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Did we send a rover to marz?

The new Marz Rover was said to have to decelerate from 1000’s of miles per second to zero in a short span using a parachute and 4 rockets…..

First, they say there is no oxygen on mars… even if there is “a little” like they said they have a helicopter drone that they will fly around. They say the rotor blades will have to spin many times faster than here on earth because of the low density of the atmosphere. So how would the parachute work? It would have to be many times larger than a conventional parachute. according to their “film” the parachute was more like a “drag chute” used in car racing. The Rover was said to be the size of a car, PLUS the container it was shipped in!

2) They show the rover’s rockets slowing the craft. To make a flame we need, heat (ignitor) fuel and oxygen. It’s hard enough to get a fire going here on earth. Imagine trying to spark a fire with very little to NO oxygen?

3) even IF they could get the “retro rockets” to ignite to slow the craft, with an atmosphere of very little density, how could they stop a mass the size of a car, within a rocket, (tons of mass) going 1000s of miles per second down to nothing?

Think of a meteorite that crashes into earth, leaves a huge crater based mostly on its speed, not mass so much.

This is the same principle as the “rail gun” which sends a projectile with NO explosive to the target but because of it’s speed, it obliterates the target just based on kinetic energy alone.

This is what we were dealing with. IF a rover, the size of a car, inside a container rocket were to punch through the martian atmosphere (which is far less dense than earth apparently) going 1000’s of miles per second but we’re gonna stop it with a drag chute that can only slow a dragster down from 200mph, not stop it, it also relies on brakes!?

Most of its mass is held by the weight on its wheels on the ground, so in the case of the dragster, only the forward kinetic energy is being slowed to a stop by a drag chute and the brakes and only from about 200-300mph. 

Whereas 100% of the kinetic energy of the “ROVER” must be stopped, on a planet with hardly any atmosphere. IF the “drag chute were to open at 1000’s of miles per second, surely it would just disintegrate or rip the spacecraft apart?. Then there are 4 “firecrackers” that are supposed to slow the rest of the craft from 1000’s of miles per second to not on a planet with hardly any atmosphere and no oxygen to burn the fuel with. hmmm?

4) In fact they claim most of the atmosphere on Marz is made up of METHANE GAS which is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE (at least here on earth). How did they not ignite the entire planet, burning up any small traces of oxygen there may have been, thereby rendering the rockets completely useless? 

5) They have a nice film of the new rover entering the Martian atmosphere and landing. Who filmed this? The other rovers or Stanley Kubrick? They claim they just put 4k on Marz, yet they also claim that the images of the rover landing are in 4k? Does this make sense to you?

IDK man, I’m no rocket scientist. These are just some questions I was thinking about. I mean, if they can lie to us about a virus which we were told would surely kill us all in a matter of months, why can’t they lie about this?

They claim the new Rover will send back samples of marz to earth….

My prediction is that the peeple of earth will become jaded to the fake COVID 19 virus AND it’s “variants” so NWO will need something more spectacular to frighten everyone into a new series of vaccines….

A new Martian Flu SO HIDEOUS that it will surely kill everyone on earth and we can ONLY be saved by Bill Gates Microsoft vaccines!

Linux, the last “safe space” is now being jacked by NWO

ROBERT STEELE: Absolute bullshit! LINUX has been captured! This is code for embedding Deep State globalist censorship and digital assassination tools in open source, as pioneered by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an unregistered agent of a foreign power working in close alliance with the Red Mafiya and other criminal and treasonous individuals and networks.

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Playing God; Scientists bring back ferret after being dead for more than 30 years

Has anyone watched Jurassic Park? What could possibly go wrong?


Zuckerman defies his own policies

then pulls a 180 degree turn when smacked by Fouchi

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