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So apparently it doesn’t matter if you are

“Left or Right”, Republican or Democrat or Liberal or Conservative

Fact is that ANY UNREST among the “peasants” is considered TERRORISM!

BLM are Terrorists

Black activists were labeled as being TERRORISTS in an FBI report in August of 2007.

More recently 12/2/2020

BLM Terrorist and communist

Antifa are terrorists

since at least 2017 as designated buy FBI

but I’m not just “pickin’ on the left”

Q-Annon are terrorists

Apparently, as of 2019, “right wing Q-Annon” is also designated a “domestic terror threat” by FBI

another article

KKK are terrorists

You’d THINK that the common denominator is Violence. We’ve all see violent protests by Antifa and BLM with fires, destruction, vandalizm, looting, beating, even killing and that’s not cool. However I’ve yet to see a violent Q-Anon demonstration.

So if it’s not violence, then what conflict are we left with? “free speech” or in this case the antidote to “free speech” which is Censorship. Now they call Free Speech, “Hate Speech”.

Let’s remove violence from the equation. If free speech is not allowed from the “left” OR the “right”, now who do we point the finger at? It’s those pushing the NWO. This is why the big tech companies are muting any other opinions.

  • They cancel anything that was our history
  • They inject their ways on children indoctertating them right from the crib and throughout school
    • they are teaching Children in school that there are multiple genders
    • and that “love is love at any age”
    • Platforms like Face book promote pedophila while groups against it are blocked, censored, deleted and redirected to “their truth” checkers.
    • They pull down statues of our country’s founding fathers yet Satan statues are being erected
  • Anyone who says anything different is a conspiracist
  • Q-Anon says the world is being run by satanic pedophiles and now Q-Anon is a “terrorist organization” but those promoting pedophila and satanism are NOT terrorists!?
  • Apple, Amazon and Google shut down Parler (uncensored free media platform) in ONE DAY (their back up now but this shows how easy it was to “silence” them.

Updates April 2021

First they demonetized* Rebel News Youtube costing them $400,000.00 a year

*(Demonetized, from the root word, Demon)

Then they suspended thier account entirely

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