this is why you wear a mask

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You are wearing masks and shooting up because of THIS…..

does he really look sane to you?

There is no virus! Gates OWNS the WHO which tells the world what to fear.
the mandates trickle down through “health organizations” who are FUNDED BY GATES FOUNDATION
COPS have been asked; “who told you to arrest people for sitting on the beach?” answer: “Health officials. Go ask them. Im jus doin my job”

At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?

Article, Humans are Free, March 23, 2021

You have to understand that Gates is so rich, no one tells him that he’s wrong. So hes formed this image in his head of this science fiction utopian world where the reaiming 500 million on earth are slaves to NWO.

Make no mistake folks. They want to conquer the PLANET! Countries are blase to them now. They want total control. 
Armies have been interested in conquering and dominating areas and counties since the dawn of man. This is nothing new except that they now want the world. What makes you think we are immune to such hostility today? Wars have been going on around the world since the 2nd man on earth.

His friend Klaus (world Economic forum) says “you will own nothing and be happy” – its right on their website folks.
But Gates will still own his yachts, mansions, fleet of jets etc.

If I don’t own anything, and stuff will be “rented to me” then who owns the stuff being rented to me? Answer: The RICH (AKA New World Order) 

  • One government for the PLANET. 
  • No more countries. 
  • No more voting
  • won’t need borders because they will control you, track you etc
  • nobody else will be able to be rich or powerful. There will be the NWO few and the 500 million slaves
  • everything will be so expensive, it would be impossible for the average joe on “Universal Income” to buy anything, hence it will have to be rented from the rich (NWO)

STILL a conspiracy? Still about the killer virus dropping people in the streets? 
Folks, for those who are already woken up to these facts, we need to start working on solutions. We need to be as self sufficient as possible going forward. 

To those still believing that this is all about a virus, thats a horrific path you will take, being vaccinated over and over, loss of memories, loss of life.

The weak will just “take the jab and get on with life” right? That’s consenting to lethal injection. AT VERY LEAST, That’s consenting to taking part in some biological experiment funded by this man.

Without the “vaccine” you will not be able to buy or sell like it says in the bible written 2000 years ago. Here’s an article from today…

Hang on to that COVID-19 vaccination card — it’s important

The vaccine card might just be your “ticket back to normalcy,” one expert said.

but this is all still a conspiracy right?

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