Toronto the Titanic

March 17, 2021 admin No comments exist

Toronto used to be cool in the 80s.

Every weekend we used to do the rounds, starting at Belair Cafe for some drinks and dancing followed by dinner at Bemelmans. Maybe hit some after house clubs. Yorkville used to be cool.

there was the Copa..

and “the Guvernment” (later RPM)

the Guvernment
the Guvernment

and a slew of after hours clubs. It was FUN.

Fast Forward to today….

Crazy Karen’s attacking people outdoors for “not wearing a mask”

Now look at it. People having to PROTEST FOR FREEDOM! PROTEST FOR AIR! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? It’s become a cesspool of vacant buildings and garbage.

The cops have nothing better to do that arrest people who have to PROTEST for their God given rights? can they not find missing children, shoot pedophiles and ROUND UP CORRUPT POLITICIANS? No, they have to pick the low hanging fruits, unarmed citizens WALKING OUTSIDE.

I can’t believe how intelligent people still believe there’s a virus killing everyone on earth. If this were true, wouldn’t there be people dropping dead in the streets? No, instead they are out there fighting for basic rights like the right to;

  • and the right to BREATH AIR FREELY!

The right to not be harassed, intimidated, feared, tazed, beaten, cuffed, fined and incarcerated by police for things like;

  • not wearing a mask
  • sitting on a beach
  • tobogganing down a hill

Who the fuck wants communism? Anyone that is FOR these measures is promoting communism and totalitarian one world government. 

It starts with something as simple as “it’s just a mask”.

You can NEVER satisfy a narcissist. You give them a finger, they want the arm. It goes on and on.
They are already saying “one vaccine” (which isn’t a vaccine in the first place) is NOT enough. No, you will need to be injected with God knows what OVER AND OVER AGAIN in order to keep your “good citizen standards” up. FAILING which, you will not be able to travel, or work or buy stuff or participate in the coming ONE WORLD CURRENCY etc etc etc

What would happen if everyone simply threw their masks in the garbage? Are they gonna arrest everyone? 
Watch in this video how a crazy woman attacks people for NOT wearing masks. This is what the mainstream media, under control of the oligarch has done to people. Made them NUTS. ‘Krazy Karens’ attack people for not wearing masks. Can you believe it? Watch the video. 

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