people near death wearing oxygen masks to fear people into taking vaccines and listening to their government, and using this as justification for their draconian measures. 

This is why “we need more people on our side” The governments are not on our side. Its now us against them. 

They want one government “NEW WORLD ORDER” to run the planet. There would be no more individual countries, only “sectors” one set of laws, one currency, no religion, a fe rich people at the top while the rest are slaves. 
Is it any coincidence that Biden / Harris used the Chinese Communist Party Logo in their campaign? Hardly anyone voted for Biden. He was planted there by the CCP.

also popular with ANTIFA / BLM

This is why it’s imperative for us, “we the people” to band together.

  • we must open our businesses,
  • we must not wear masks,
  • we must show that the masses will not just roll over and die.
  • YES it will be uncomfortable
  • YES there will be fines
  • some will be put in the “secret Covey Camps” now being built all over the world
  • Yes it may end up in civil war

If their plan works, there will be far less humans on earth and they will be controlled by the oligarchs. They will not have a memory of what it was like to be free. Myself, I’d much rather die fighting than succumb to slavery of myself and future generations. 

In the end, what will you say to your grandchildren when all this was going down when they ask “what did YOU do to help prevent it”?

Well my friend, after this you may think I’m a crazy tin hat wearing conspiracist,

OR you might just think….

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