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August 2019, a mass media campaign was launched telling the world that there is / was a killer virus unleashed unto the world. A virus so horrific, so terrible, you have to be tested to even know you have it!

Unlike other viruses, such as the deadly Ebola virus, this new “COVID 19″* virus, perpetrates the entire globe not leaving ONE HUMAN “SAFE” whereas the Ebola virus for example, knew better not to leave Africa.

(*which stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID and the 1 and 9 represent A and I alphabetically, which = Artificial Intelligence, which is the means of which the perpetrators of this mass hysteria psychological Operation will use to control the masses)

Since then I have not worn a mask in any store, any building ever. 9x out of 10 nobody says anything. Sometimes they might ask me if I need a mask and I simply say, “no thanks”. If they go any further, I carry a copy of this in my pocket andsay “I’m exercising my rights under Durham Regional Bylaw”

Never had a problem until Tuesday April 6 2021 just after 1900h when I was


I used my “new normal” protocol, showed them the above document. The Employee said, “we’re no longer doing that” and would NOT serve me. I told them that their store policy was not above the Canadian Civil Rights Law and that they were in violation of section 6 of that Act but the still didn’t serve me. Im seeking legal action over this.

April 8 2021, 1545hrs I tied another beer store and got the same thing. “corporate store policy no mask or face shield, no service”.

I told them you have a shield right here (tapped on the plastic shield, which was supposed to be there 14 days, still there 2 years later) and they were even masked behind the shield. So if thier masks worked, or thier shield worked, then they should have no worry about anyone not wearing a mask or a shield.

You see, it’s not about logic, it’s all about COMPLIANCE and CONTROL.

Today its masks. Tomorrow its “no jab with experimental drugs, no service. Then it will be ” we don’t take your money here, only NWO currency….

Last week it was fine for me to walk into the beer store without a mask and buy something. Today it’s not. You take a breath the the PYTHON tightens. Bit by bit, one right at a time until Klause Schwab wins “You will own nothing and be happy”. He wants to make us ‘Gollum’, a term I recall from a science fiction movie where the aliens were programing poeple to be nothing, like shit. Only slaves IF they are PERMITTED to be alive

Why bother wasting your time and money!? Why not just wear a mask!?

Lesson #1 YOU CAN NEVER EVER SATISFY THE NARCISSIST! Give them a finger, they will want the arm!

In Canada, the Beer Store is a GOVERNMENT ENTITY! The fact that the employee said “we’re not doing that anymore” represents the store and the government, which means that the government is no longer allowing the latitude described in the above document. Was the employee speaking on behalf of the government?

I left my empty case of beer there at the store, did not get my refund on the bottles and left.

Why must we pursue this? Because yesterday it’s “you must wear a mask” (a medical device) No one can mandate you to wear or use a medical device. what if they said you need to install a pacemaker? now they are already advise people to be wearing TWO masks and Ive even seen people wearing three masks. where does this stop? 5, 10? 20? Does 20 seem a bit excessive? Prior to August 2019, if you saw someone in public wearing a mask, you’d think they were sick. You’d probably feel sorry for them. You’d probably AVOID them since you didn’t want to “catch anything” they might have, RIGHT? Today people avoid others without masks thinking THEY are the ones who are sick.

Trying to stay on track here, what will you do when they say “masks are not enough”. Now you NEED the vaccine(s) (there will be multiple, over and over again NON STOP EVER) OR ELSE, YOU CAN’T SHOP HERE!

Oh but I thought the “masks make you safe!?” Teresa Tam who is head of Canadi Health Organiztion says even after you are “vaccinated” you STILL cannot hug others, can’t see old people in nursing homes, can’t have dinner with freinds, can’t go to restuarnts since they will still be shut down.

The “vaccines” DO stop the SPREAD of the [fake] virus.

They DO NOT keep the victim, I mean the “subject” safe

They were never APPROVED by ANYONE only “AUTHORIZED” under EMERGENCY MEASURES ACT which USED TO be the WAR MEASURES ACT but they changed it so it could be used in ANY case of emergency, such as earthquakes, monsoons, tornadoes, fires etc and ONLY for a SHORT TIME of the EMERGENCY NOT AS A REGULAR LAW IN PLACE FOREVER!

Insurance companies are already saying they will DENY YOUR CLAIM if you are INJURED OR KILLED by said vaccines since they are NOT APPROVED and rather EXPERIMENTAL.

Taking an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG is equivalent to other reckless behaviour like bungee jumping which Insurers won’t cover either. CONSENTING to using your own body in some type of BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT is like taking part in a “CLINICAL TRIAL” where poeple get PAID so scientists can study the effects of the EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS only in CLINICAL TRIALS the victim (I mean SUBJECT) GETS PAID TO DO SO! In the case of the EXPERIMENTAL COVID DRUGS, YOU ARE NOT BEING PAID, YOU ARE BEING COHORST, BLACKMAILED AND EXTORTED TO DO SO!

Can you believe we live in a world where if you DON’T TAKE DRUGS, you are an “ANTIVAXXER” hahahaha! So what does that make those who like taking drugs? FUCKING DRUG ADDICTS! Does anybody really know what’s in the experimental drugs? Does anybody really know what’s in street drugs?

Can you believe a year ago someone wearing a mask in public was SICK, low immune system or they were INFECTED with something. TODAY if you DON’T wear a mask, you are seen as SICK or INFECTED with something. What the fuck is wrong with people!

Key point here folks is CONSENT. AS LONG AS YOU CONSENT, they CAN and WILL do ANYTHING they want to you, make you wear a medical device (or several) inject you with unknown, unproven, EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS, lock you in your house, stop you from shopping or working, making a living for you and your family, deny you travel, crossing borders….

They treat 1%er’s like this (the 1% who don’t go by the law). Some 15 years ago, I had a chat with a Hell’s Angel. We were talking about bike trips. I was asking him where he had been. We were talking about US (from Canada) he said he couldn’t cross the border. Naturally, I asked “why? what did you do!?” he said “Nothing! No Priors! Just because I’m a member of a recognized criminal organization, they won’t let me cross the Canada / US border BUT I can hop on e plane and fly to Europe for the AGM each year. Isn’t that nuts? I can fly internationally but I can’t cross the Canada US border”

And here I always thought in THIS Country, we were all INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!? I GUESS I WAS WRONG!

Well today we are ALL 1%er’s! Welcome to the club!

Well guess what, Today, WE ARE ALL 1%ers! Today, YOU CAN’T CROSS THE BORDER EITHER! and what did you do to deserve this? NOTHING! If you don’t wear mask, you can’t fly. If you don’t get drugged up, you can’t fly. If you drugs are too old, you need more drugs to fly and even if you take your drugs like a good little boy or girl, you STILL can’t fly since we will keep the borders shut to “keep you safe”.

What happens when you take the Experimental Drugs click here for 12 point PDF.

Fact is, you can take as many Experimental Drugs as your body can take but life WILL NOT go back to NORMAL EVER, until WE THE PEOPLE stand up and fight this tyranny. YES it will be uncomfortable. YES it will require you to do things OUT of your COMFORT ZONE. YES there will be fines (which get thrown out in court) YES it might even turn physical in the way of Civil War but let us not forget our forefathers who fought and many paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy(ed) today. What makes us so special that we should not be subject to the same pain and losses they endured?

Normal (eg FREEDOM) must return for the future of humanity. Forget about one’s self. We’ve already been here done that. This is a turning point in the road of humanity. Our actions today will shape the future of humanity. Imagine future generations never even knowing what it was like to be free? That’s something I cannot live with on my conscience. YOU reading this need to PICK A SIDE, FREEDOM or ENSLAVEMENT of the majority of humans going forward. Where do YOU stand?

Please attend the “FREEDOM RALLIES” EVERY SATURDAY, EVERY MAJOR CITY TOWN SQUARE, AROUND THE WORLD starting at High Noon. You will hear from speakers, maybe take part in a walk around town to wake people up.

Set up groups folks!

If you have kids in school, get involved in the school curriculum. You won’t believe what they are pushing on your kids now!

Hormone blockers!?

Love is love at any age!? Kids belong to THE STATE!? and can be INJECTED WITHOUT your consent!?

Lobby your governments! If lockdowns worked, why do we need them over and over? if they DON’T work, why are you bankrupting all the businesses (Except big business) forcing poeple into bankruptcy?

If they “cared about your health” why are they blackmailing, extorting scaring poeple into jumping out of apartment building windows and overdosing every day?

Form shopping groups where many go shopping at one time without the masks.

This only stops when YOU and I do something about it poeple.

THIS is to SAVE you from the FLU! Can’t you see that!?

Good morning sir! We’re here to Serve and Protect!

I leave you with this story, an episode from the Twilight Zone from 1976. In the future, there are no jails. If you are found guilty of any crime, you are LABELED as INVISIBLE, shunned by society. This is exactly what they (NWO) are after today. If you don’t take the drugs, wear the masks, be a good little boy or girl, you too will become INVISIBLE to society. In 1976, this was SCIENCE FICTION!

Get scared, get mad people!


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