Eyes Wide Shut

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PRE WARNING This is difficult to watch. Likely my most disturbing post so far. If you don’t feel you are a strong enough person mentally, to take it in, then don’t but for those who are strong, the truth needs to be told. It’s 5 hrs long. I watched it in 3 parts over several days. I felt physically sick around 4 hrs in but I feel it’s worth it to know the enemy, know what we’re up against and believe me,

it all has to do with what’s going on in our world right now.

By the end of it you will go from thinking that “Secret Societies” were nothing more than “Conspiracies” to understanding that they do indeed exist and the terrifying secrets they hold.

I mentioned this in a previous post March 2nd, that our world is being run by those in these secret societies but here you will hear it from an insider. He was one of them. If there was nothing to it, then the rich elite would not be involved in them. If there was nothing to it, they would be nothing more than children playing games but in fact the richest in the world are part of them. world leaders are part of them. Entertainers that we “idolize” and pay to go see, are part of them. So they are not “nothing” They are not conspiracies.

Why doesn’t anyone know this much about them? Because the practitioners of these Secret Societies all swore oaths, Blood oaths not to mention anything about this to anyone, not even family. Their deepest secrets are not even told to those who just “sign up”. There are many levels in these societies. Some belong to them for years and are never invited to “higher levels”. The “clubs” are world wide screening processes and very few are allowed to step up the ladder. The narrator is putting his life at risk for relaying this information.

  • Within 30 minutes, you will learn the penalties of crossing the rite. Spoiler alert; They are gross.
  • @37min, from the outside, it’s a great society however within the guise is the “sacred religion” 
  • @41 min, the pyramid is masonic. You have to watch its on every dollar bill in the US.
  • @1:10 the “secret religion” hidden behind masonry is revealed 
  • @1:20 Bob Dylan admits he made a pact to get him where he is now
  • JK Rowling has these words tattooed on her wrists “Solve et Coagula”  “dissolve and coagulate”. It means that something must be broken down before it can be built up. Now we are hearing “Build Back Better” right? From ALL the leaders of the world. It also happens to be written on Baphomet arms.
  • The books ask “which craft is the Royal craft of the masons”? Which craft? Again hidden in plain sight. Its not a question, it’s an answer.
  • JFK tried to expose these secret societies and we know what happened to him.
  • @2:30:00 he comes back on and talks about the fork in the road

Most of these pics are screen shots from the actual video

​You will learn sooo much if you can stick with this. It’s like going back to school but you have to see it. we’ve all heard shit like this but now it’s all coming out into the open. It’s no longer “conspiracy”.

It all makes sense now, why they close churches, lock people out, put the priest in MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON! Not Mosques, not Synagogues, not Tibetan Temples, only Christian Churches!

Founding father statues being pulled down while statues of Satan are going up, with children even. Schools are allowing satanic pedophiles trannies to “teach” our children that this is “normal” Fuck that shit. It’s disgusting. 
The entire Hollywood is with them. Politicians are with them. You won’t believe it. It’s all coming to light now because this is it. You’re living it.

As mentioned before, CORONA, 6 letters, and the numeric value of them all = 66. There’s your 3 6’s

One of Bill Gates of Hell’s ideas to implant every person on earth is by way of “Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System” except that once “installed” the recipient is no longer “Human” so we remove that word. Now look what we get when we add up the numeric values of each letter….

They hate Jesus with such a passion but if their hate is so great, how could they hate something that isn’t real? That means he is real. How could not have such hate for someone or something that doesn’t exist?

Lucis Trust – Advisors to the United Nations and this is right on their website!

here are some quotes from books written by high level masons…

from 150 year old book.These passages are here because you have to realise how these people think.

@3:30:00 there’s a satanic “fashion show” and it was held in a Christian Church as if to shit in his house.

@3:35:00 the pedophila

@3:38:00 welcome to the Masonic New World Order – he talks about the Guidestones

Thomas was a hater of Christianity

The guidestones are also 10 in number, like the 10 commandments.

“Rosicrucian Order” apparently responsible for the Georgia Guidestones, is another secret society under the umbrella of Masons

Inverted pentagram on the US dollar bill points to “MASON”

Many more “Coincidences” like this if you care to spend the time to watch the video. The producer put his life at risk to bring these truths to light.

Everything is backwards

In some of the rites, they have to recite the Lord’s Prayer Backwards. White is black and black is white. These people don’t believe in good and evil. They believe killing is nothing more than a tool. They believe Lucifer is the Bearer of Light (what his name means “the Lucient one, Enlightened one”. And they believe if you are not one of them, they believe you are vulgar, stupid, worthless.

This is why everything seems to defy logic today.

  • Lock Churches, (that’s what they did in Nazi Germany)
  • Lock up pastors in Maximum Security prisons?
  • Let Convicts go free?
  • Pay Muslim terrorists millions?
  • Spring them from jail?
  • Put civilians on NO FLY LISTS becuase they wouldn’t wear the mask? Another RITE of PASSAGE, wearing the masks (watch trailer above)
  • lockdown and fine small business while big business can thrive
  • Stop people from traveling against the highest law of the land the Bill of Rights and Freedoms – amongst them the right to “move freely” and the right to “earn a living”

CHURCHES are “FILTHY and VILE” and MUST BE SHUT while businesses owned by Luciferians may stay open

@4:29:00 you will learn how 666 is in the US Dollar Bill and in the 20.00 bill

@4:36:00 a movie was being produced about this. A future dystopian world but before the movie was finished, the producer, his wife, his child and his dog were all KILLED. The official story was that it was a murder/suicide. MSM said NOTHING about this. Only a trailer was made which you will see at 4:36:00.

You see this “New World Order” is nothing new. It’s Ancient. It has been tried before centuries ago. Jesus stopped it. That’s why they hate him so much.

Their power is so strong, they can deplatform Presidents and Supreme Court Justice

Eyes Wide Shut

The movie didn’t make any sense, just like none of this seems to make any sense. Director Stanley Kubrick died right after the film was made. He was trying to tell people about this, warn them about it. The title, “Eyes Wide Shut” – even though we see these things, they are blatantly obvious but still camouflage, still secrets. Most only see the outset.

As with many others who dare to cross the “NWO” some claim Stanley Kubrick was murdered.

Either he was murdered OR he knew he was dying and did not want to take these secrets to the grave. He wanted them exposed and look what happened to him. He hung on to finish the movie, then died. Either way you see, he needed to get his final story out.

Remember these are the highest “secrets”. Practitioners take blood oaths to protect. Some do not make it high enough in the hierarchy to be divulged these secrets. Others who do likely saw things so horrific, they dare not speak of it. Instead they use symbolism and gestures, hidden in plain sight so that the eyes which are wide open are Eyes Wide Shut.

Excerpt of Speech given by President John F. Kennedy

to the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, on 27 April 1961.

…. and we know how that ended, right?

JFK was a straight shooter. So much so that other politicians and Mafia could not believe he would not play thier game. He wanted to uphold the Constitution, Improve transmission of the News, Fullest possible information, aside from high security). He held high, Freedom and Independence. This is in direct conflict, 180 degrees from New World Order Communists who want Total Global Control over every last standing person on earth. Can you see now why they are directly opposed to Jesus Christ? I don’t even consider myself religious, in that I don’t go to church (at least when they were open) but even I can see this.

At the end

“even atheists are religious” “Everyone worships something

eg, we are told that the world is round. This is what we’re taught. This is what we beleive bcuase someone told us. We have “faith” in this since it’s the only way we know.

We believe there is a robot on Mars because this is what we’re told. We have faith, even though we don’t see. Similar to those who believe in Jesus or Satan. Nobody has ever saw them, but they have faith that they exist. One cannot exist without the other. Again, if neither existed, why would the leaders of this planet all worship him? Why would these “secret societies” have to exist? Not one but all over the world. There is a masonic temple, pretty much, in every city of the world!

“A little bit of good doesn’t wipe out evil but a drop of evil can spoil the whole lot” – eg a glass of pure water, with one drop of poison in it, renders the whole glass useless. The whole glass is evil now. The 99% of good water tainted by the 1%.

Have a look at this book called NEW WORLD ORDER

written in 1985 by A. Ralph Epperson

as found on the bottom of
the reverse side of the
Great Seal of the United States
is Latin for


ya, it’s Bizarre! it was all put in front of our faces in 2012 and before and we kept ignoring it. It was just some conspiracy freak show right?

  • Pyramids
  • many children in hospital beds
  • huge reaper comes to get them and they all fly up in the sky
  • huge dead baby
  • doctors and nurses dancing

Below, watch first 5 min of this video. @3:24 ALTIYAN CHILDS sings. I just added it because many don’t know who he is. Up to 5 min is new content. The rest is repetitive from the long video at the beginning of this post.

It was Predicted

There are many books written years ago that set out exactly what was to happen. One was New World Order Here it is as pdf

and this one “The Story of the Committee of 300” also predicted what’s going on now, published in 1993, to a “T”. It covers Satanism being taught in schools etc;

Excerpt:  “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.  The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

The term “useless eaters” is from “Vulgar eaters”. Satanists think anyone who doesn’t believe Satan is the enlightened one, is vulgar. They coined th the term “vulgar eaters”. You can learn more about this in these two posts, “The World is Being Run by Satanic Pedophiles and “Eyes Wide Shut” two must see posts about this.

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