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There was a contest in the paper, asking for people to write poems about covid and how it has impacted thier lives. They were looking for bullshit like “stay at home” and “live in fear” etc. This was my entry. I guess it will not be picked since it trashes their narrative.

There once was a time before COVID

when people shook hands

and they showed it

They loved one another

and feared no other

until Bill Gates invented the Covid

Now everyone’s stopped in their tracks

the world’s no longer relaxed

Fearing each other

Hating another

no loyalty to those once called brother

while this sounds kind of morbid

and really is horrid

our dreams have be thwarted

by some rich folks in suits

who should be in jumpsuits

care only about computes

and class action lawsuits

nothing more than rich galoots

they should try walkin in my boots!

Bunch of rich commie fruits

know nothin about grassroots

most of them are in cahoots

they’re jus power hungry prostitutes

runnin the world’s institutes

mark of the beast is let loose

but we’re not gonna take this kind of abuse

Now they want us all to take their vaccines

which will fuck up our genes

they will use every means

injectin the teens and even the queens

turn us all into living dead machines

while they drive their limousines

they support pedophiles

while wearing their smiles

can’t be put on no trials

I don’t support their lifestyles

The rich have the stockpiles

they own the lands and the seeds and the British West Isles

Polluting the earth collecting Air Miles

They call it a Reset

to put everybody in debt

to be slaves to the Skynet

But you’re insulting our intellect!

People will reject it!

This is something you clearly neglected

you call us conspiracists

attempt to deflect and redirect

Good wins over evil

you will see an upheaval

and beg for reprieval

as we return to primeval

the rich are not many

‘cept Gates and Jack Benny

there are billions of us

and we have Doctor Tenpenny

She’s one of a few

but were counting on you

to come forward too

to form our new crew

it’s what we have to do

maybe move to Peru

and learn some Kung Fu

Don’t take their vaccines

it’s mean and obscene

a mass killing machine

turn you into Frankensteen

but masks are only for Halloween

it was even foreseen

in Revelation Thirteen:Eighteen

Don’t take their vaccines

or their money



there once was a man named

Bill Gates

who everyone knows

but still hates

he got beat up in school

cuz he was never so cool

now he’s rich and he seeks his revenge

obeys a monument

just like Stonehenge

He has a plan in his mind

of which he has been assigned

to depopulate mankind

calls to him were declined

but he’s no mastermind

just a pawn who’s misaligned

Id just wish he’d resign

along with his partners in crime

find some other pass time

he needs no more money

he could live somewhere sunny

along with his honey

and play some gin rummy

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