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Gosh I dunno where to start. So much comin at us every day now. Let’s start with some new videos on our videos page;

1) strong video, 9 minutes long, Aug 2020, WATER now being TRADED ON THE STOCK MARKET like oil, silver or gold. MUST SEE!
2) HAARP is real, Nanobots are real. They are a man made alien life form! 
3) learn a new word “Morgellons” 
4) DISTURBING! Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed w Microscope! Are Living Cells Organisms


facebook deletes a group discussing vaccine injuries and DEATHS with OVER 120,000 PEOPLE ON IT! (that’s more than lots of towns and cities) because YOU can’t even TALK about this! Here’s just a few from the 100’s of 1000’s of posts, PROOF DELETED (like Hillary Clinton did)


(paid for by facebook, ya, look it up)

The post was about vaccines but your “fact checkers” went on about how it’s only 50% true that Biden has 4 times as many children held at the border compared to Trump. NOTHING to do with the post but hey “they are FACTS” right? (it even verifies that LOTS more children are IN FACT being held at the border compared to the Trump Administration.

Connecticut House approves bill to end religious exemptions for vaccines!


I ran into this myself, first hand when the beer store refused to serve me. Up till a few weeks before that, they had no problem serving me without a mask. See how the python tightens? little by little, rights taken away, less and less being “ok”. Next it will be even if you have a mask, they won’t serve you unless you can provide PROOF OF VACCINATION – COVID 19 – told yu “Certificate Of Vaccination ID and 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters which is AI which = Artificial Intelligence which is the means of which they will control everyone once injected with nanobots. thats why its soooo vitally important for them to get as many needles in as many arms as possible before people wake up and start saying NO! Jab them before they even know what’s happening.

Told yu back when they said “quarantine yourself for 14 days” that this was bullshit. That was over a year ago. 14days is now infinite. I knew when the stores closed for “retrofit” with bullet proof glass partitions and arrows on the floor, this was not a “14 day fix”. This is permanent. (BTW I suppose you know that the company who makes the MANDATORY STICKERS for ALL THE FLOORS of ALL the STORES is owned by none other than Doug Ford. you knew that right?

There’s money in stickers!

I digress to a time when I was trying to sell a gas station to a client. we had to go to “Saxton Glen” an exclusive area of Pickering with multi million dollar homes (in the 90s!) Myself and a partner went to meet the man who owned the gas station. He lived in one of these houses. We kept talking about the station, he diverted to his tree on his front lawn telling us it was insured for $70,000.00 (this is back in the 90s right) he told us is was such a special wood that it had to be grown for 10 years indoors before it was strong enough to be transplanted outdoors in Canada. He said “if one branch fell off that tree, Mennonites would come from miles around to buy it!” He also told us that his landscaping cost $250,000.00 (back then). And he was a young guy, 45 at the time we met. Thinking he made his money in real estate, we got talkin and he told us he owned 50% of a printing company. The company would make all the stickers you see on jam jars and products like that and real estate “sold signs” etc. He sold his share to his partner and that was enough to retire at 45 apparently. So there’s money in stickers, a most unlikely place.  
Not only Ford was able to MANDATE that ALL STORES had these arrows but he was also able to “recommend” a company that makes them.

and BTW the guy who owned the gas station had no intention of selling it at “any” price.

So what’s next? As you will see in the video about WATER As of Aug 2020, water is now TRADING ON THE STOCK MARKET! There will be water rations (if you can get any) they will turn the power off and call them “rolling blackouts for your safety)then will come the food “shortages” 

Prepare now!

It’s still a waste of time conspiracy right?

When a group of scientists get together to discuss QUANTUM BIOLOGY, THINGS NOBODY KNOWS SHIT ABOUT that’s “Science”. It can be discussed, people are actaully intrigued by it right?

but nanobots, controlled by 5G,  haarp, that’s all conspiracy?

How is THIS ok

But this is not

The people above know as much about what’s in the needle as the poeple below, in fact maybe the latter know more. At least street drugs wear off (if the subject doesn’t kill themselves). Today’s “RNA” drugs alter human DNA. This is never been tested before on humans in the history of mankind yet people literally lineup to get the latest drugs like it’s the latest Iphone or half price Britney Spears tickets! It’s insane.

yet they call those who don’t wish to get foreign shit put in our bodies “Anti Vaxxers” So what does that make Vaxxers? Answer: DRUG ADDICTS.

April 20 2021

New York Post now saying that some got herpes from the new designer drugs


How about this?

Over 70? How about maximum 30klms driving during the day (that’s about 18 miles) and NO DRIVING at NIGHT! And they are talking about putting TRACKERS in your CAR TOO! Sure it’s UK but as you can see if you’ve been following this website, this is a GLOBAL Takeover. What happens in one corner of the planet happens all over now. (‘attempt’ let’s hope we win)

DISTURBING! Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed w Microscope! Are Living Cells Organisms Mixed In!

This is also on our videos page but I had to post it here also because its, well, watch it, let me know what you think.


Things are getting worse in Canada.  There are reports about people taken to covid camps and not being able to get out. 

Now a regular person speaks out in a short video message to let us know, what life is like in  the locked down province of “the best country in the world” .

So much going on. I hope this website is opening some eyes. We need to unite. If you are law enforcement, please join https://policeonguard.ca/

public, get a lawn sign at https://www.nomorelockdowns.ca/ watch videos on thier page too

IWTT out.

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