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Wow. This all accelerated quite quickly now didn’t it!?

30 years ago, Canadians and Americans could drive across the CDN/US border without a passport.

15 years ago, even an association with “organized crime” would not be permitted to cross the CDN / US border, even if you had no prior convictions. (Forget about “innocent until PROVEN Guilty” that ship has sailed my friend) 

A year ago, if you told anyone they would need to take experimental drugs in order to cross borders, they would immediately say “CONSPIRACY” (among other things)

20-30 years ago, if you said “New World Order” you were a tin hat wearing conspiracist.

“If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls, everyone would be vegan”

~ Sir Paul McCartney ~

If you suggest “Vegan” to most people today, they look at you like you have two heads. You get responses like;

  • Impossible! We were meant to eat meat!
  • You’ll get sick and die without meat!
  • What do you eat? Grass?

And so on. They call themselves carnivores as they stalk their prey in the aisles of grocery stores and drivethought line ups.

They don’t want to “see” the animals that suffer and get mutilated alive because of their beliefs because that would upset what they feel is “real” – just the way it is – same as the Nazis used in the Nuremberg Trials, “We were just following orders”

The same holds true in what’s happening today. We don’t want to create waves. We don’t want to be seen as “abnormal”. Humans by nature are social creatures. Even the most introverted need some connection to society. We don’t want to be “exiled” from “the tribe” In “caveman days” this would have meant certain death. Therefore going against the grain in any way is seen as taboo. Most people want to believe the government is on their side. Most people want to believe there is justice and order. No one wants to think that there is no order. No one wants to think that the government would want to harm us.

And it’s not even the government! The world is run by a small group of rich global elites but we don’t want to hear that! We don’t want to believe that but it has been going on for centuries. If you’re interested the 3hr Documentary on our Videos page called “A Rich Man’s Game” covers JFK up to 911. You will see how liaisons were created between US, Germany the Mafia and more! What we are seeing today is the natural extension of this, only with way more control, using science instead of force while combining well tested propaganda techniques used since the Cold War. FEAR has always been a great motivator of man.

The chain of command filters down from these handfull or rich global elites into governments of the world using their bonds formed over the years. That’s why you see Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “admiring” the Chinese Communists.

2018 – Trudeau dreams about being a dictator like China, only makes it to “dic”.

His legal father “Pierre Elliott Trudeau” was also a Communist sympathiser and most assume that his biological father was Fidel Castro, another commie.

Canadian Embassy Security Contract Awarded to China

  • Canada training Chinese troops
  • buying up key land with water rights
  • Millions of Muslims in concentration camps in China
  • Murdering many
  • Separating babies from parents, becoming slaves of the state

and Truedough LOVES this! Please watch!

And it’s not just Canada! In US they put Biden as President who allows China FULL REIGN. Biden gave CCP “the keys” to the US POWER GRID!

many articles like this folks….

Like a cancer, the New World Order gains strength with ties throughout the world. Their silicone fibers intertwine throughout the world with devastating consequences. If a cancer is caught early enough, it can usually be removed and small particles left can be killed but in further stages, we know what happens. This is why its imperative that we all realise whats going on. We need most on our side. It’s sad that there are some 7.5 billion people on earth and only a few 1000 billionaires on earth and out of the fe 1000, only a small number of them are pushing this devious plan. One would think that we have nothing to worry about in this case but the few have initiated governments and have scared most of the world’s population so much, most are willing to do whatever they say WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT HAVING BEEN FIRED! They are willing to muzzle up, wear one, two, three masks. They are willing to stay at home, they are willing to give up thier businesses, they are willing to take handouts from the government in return for a stake in thier businesses, they are willing to roll up thier sleeve and have someone they never met inject them with unknown, untested drugs which are not even vaccines, they are RNA/DNA altering poisons. It’s bizarre what people will do becuase they saw it on tv!

Robin Williams, Law and Order People are Sheep!

It has always been their top mandate that a smaller population is easier to control so their first priority has always been “population control” which they try to spin in a nice way.

Bill Gates father for instance was “Planned Parenthood”. They went to Africa in the 80s, sterilized, maimed and killed many. There are 1000’s of articles on this topic so I won’t get into details. Some are defending Gates others against. If there was no issue, why would there be ANY articles? Think about that! Why would there need to be a reason to defend him? Obviously something happened that most are not aware of.

In summary

At this point “We the people” still vastly outnumber the global psychopaths however there the majority of “We the people” can’t see the above OR don’t want to see it. Most would rather be comforted by the lie than face the truth. This is the point of this entire webpage, in hopes that we wake up a few who can then wake up a few more.

We have lots of work to do if we plan on making a dent in the Globalist Agenda. They have 24/7/365 MultiBillion Dollar Propaganda Campaigns running around the world. They stop at nothing. Nothing is sacred to them, not even children, influencing young minds, not even fully formed yet with Childrens propaganda targeting the very young to teens;

And anyone who stands in their way?

You’re a white supremacist AND a TERRORIST and will be dealt with the same way.

Many end up DEAD!

Dr. Kary Mullis, won a Nobel Prize for developing the PCR test, 74 years old DEAD August 15 2019

President of Tanzania John Magufuli, age 61 DEAD March 17 2021

Brandy Vaughan 44 years old, former Merck Exec DEAD December 7 2020

Trump, not dead but pushed out by CCP/NWO because he was in their way.

Many more and even many more are now listed as TERRORISTS! Private citizens being marked as TERRORISTS!? Put on NO FLY LISTS!? while REAL terrorists are ALLOWED TO FLY and get spring from jail, and get 10.5 million spending money?!?

PLEASE take some time to watch


VERY important to know what’s coming next!

hosted by Alex Jones, Info Wars. It’s on our Videos page.

If you made it to the end of this post, I want to congratulate you. You are a “1%er” Most won’t bother to read this and of the small % that will an even smaller % will believe it, and of that % an even smaller % will actually DO something about it, like tell a friend, lawyer up, plant seeds that’s a whole other topic.

If you made it to the end of this post, I want to congratulate you. You are a “1%er” Most won’t bother to read this and of the small % that will an even smaller % will believe it, and of that % an even smaller % will actually DO something about it, like tell a friend, lawyer up, plant seeds that’s a whole other topic.

Ironically 1%er was typically Bikers who didn’t recognize the law but when governments have gone rogue, it puts us ALL in the position of “1%ers” now. Average citizens now being treated like they treated Hell’s Angels 20 years ago. It’s disgusting. Who are the real “terrorists” now?

Can’t say I’m religious but maybe this is good time to take it up. Why so much against Churches now? Superstores can stay open but a small church gets fined, taken over, priests being up in JAIL as if they were TERRORISTS The Bible says we win. If you’ve been following our website you will know this is not an isolated incident. In fact ANY church that dares to challenge the New World Order, gets shut down. Most won’t even challenge it.

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