Cops behaving badly

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Before you get into this post we want you to know that there are lots of good cops too. Check out

In fact we are now compiling a “good cop” post with lots of police groups like this from around the world who recognize the tyranny and vow to uphold their oath;

“to Serve and Protect”

Now for the “Bad Cops”…..

it’s For Your Safety!

Für Ihre Sicherheit!

Toronto cops beat him down, cuff him, charge him 2 large while he was eating breakfast

Australia – Pulls her over for speeding, then hits her with COVID fine

Police in India use Cruel and Unusual punishment over “COVID”

Cops beat gym owner over the covey, BROKE HIS LEG!

isn’t this force used on Murder Suspects, poeple SHOOTING at them?

Compilation of abuse from around the world

In many cases, cops are not wearing masks. Just using thier force.

NYC. “We’ll teach you to social distance!”

Next we have cops beating a mother and her disabled son over COVID restrictions.

Remember folks, “This is for YOUR SAFETY!” (term used in NAZI GERMANY)

Here they are spot checking people over the fake virus

Shut down business

Cops threw them out in extreme cold -21C (-33 with wind chill)

because they didn’t have masks on

Biden is making the world a more dangerous place- you have to hear this

and this is from Australian news!

Russia – Beat them down! PUMMEL them! It’s for your safety!

No mask? Fined him and cranked his arm, took his phone,

cuffed him hard to cut off his circulation

“TRESPASSING” in a fucking Grocery store Hamilton

Poland people want thier freedom, police beat them

Spray them, beat them, kick them, pummel them because they want freedom.

Netherlands, near Amsterdam

Beat them, spray them, pummel them down into the ground. It’s for your safety!

Stressing Pregnant Women

They will push a stick up a BABY’S NASAL CAVITY! This is fucking SICK!

Cop STALKS a MOTHER! Goes to her home AFTER confrontation!

Come back to give her a fine for not wearing a mask, yet the cops are not wearing masks.

Folks the point of this post is to show that this is all about harassment, intimidation, FEAR tactics and CONTROL. There are now 1000’s of such videos across many platforms.

Nurse gets taken down

this isn’t covid but still

and if that’s not bad enough Canada is STEPPING IT UP!

You see folks, “IT’S FOR YOUR SAFETY!”

If you’ve been following our website you will have learedna already that the PCR test was not meant to be used as it is and that it returns false positives. Goats, fruits, motor oil even clean swabs have tested positive. So without any hard facts, they can do whatever the fuck they want with you. You hear the boy, he can throw you in one of the many Covey camps and good luck getting out!

  • You can get beaten by police
  • kidnapped and tossed in a SECRET COVEY CAMP (why the secrecy?)
  • Fined, who knows what else

Are you gonna stand for this?

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