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mainstream media is censoring anything outside of the left narrative. That’s why you are seeing many pages like this popping up. This would NOT be allowed on “youtube” and the like. This (see link) is part of a whole series of shows.

A very sad thing she point out in this video is that dogs being skinned alive in places like China, still lick their torturer in hopes that they will stop. This is the same as people now, who are so afraid, they are literally lining up to get the tests and vaccines. #StockhomeSyndrome

Some questions to ask yourself;

  1. The “government/ mainstream media” claims we need to wear masks, right? with me so far? Super!
  2. Said masks must cover both the mouth and nose because said virus can apparently be transmitted through spit or breath right? Still with me? Super!
  3. Therefore the “virus” must exist in your mouth right?
  4. So why can’t they test by swabbing the mouth? After all, the mouth is swabbed in MURDER cases, right?
  5. So the mouth swab is trusted in cases where LIFE or DEATH is at stake right?
  6. So then, why do we have to shove a stick up people’s noses into their brains? 

Do you know who Dr Kary Mullis is? He was the inventor of the PCR tests. He won a NOBEL PRIZE in SCIENCE for his work. He himself said his tests were not designed to be used in the way the are being used. He himself says “the PCR tests CANNOT tell if you are sick or not” you can listen to him here. (10 min video) Yet we are relying on these “brain swabs?”

Dr. Mullis died Aug 2019 shortly after the COVID19 plandemic was publicly announced.

So we have established that the “tests” are inaccurate. Some centers in Florida was bringing back 100% positive results. Yes, EVERY test was positive. (Ive sent you all this stuff before but Im sending it again because nobody seems to care) you can watch the NEWSCASTS of these 100% labs here… (list of videos)

Once again, here is the President of Tanzania saying they sent many tests back to the labs. They put “names” on the tests but they tested goats, fruits, motor oil even clean swabs, some came back positive, some came back negative. 

Now we’re rollin out the tests.. more and more centers for “testing” more and more idiots literally LINING up as is Britney Spears tickets were on sale half price, to get the sticks shoved in their brains!

Just think about this for a moment, as a logical thinking human being, would one not assume that the more faulty tests you do, the more positive results you would expect to get? Doesn’t that make sense?

For those of you who have lost friends and loved ones at hospitals, please listen to this video. Skip to 16min you can hear the Dr saying that they have taken perfectly healthy people, put them on “ventilators” and KILLED THEM! 

Anthony Patch predicted this in January of 2013. Listen to him in particular from 2 minutes on. He talks about a DNA manipulator (2013) Have a listen.

He says that people will DEMAND to have the vaccines! Why? because they create the problem. He even predicted that those injected will become Hybrids. The hybrids lose their process of critical thought. They turn them into mindless slaves. You have to listen to this video.

He even points out that this has NOTHING to do with politics. It has to do with a small group of people who have run the world from behind the scenes, since ancient times.

[writer’s opinion: It’s not about “Republicans vs Democrats” per say but those running the show love the left, since the left is all about socialism which is a nice way of saying communism. No capitalist would like live in a world run by few where there is no option of bettering oneself. This is why the NWO had to get rid of Trump because he stood in thier way. Trump was the ultimate Capitalist, showing people how it’s possible to make billions of dollars. Conversely in Russia. Putin was “handed the keys” by Yeltsin. Putin says it’s no longer communist there but their show is currently run by a few oligarchs at the “top of the pyramid”. The NWO model for the planet however will make communism look like a walk in the park. It will be like communism on steroids.]

Plenty more evidence here IF you are willing to look at it. I, as a single voice have little to no effect over multibillion dollar pshyops ad campaigns. It’s up to you from here.

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