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Remember “FLATTEN THE CURVE” and “14 day quarantine?” That was TWO YEARS AGO!

You think this is going away right?

You think “taking the jab” will make it go away right?

You STILL think this is about some virus running rampant killing everyone on earth right? 

Lesson #1 There is no pleasing the narcissist!

Give them a finger, they will want the arm!

You can take as many Experimental Drugs as your body can take.

You can

  • distance
  • wear masks
  • stress yourself into deep depression
  • bankrupt your business
  • stop traveling
  • avoid people, shopping and events

but this doesn’t go away EVER!

The ONLY thing that stops this is YOUR CHOOSING SIDES and FORCING IT TO STOP! 

that means 

  • Not willingly giving up your personal choices and freedoms
  • it means not wearing masks
  • not “taking the jab”
  • not succumbing to their bullying but it’s way worse than bullying, its tyranny, extortion and blackmail! 
  • Unless we the people stop willfully consenting, nothing will change it will only get worse! 
  • Open your business!
  • Go to parties!
  • Fuck the masks!
  • Fuck the experimental drugs!
  • Write letters to your “mps” and anyone else with a say
  • Sue businesses that will not comply with normality
  • Get out to your freedom rally which are happening in every town every saturday
  • Form groups of like minded people who will help each other when they shut off our power and water and choke the food supply. 
  • Grow your own food in your backward
  • Get a generator and some solar panels
  • Buy or make weapons and ammo
  • Don’t take this lying down!

history of viruses

Let’s take a moment and look at the history of “viruses” shall we? Maybe we can learn something from the past.

Scientists have drilled miles into the frozen grounds of Antarctica and discovered bacteria that have been on earth for Billions of years!

So we know bacteria has been on earth for billions of years before man was ever discovered. Out lineage can go back about 200,000 years as far as we know.

This tells us a few things like;

1) Humanity has been able to survive bacteria that has been here on earth for far longer than man has and

2) Viruses don’t just miraculously appear out of nowhere. THEY WERE ALREADY HERE and caused little or no harm.

3) There has never been an isolate of so called COVID19 discovered, ANYWHERE on earth! (See page 39 on this PDF from the FDA website)

4) IF there was such a thing and it was not here for billions of years, then it was developed in a lab in Wuhan China where it was supposedly first detected, which lab was supposedly funded by Gates Foundation. (you can research that yourself but evidently Gates, Fouchi and Obamas had attended a Bio Lab in Wuhan China). So if it was developed, the it is a weapon of mass destruction and all involved must me tried for Crimes Against Humanity. why is this not happening? It’s either a newly created weapons OR it simply doesn’t exist becuase clearly it was not here on earth for billions of years right?

5) The African Ebola virus was apparently pretty scary. Why did it decide not to cross the borders? Does no one fly in and out of Africa? Why did our home viruses like Swine Flu or Avian flu not make it around the world? Were they too denied at the border crossing? Why didn’t everyone in the world have to be “vaccinate” against those viruses before anything could go back to normal?

The answer is becuase NWO never had their shit together before this. Now they have the technology, they have been meeting for years over this, devising new plans of Global Domination in their Secret Bilderberg Group meetings, World Economic Forum meetings and other secret society meetings. now it’s finally coming together for them and it’s now up to us “WE THE PEOPLE” to stop it and bring these criminals to justice.

It starts with YOU and I. The Future of Humanity literally lies in OUR HANDS at THIS TURNING POINT!


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