Freedom vs Censorship

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In US you have to be 21 to buy a beer or cigarettes yet they send 18 year olds to war.

Governments are coercing perfectly healthy people to be injected with forging substances in order to “win back” their basic freedoms, civil and human rights, yet if you try to explain this to people, you’re a crazy tin hat wearing conspiracist. 

Will vaccinated people be able to give blood? If so will the recipient be made aware? 

Censorship is not boat that sails around detecting mines!

In this video  a whistleblower explains how fascistbook will only allow “Left leaning ideas” . Anything else gets flagged and blocked. Accounts are deleted without notice or warnings. Their goal is to keep pushing their leftist agenda until it becomes “normal”

Anything “conservative” gets flagged, blocked, banned, or just not seen at all, made invisible by the fascists. 

For instance, a friend shared a link to a movie; “Letters to God”. It was flagged and blocked by Fascistbook. So then another did an experiment. She posted the same thing which was banned, but also added “watching Pornhub” which was fine by Facsistbook. Now, I’m no prude and I’m not religious either but this is bullshit….

In this video, called “Selling the Pandemicyou can see how the media is coached to broadcast one message.

It’s no surprise then that Fascistbook is in bed with our wonderboy, Bill Gates of Hell. Gatesie has owned part of Fascistbook since 2008 when he invested 1.3 Billion into it. (1.3% share). That was 13 years ago, he’s obviously into it for more now.

This gives the left extreme power to sway people’s beliefs, affect elections, heck they even deleted the president of the United States Fascistbook account and they DID so WITHOUT REPERCUSSION! 

Parler was going like crazy! It was the #1 downloaded app on the Google Play Store for 2020. The Left did not like this and together, they brought Parler down within A DAY! (it’s back up now) but Google pulled it off their “playstore”, Amazon pulled it, Apple pulled it off their servers. 

Here you can see another example of how “Cancel Culture” deleted Actor Kevin Sobera’s Fascistbook page without notice.

So in conclusion, they only want people to think like commies. First thing is to censor their “free speech” and only allow the Leftist narrative.

But to rule the world they need complete control hence Gates buying up all the agricultural farmland in the US. Why would a “software developer” need agricultural land? Surely it’s not to make money with. He has enough money and farming is not that lucrative as you can see most farms today are subsidized by the governments so it’s clearly not money. I don’t think Gatesie has a childhood dream of driving around on a tractor shovelling shit wearing rubber boots and a straw hat. Clearly this is all about control. You control the food supply, you control the masses. Why do you think Gatesie and his buddies developed the “Seed Depository” in the Bering Sea? It was developed to house the worlds original seeds. Together with Monsanto (now Bayer) they are sterilizing all the plants so that they will be the only ones left with original seeds. All the rest will either be seedless or genetically modified. Monsanto also developed “pesticides” that they sold as “weed killers”. Billions would buy this shit because everyone wants a “golf green lawn” kill all the dandelions but they don’t realize that the poison is also directed at “pests” eg bees which fertilize plants. without bees, the plants would not naturally reproduce, leaving Gates of Hell as the “gatekeeper” of the plants which are the key to life on earth. 

The plan was finally committed to stone in 1979. It’s a SICK SICK plan that’s been in the works for centuries. All the worlds OLD money has been HELL BENT on depopulating the earth. Rothschilds has been on about population reduction, Rockefellers, Gates is related to Rockefellers through marriage (likely arranged well in advance) Gate’s father started “planned parenthood” which aimed to sterilize the population starting with Africans. Many were killed and maimed by their vaccines back then.

The fake virus is just another control thing. They tried it with Avian Flu. That wasn’t scary enough, so they changed the name to Swine flu but just did not capture the imagination of humans so much. They needed something far more terrifying to scare people into taking their vaccines. Remember FEAR is the greatest motivator of mankind. Always has been. Complacency gets ZERO results. People have to be in a place of FEAR to do anything. Thats what they want. Throughout history FEAR has been used like this. The FEAR of war, the FEAR of repercussion of doing anything wrong. Prison for instance is a good motivator not to do wrong. 

During the cold war of the 70s and 80s, the world loomed in the fear of nuclear war. Mr Regan said “we will protect you” (this is good for votes). There has to be a FEAR there HAS to be a motivator. Every good story MUST have an Antagonist and a Protagonist. Without this, the story would not exist. Who would care if Superman had nothing to do but sit home and play video games all day? He NEEDS an Antagonist just as the rich elite now need something to scare the fuck out of people to coral people like sheep into the slaughter house.

Vaccines are not only a huge money maker for the rich but they are also a key population control tool. Some will flat out kill people on the spot. Others will sterilize them, others left living will have the mark of the beast. 

Luciferace (Lucifer Race) is an enzyme used in some of the vaccines. This enzyme lights up, such as in fireflies and sea creatures who can create light. Lucifer literally means “bearer of light”

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Also check out “Crisper genetics” (not the cooking crisper)

Note: I use the term “Left or Leftist”… It’s not political “Left vs Right”. You have to understand that we are in the midst of a worldwide takeover (New World Order – NWO) There are only a few rich at the top of the pyramid who want to rule the world. There are only a few 1000 Billionaires on the planet and only a small number of them are “in the club”. They are Leftists in the sense that the best model they have for “their planet” is Communism. Hence why the Left LOVES the commies. They LOVE the control communist governments have over their people. In Canada the Trudeau’s, current and past, have always loved the commies so it’s a natural for them. A match made in Communist heaven but Communism to the rich is different than communism for “we the people”. In Communist countries the top of the pyramid has always faired well, Russian oligarchs, Korean dictators etc but their people are always starving on the streets. They have to be kept like that to keep them reliant on “the system”. In that, Trump was a threat to their plan, hence why he had to be quashed, and he was with the censoring of his social media and tally of fake votes from machines, which were about to be inspected but there was an unfortunate accident, a whole City block where the machines were moved to was BLOWN UP!


The NWO model of “Communism” will make old school Communism look like a walk in the park. Now we have way more technology. Under NWO communism, the peasant slaves will be far more controlled. The NWO will control, track, trace their every movement. They will be given a little money to buy food with which will only be provided by the NWO. NWO ripped off some of the ideas of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) like their “credit score system” … if you are a GOOD peasant, you get a better number which might entitle you to extra rations of bread for example or maybe you get to eat DOG instead of Cat again but if you are a BAD peasant, it’s straight to the covey camps for you where you will be tested daily for the latest virus and not let out until you take their vaccines to become of the the LUCIFERIANS. 

In the words of Klaus Schwab, “You will own NOTHING and BE HAPPY”. Dear Klaus is head of the “World Economic Forum” which meets annually where the rich plan the future of THEIR planet. Klaus says “Return to Normal is FICTION”. Keep in mind Klaus grew up in Nazi Germany.

Santa Klaus? Naw, more like Satan Klaus


As of today, we (the people) have the advantage of numbers at this point however their influence over our numbers is staggering. Many “Karens” believe what is happening is all good. The system will be “sold” as some derivative of Socialism but this is only a guise.

1) The first thing we need to do is realize what’s going on. Good luck trying to tell this to people because most will still call you a Tin hat wearin conspiracist. It is interesting that many of the Jews sent to concentration camps still believed their captors, “take a shower! It’s for your own safety”. They believed their captors when they were told to get on the box cars taking them to the camps. The were received with nice signs saying “work will set you free”. I imagine some knew what was going on. I imagine some retaliated but were gunned down. Let us learn from history and not let this happen again to humanity.

2) People must not wear masks. This is a control thing. Not even say “I have an exemption” because that’s like admitting they are right but I have a loophole. The fact is we’re not taking it by any means. These are OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS as humans. WE are in charge of our own bodies. WE decide what to wear, what to eat etc. We must not be bullied by stores saying “it’s our policy”. Stores could make any policy like “it’s our policy not to pay taxes” see how that flies! Human and Civil rights are always higher than “store policy”

3) We must get small business online with us. We must make a list of those small businesses (big businesses are already indoctrinated into the NWO like walmart, this is why they are permitted to open while small business must become bankrupt. NWO can’t have people independently wealthy now could they. Thats not in their plan. Small business are the ones who will go bankrupt if they keep listening to NWO. If they have any chance of survival, they must go against the grain, which means BEING NORMAL. Not pushing mask mandates or staying locked down. If they are bullied by governments, we must help. See 

We must make a centralized list where others can keep adding businesses to this list of small businesses to support. Businesses from all sectors, grocery stores, farmers, everything. The more self sufficient we are, the less we need NWO. 

It’s not going to be easy. They can do things like shut the hydro and water off. They control most of the food production. They censor what is broadcast so we need ways around all this. 

And in the end we may have to fight. Myself, Id rather die on my feet than kneel to the satanic pedophiles. That’s what they are but that’s a story for another day.

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