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This Is likely the most important post you will see. You have to read it, watch the videos, go back and read it again.

Bill Gates and Co. (AKA “The Government” wants everyone vaccinated being as they apparently know what’s best for you and I. This post will examine that prospect.

First let’s watch this new commercial paid for by taxpayers and produced by Government of Ontario Canada…

Ontario Canada Government Ad

Let us remember that initially it was “stay at home for 14 days”… That was over a year ago. NOW according to this new commercial it’s just “STAY AT HOME UNTIL EVERYONE GETS VACCINATED” My how that escalated so quickly!

However here we see deaths by covid vaccine (aka “the Cure”) so far according to CDC.

Let us not forget how

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 2.26.13 PM.png

y’all think this is some sort of conspiracy but it has been in the works for 100s of years. It is only now that they have the technology to truly control humans. This simply did not exist as little as 30 years ago. 
We fail to realise that just 30 years ago cell phones were something new and public internet was in its infancy. 

Fact is you can see above those roman numerals on the US dollar bill say “1776”. The day US declared its independence and some say the day they formed the “New World Order”

The Georgia Guidestones were anonymously developed in 1979, before internet. There has to be some intelligent, affluent rich poeple behind such an undertaking. Someone had to own the land to put them on too. The commandment of this monument is to keep world population to a “manageable 500 million”

The ultimate plan of the NWO is to have;

  • one world
  • one government
  • one language
  • one currency
  • few rich folk at the top
  • all the rest are slaves (if they are still alive)​ to feed the rich, much like in feudal times.

The latin phrase roughly translates to “Undertakings of the New World Order” below you can see a google translation. You see, this is nothing new. It has been in the planning for many years, at least since the the past few hundred years.

Trudeau loves the commies

The closest thing NWO has to model after, is communism. Here you can see Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying how he loves the commies. This is further consolidated in February 2021 when he and his cabinet “Abstained from voting” AGAINST the GENOCIDE being committed today in in China by the Chinese Communist Party. The rest of Canadian Parliament voted unanimously to help the UN against such genocide, except TrueDough. “Abstained from voting AGAINST GENOCIDE!?? Why? Was he too busy combing his hair that day?

Cops fining, jailing and BEATING people for sitting on a beach or not wearing a mask say “we were just following orders” . This was the excuse used by Nazis during the Nuremberg trials, “we were just following orders” .

When asked “where did you get these orders” they replied “from HEALTH OFFICIALS eg government health officials like Teresa Tam for example.

Where did they get their information from? The WHO and the WEF World Economic Forum. ​

So who are “the WHO”? and who do they take their order from? Bill Gates, Rothschilds, Soros and other rich folk.

Still think it’s a “conspiracy? Here’s a 30 second clip from “His highness” Klaus Schwab. Who’s he? He’s the director the “World Economic Forum” (WEF) which is a meeting held once a year in Davos Switzerland of Rich Elite who discuss how they want “their planet” to progress. He says “return to Normal is Fiction”

You see? They have NO INTENTION of your life returning to “normal” EVER!. At the end he says “CUT” like there has to be a CUT from the “old school”!

You can wear a mask, two masks, three masks, you can take the vaccines (there will be many over and over). You can hide in your house in fear. You can fear everyone like they all have leprosy. Next they will likely be handing out butt plugs since the “virus” will likely be spread through farts.

The Motto of the WEF is (and they are clear about this on their website);

“You will OWN NOTHING and BE HAPPY”.

Right. I’m sure the rich elite will be happy to give up thier superyacht, multi million dollar homes and private jets.

To do this they must bankrupt all small businesses. They cannot have “the peasants being “independent and of course. They must have everyone reliant on the NWO for their control!

They will turn to One World Currency which YOU can’t participate in unless YOU take the jab, which is effectively a death sentence or a sentence of slavery.

Right now they are working on rounding up the food supply. Bill is working hard to buy up all the agricultural land. Biden is paying farmers to NOT grow crops (but y’all love Biden right? and hated Trump because he stood for freedom. Well you got your communists in place now. Good luck with that. Monsanto’s (now Bayer) has been sterilizing plants for years. The elite built the seed depository in the Bering Sea so they would have the only access to natural original seeds.

Let’s have a listen to Dear Klaus, such a nice man! He knows what’s best for you! He’s certainly no Santa Klaus. More like Satan Klaus!

his Majesty, Klaus Schwab, Director World Economic Forum

They know if you are sleeping, they know if you’re awake, They know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

They know where you are, who you hang out with, how you make your money, how much you have. They know everything. Yet people LOVE “Alexa” because its cool! You NEED one in YOUR HOUSE! (pukes)

the “great reset”

Must watch. He talks about how Klaus wants everyone to own nothing.. however that means someone has to own “it”. He talks about no private property ownership. Please listen.

Above video explains how Totalitarian, Communism ends in WAR 100% of the time!

One more about dear Klaus

folks, you really have to watch this.

“Klaus Schwab, who grew up in Nazi Germany and never smiled once in his life, is going to tell you how to be happy!” ~ JP

Now let’s see how upside down this pyramid really is:

Without plants, there would be no animals or humans. Plants were here first on earth, followed by animals, then humans MUCH later. It was their earth. We are impeding on them, not the other way around.

Without General Population (We the people) there would be no tax dollars to pay for things like infrastructure, education, government and common defense.

Governments were elected by the people and were supposed to work for the people. This was supposed to be a step up from the feudal system where Kings and Queens demanded the peasants provide for them. 

Banks were started as a capitalist idea, meant to lend people money, leverage their assets to start businesses and invest in things that would make more money, thus furthering the economy and offering everyone a level playing field with chance to better themselves.

Other large associations like WHO and WEF are again supposed to help humanity but you can see by the illustration that everything is upside down and the world is being run by Rich Satanic Pedophiles. 

You see it started with “We the people” but now it’s out of hand and “We the poeple” must now rise together as we once did against the Kings and Queens and stop the evil tyranny. Only now it’s not just for power of one tribe over another or one country over another. Now it’s for the future of humanity.

Let’s have a listen to Mister Microsoft explaining how they used social media to spread the panic-demic.

Bill Gates

Now let’s have a listen to how the media is directed to help Sell the Panic-demic….

12 questions to ask yourself before you “get the jab” (pdf) List of things you can do right now to help make this stop.

Still think this is about some killer virus?

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