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Well there’s a LOT of things that bother me but today I will try to narrow it down to just three……

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else HATE the term “Reaching Out”?

I would bet 1000s of dollars that anyone who uses this term votes LEFT. It’s such a Karen term! Many men today are Karens too!

“I’m reaching! I’m reaching! I’m Reaching!” I get this impression in my head of Richard fucking Simmons “reaching out” like a pelican on one foot, in his short shorts.

2) Your on the phone with someone who works at an office and they do this “ch ch ch” bullshit thing while they are looking for something. This, to me, show me how easily people become sheep and pick up habits from others. They must have all gone to the same “ch ch ch” school. Try it! Call any office, ask them some questions and you will get this “ch ch ch” and you can bet those people also voted left.

3) BUT probably the thing that irks me the most today; “STAY SAFE”!

PLEASE JUST FUCK OFF!!!! Safe from WHAT? THE FLU? This statement, to me, implies that we are not safe. Fact is, we are no LESS SAFE than a year ago. Nothing changed except people’s perception. The only thing we need to “stay safe” from is NWO one world government, people like Bill Gates and Nazi Schwab.

Secondly, since when did you give a fuck about MY safety? Now you are just using that term because everyone else. Pathetic.

Third, if there WAS some killer virus out there running rampant, do you not think Id know enough to “stay safe?” It’s like fucking Romper Room when they tell the children going out at recess, “stay safe” Look both ways for cars! Don’t stick anything in your nose! (YA MY MOTHER USED TO TELL ME THINGS LIKE THAT THANKS! Now we have to tell adults not to stick things in their noses! and ya By the way, since you have to be told, DON’T EAT THE FUCKING TIDE PODS EITHER!

Very irritating!

the fuckery is about the same

Not sayin there aren’t any flying saucer aliens out there but the fake wonton kong flu is about as real as the flying saucer aliens. 

Why is the NWO not as concerned about people being killed by flying saucer aliens compared to the fake wonton kong flu?

Stay safe out there from the flying saucer aliens folks! They will likely abduct you, probe you with little or no lubricant, then shoot you with a ray gun that makes you forget it ever happened!

Then you wake up and wonder how you got there and you “don’t know where the time went”.

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