Much ado about Masks

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Italy, Sweden, Spain have BANNED Face masks due to Ineffectiveness

Blue Chinese masks contain asbestos-like poison, and you’ll allow it – Colorado Herald

Toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec – CBC News

Masks may actually increase your coronavirus risk if worn improperly, surgeon general warns -CNN

The Surgeon General wants Americans to stop buying face masks – CNN

Masks can’t stop the coronavirus in the US, but hysteria has led to bulk-buying, price-gouging and serious fear for the future – CNN

Doctor says your mask won’t help you against coronavirus. Here’s why -CNN

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not recommended Americans wear masks in public – CNN

How to Treat Dermatitis that you will get from your mask – Allure

Wearing masks can cause Mental issues – Cleveland Clinic

Above are just a few examples of how wearing masks can be detrimental to your health and they don’t stop viruses either. There are also legal issues;

Bill C-309 (Canada) is now LAW UNLIKE the MASK BY-LAWS which are not LAWS but rather bylaws. Law cannot be consummated by a city or province, it needs to be circulated through parliament, voted on and passed.

“This enactment amends the Criminal Code to make it an offence to wear a mask or other disguise to conceal one’s identity while taking part in a riot or an unlawful assembly.”

In Canada we have (we are assumed to have) the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom” although this is being walked all over today by all areas of government. we have local bylaws that infringes on these Federal rights as well as some local bylaws that are not even being recognized. There is really no law anymore.

We also have the Canadian Bill of RIghts which differs slightly from the above. Neither seem to hold any weight anymore.

What’s the Difference?

The Charter is not only a much broader human rights law, it has greater power because it applies to provincial as well as federal laws and actions. And unlike the Bill of Rights, the Charter is part of the Constitution—the highest law of the land. – yet today it’s being shit upon.


Peggy Hill is in California

but many states and countries have similar laws. Muzzling is not a law. It’s a BY-law at best and as we have found out in Ontario NONE of the By-laws are even being upholded.

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