Memoirs of a Maskless Man

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Memoirs of a Maskless Man”

{Scene I – Home Depot Int] 

I’m in the paint dept looking for “etching primer” which the fat woman working there had no idea what I was talking about. She said she’d go to the front and ask (doubt she could walk that far) Some time later she returns with no new information. (I think she just hid in the other isle). 

She literally stood at the end of the isle and tried to communicate with me, more than 20ft away because I wasn’t wearing  mask. I kept saying loudly, “HUH!? WHAT!?” cant understand you with your face muzzled like that.

Maskless people today are looked at like we have some kind of disease. Like we are dirty, infectious and should not be touched with a 35 and half foot pole.

I didn’t say anything about the masks to her. She wouldn’t understand. Best for her to live life in fear. She things the fake virus is something to worry about? She was obese! Not worried about diabetes or heat attack or cancer but DAMN! that guy’s not WEARING A MASK! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! 


{Scene II – Lowes, Paint dept,  int.} 

Picking up floor paint for my sister. She texted me the paint code. I had to show the paint lady the code to get the right colour. She kept asking me over and over to conform the number, so I just put my cell phone on their desk phone so she could read it herself. After she confirmed the number, I took my cell phone back. When I took my phone off their desk phone, she immediately sprayed the phone and wiped it off.

Apparently the koodies can go from your hand to the phone, jump off my phone onto her phone thus killing the entire global population. 

It literally reminds me of school kids who would tease another; “eeeuw! stay away from Jill! She’s got the KOODIES!”

This is the fear people now live in. I hate going out anywhere now but I do it because I want to show others that we are not sick and there is no diffidence between today and 2019 prior to the release of the COVID19 AD CAMPAIGN.

As little as 6 months ago, if you saw someone wearing a medical mask in public, you’d avoid them! You’d think they have some kind of infection disease! Or you’d at least feel sorry for them like they have anemia or something that their body cannot fight off even the slightest cold. 

My my how things change so quickly. 

{Scene III- Construction site – ext}

A group of construction workers are standing together chatting wearing construction boots, yellow hats and safety vests. None of them wearing masks.

But one stands alone, outside the fence. His face was covered with a yellow “sock” nothing visible but his eyes. He looked like those “blue men” only in yellow. Faceless.

but this is not the first time Faceless people appeared

Faceless man explained in Game of Thrones

In 2008, Faceless people started showing up at major events like Wimbledon, Harrods sale, Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara ball and Henley yachting regatta and others. Was this a message of the future?

and now…

faceless masses
faceless masses
faceless reaper
faceless reaper

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