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Peggy Hall is in California but laws around the world are not necessarily al that different*. After all we are all citizens of the world are we not? I’d really like everyone to sit down and watch her. This is clean, common sense. 

*(save and except for Communist countries like China where there is no rhyme or reason. Those are dictatorships and the entire world is headed this way if we fail to see it, hence the purpose of this website)

Sure she’s in California but we are talking about a “GLOBAL PANDEMIC” right? We are talking about a “VIRUS” that supposedly traversed borders and races and political positions and language barriers right? We are talking about “VIRUS” that affects HUMANS right? Not just “Californians” am I right? If you are ok with this so far, then I think you can relate to this. However, if you think those living on the west coast are physically different then anyone else on the planet, then just go home. Don’t waste your time watching this. I can’t help you. I don’t know anyone who can.

This video is about “vaccines” and THE LAW. Spoiler alert: NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU TO TAKE A VACCINE! OR SHOVE ANYTHING ELSE INTO YOUR BODY (against your consent, if you consent, we can’t help you. Good luck with that!) Peggy will explain to you in this video how there is a difference between Authorised and Approved. Eg the CV19 vaccines are NOT approved. They are “authorised” which means if you take it, you are taking part in a medical EXPERIMENT! (good luck with that!) please watch and be informed.

She also notes in this video about how “YOUTUBE GUIDELINES” are not in line with reality. Youtube is far left in ideology and only allows their perspective, like Fascistbook and other leftist regimes HENCE why we have BITCHUTE and other video platforms where this video is emanating from.

This video is about masks and oxygen….

By contrast, below you will see some rich folk who are not doctors, lawyers or scientists pushing thier drugs, bullying poeple into submission and CONSENT which is what they want with tyrannical lockdowns and other fear motivating tactics.

Very few seem to realise what’s going on. It’s easier to accept the mainstream media and the “new rules” which are not rules but rather the systemic removal of your very basic human and civil rights, like the right to breath and move around freely. The right to pursue happiness, the right to earn a living.

Few people even remember that it was only a few months ago that “they” said “quarantine yourself for a week or 2 weeks, lets flatten the curve
there’s no “curve” to flatten! 7 days quickly turned into 14 days, which the 14 days never went away. Then it was “wear a medical mask in public”. (contrary to bill C-309 which could put you in jail for up to 10 years FOR WEARING A MASK IN PUBLIC!”)

NO return to Normal!

Then Bill Gates said “there will be no return to normal until everyone gets vaccinated”

What started with 7 days is now being projected into 2022 by his lord highness senior Gates who is obviously King of the World.

[Karen’s reading this are now saying “well of course! duh! We won’t be SAFE until then!]

Here’s Tedros also saying “No return to normal” (Head of WHO, who is payrolled by Bill Gates)

Also Tedros…..

Then here you have Nazi Klaus saying we’ll NEVER return to normal “Return to Normal is FICTION”

There are many others like that Canadian Drama Queen Faggot TrueDough saying “no new normal” I won’t even post him here because he talks with a Drama Queen lisp and makes me sick. You can research him, brown nosing with Gates and NWO pushing the “Great Reset” and Karens just eat this shit up. Makes me want to puke but I don’t since they will say I got the covey.

Now it’s not one vaccine but many vaccines and even after you get the series of vaccines, there will still be no “normal” you will still have to wear masks (we’re up to 3 layers of masks now because you’re still getting TOO MUCH OXYGEN!) You will still have to distance yourself, there will be no large events, no concerts, no movies no live acts, you can’t have more than 6 people over for dinner or your neighbour will “tell on you”without the vaccines” you will not be able to travel, cross borders, use the new global currency which means you will not be able to buy things like groceries or even WORK since you are unvaccinated. Then they won’t give you the min living requirements like a fe rubles per year so you will have to live in the covery camps where you get tested with a stick up the nose (OR in the ASS – YES THIS IS REAL NOW TOO!) several times a DAY until you agree to take the vaccines. 

PCR test was invented 40 years ago!

For the record

Dr. Kary Mullis invented the PCR test. He’s on record saying it should never be used to diagnose contagious diseases. He died in 2019. Prof Drosden then developed the specific and fraudulent PCR test for Covid. Prof Drosden  is currently being sued in Germany after the accumulation of overwhelming scientific evidence. it  actions like this that will completely expose this fraudulent pandemic.

A Personal Story

Mainstream media (CITY TV) reported recently that 66 elderly people in an old age facility died out of a population of 200. What they FAILED to point out was that just a week before, most in that facility had “the vaccine” which means 66 DIED shortly after receiving the “vaccine”. Unless you still think this is a conspiracy and it was coincidence that 66 died after receiving the vaccine all at the same time. I guess that could be a coincidence! 

After hearing that story, I was talking to my neighbour. He started talking about the vaccine saying things like “I can’t wait till we all get the vaccine and get this thing (covey) behind us!” 

Of course I looked at him like he was stunned (which he must be) told him my POV and was like “dude, that’s a conspiracy! My MOTHER is in her 90s years old and SHE just got the vaccine and she’s doing fine!”

Just a couple days ago, I saw the same neighbour. I asked about his mother. “She just died, we’re looking after her arrangements just now” he said.
Of course we just went on about how she had a good life. He agreed, no regrets, not many make it to their 90s. Neither of us mentioned anything about her just getting the vaccine a few days before.

Remember a couple a paragraphs ago, he was saying how his mother was in good shape?

You need to listen to this….

  • WHO is NOT a public organization. It’s owned by a few rich people.
  • Experimental vaccines have been used on Africans for years. “oh but that only happens in Africa”  well now YOU are the africans. IF YOU LET IT! IF YOU BUY INTO THIS BULLSHIT! THEN YOU TOO WILL BE LIKE AN AFRICAN EXPERIMENT. 

Can you not see it? 

  • they lock you in your home
  • they mandate what goes into your body! – what if they said, you need a brain operation but you were perfectly healthy? what if everyone all of a sudden was on side with “OMG we ALL need this BRAIN OPERATION! If YOU don’t have it, then YOU are a DANGER to SOCIETY! and the KARENS will think like this! They already do! can’t you see it? 
  • can’t see your family
  • can’t work without the jab
  • can’t use the “global currency” 
  • can’t buy anything
  • Do you see people dropping dead in the streets? 
  • Do you see more people dying this year than any other?
  • Nobody has come forward to collect the prizes if you can prove an isolation of so-called “covey”.

Can you see now that this is no longer “conspiracy”? 

Sabatini can be contacted through the Florida House of Representatives contact page, or reached at 352-989-9100.

Do you remember calling all these things “conspiracies” not long ago? 

Trump was biggest threat to the the NWO TAKEOVER that’s why he HAD to be STOPPED. ~ “Lord Rothschild” ~

It’s all about fear

No story would exist without a protagonist and antagonist. Provide the problem, provide the solution. Been the way of man since the beginning of time. 

Fear is their weapon. If we live without fear, it’s like taking away their ammunition. Their weapons are useless without ammunition. Lets not give them ammunition. 

This means

  • Not kneeling to the tyranny!
  • It means walking into stores like NORMAL people!
  • It means FUCK the “stay at home” bs!
  • It means meeting with your friends and family and hugging them!
  • It means if you own a business to STAY OPEN and LET PEOPLE IN WITHOUT MASKS because THAT’S NORMAL!  

Think of our forefathers who fought, many lost their LIVES for your freedoms which are being taken away today. To sit back and ALLOW this happen is like giving your forefathers a kick in the face as they lay in the grave. 

For those of you new to all this, this is a good page overview of the NWO.

I’m asking you to stand up for your right and FIGHT if nesseary

……. yet how many would even bothered to read this?



Much more from Dr. Coleman here

Cardinal Burke: Forces of the ‘Great Reset’ have used COVID to advance ‘evil agenda’

The first 6 minutes 30 seconds is in English. The rest is in Spanish and there’s a blessing at the end. This is the first time I’ve seen a religious figure talking against the NWO.

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