And the Python Tightens…

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This is an update on the “Exorcist Priest” who expelled the unholy police from his church on the holiest of days, Good Friday.
Well now they came back with a SECRET warrant permitting police to “use whatever force they feel necessary”
You have to see this! It’s sick!

The Priest has been feeding the homeless and just trying to keep his church open! Yet he’s been targeted and fined over and over again and now it’s feared that they will take over the church and lock it down like they did with others. Why don’t these bastards deal with pepdophiles and take crooked politicians into custody like Trudough for Crimes against Humanity? No, they have to take down churches and people not wearing masks! Fucking pussies! 
more videos here

The Python Tightens! 

See what’s happening?  Just last week THAT was ILLEGALNOW IT’S OK! Entering with special secret warrants, enabled to use excessive force, remember this was supposed to be “14 days to “flatten the curve”. Ya bullSHIT. They didn’t force all the stores to retrofit with plastic shields and “arrows” to tell people where and how to walk for 14 days. 

They knew damn well this was the first step to NEW WORLD ORDER and like Klaus Anal Swab said “Return to NORMAL is FICTION” 
This is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany! Burned Churches, Bankrupted businesses, labeled Jews as filthy, dirty and diseased.
It’s just sick what’s going on and it has absolutely nothing to do with any flu.

What’s the solution?

I’ve been saying from the start, we must NOT COMPLY with this tyranny. The more you give them, the more they will want. The more they will take. We must understand what we are dealing with. The Python will just keep tightening and using fear as justification.  It WILL NOT GO AWAY EVER UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE STAND TOGETHER AND DEFEAT THE EVIL. Government will not help us now. They ARE the enemy. Still don’t believe this is going on? Most still think it’s about a virus and these “measures” are all for your safety right?….

JFK to 911-Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

This is a long documentary that you NEED to watch.

So long in fact I’ve been watching it in “chapters” like reading a book. It’s 3.5hrs. I’m halfway into it. It starts off slow but believe me, it’s fascinating. It ties it all together, secret societies (yes they are real) formed by liaisons between government, mafia, hollywood… and Hitler they say was “hired” by the US. The railroads leading to Auschwitz were funded by US.  It’s all tied together. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 5.49.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 5.49.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 5.51.01 PM.png

The old money still exists but now it’s being tied together with the tech giants. Now they are using the guise of a fake pandemic and “global warming”. Governments are nothing but pawns in this “Rich Man’s Game”.
Throughout history, FEAR has always been a PRIME MOTIVATOR of people. This is why ISIS doesn’t just kill people, they chop their heads off and put them on display. They burn people alive to “send a message” to others who might try the same.

Klaus Schwab grew up in Nazi Germany 

His father was a Nazi. If you watch the documentary you will see that the west hated Communism BUT they liked the way they had total control over their people. (like Trudeau said)

Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada can you believe it?

What we are dealing with today is a natural extension of this. The next obvious step. Klaus Schwab even wrote a book on this subject called “the Fourth Industrial Revolution“* which basically outlines “his view” of how the world should be. If you’ve been following this site you already know that Schwab is the idea of the World Economic Forum (WEF) where rich global elites meet annually in Davos Switzerland to discuss how their world is coming along. WEF motto is “You will own nothing and be happy” (right up there on their website). Of course this is just for the slaves. Don’t expect Klaus, Bill and other elites to be giving up thier Yachts, Jets and Mansions. (*doubt I even get a commission for advertising his book. Thats ok I don’t want ANYTHING from these people, if you can call them people)

This is why we are dealing with this global takeover now. It’s driven by fear but has absolutely nothing to do with the flu, except that they will fear most into taking thier experimental drugs. They will be able to control those who do, those that don’t die from the drugs, not to mention the billions they will make off pushing the drugs.

They’ve got all the bases tied up now. They have their puppet Biden in the white house. In Africa Magufuli mysteriously died and was replaced with a Muslim woman who also works for the WHO. In Canada it was easy to get Trudeau since he was already a communist sympathiser like both his old men were, Castro and Pierre Trudeau.

They’re all working hard. True Dough is secretly pushing a bill though which will effectively make internet in Canada a thing of the past. If you ARE able to get on it, all you will see is communist government run propaganda. Meanwhile he abstained from voting at the UN regarding the GENOCIDE going on right now in China because he vowed never to cross the CCP who has kept him in power of the Canadian Sector of the NWO.

Get out to your local rallies. They are now all around the world, every Saturday, usually city centers. These are not just rah rah sessions, we learn from each other and maybe form some defenses. God be on our side.

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