Freedom Rally

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Toronto Canada March 27 2021

Some coverage of the Toronto Freedom Rally March 27 2021. For those who have not been to rallies like this, it’s not just rah rah, in this video there are Doctors, Nurses, Police, Military, Business owners and others who share information that you will never hear on mainstream news.

Rallies such as these are now being held EVERY SATURDAY at HIGH NOON, in the City Squares of EVERY MAJOR CITY AROUND THE WORLD.

The rally was followed by a sanctioned walk around downtown Toronto.

It’s pathetic to think that in the 70s Popular Mechanics Magazine promised us FLying Cars by year 2000. Instead here we are in 2021 and we have to PROTEST in regards to our God Given Freedoms as human beings, BLACKMAILED by the rich, threatened with fines, jail and further revocation of more freedoms.

Remember they can’t make you do anything without your consent. So just don’t consent to revocation of your rights and rights to your own body.

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