Dreams really do come true

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Only today they’re NIGHTMARES

A year ago, if I told you we’d all be locked in our houses, businesses, entire shopping centers would become vacant and bankrupt, you’d say “conspiracy”.

Dreams ~ Nightmares

Many had dreams about the riots, the burning of money, loss of the value of currency, attack against Christianity, even back from the 80s. WARNING THIS IS TERRIFYING especially after 44 minutes, but better to be forwarded, prepared.

  • @21mim, biblical prophecies parallel dreams of Russian and Chinese soldiers in blue helmets
  • Talk about EMP attacks

It’s a perfectly made plan (by Satan)

  • Create chaos, blacks against whites, left against right whatever
  • Create viruses, fake or real, FEAR is the greatest motivator
  • Throw people into the FEMA Camps (or COVEY Camps whatever you want to call them) then the only way out is
  • Offer a solution;
  • after 44m — “Take the Mark” OR die – COVID 19 – Certificate Of Vaccination ID. 19-AI Artificial Intelligence which is the means of which they will mark, track and trace you if you take the mark.

The very end offers hope

Turn you into a TRANNY!

A year ago if I told you that the world is being taken over by Satanic Pedophiles (which I did) who want to turn you into a TRANNY, you’d say “conspiracy” Well here it is on

Government of Canada’s website;

–> https://horizons.gc.ca/en/2020/02/11/exploring-biodigital-convergence/ <–

Doesn’t matter what I say, you need to click above link, read it yourself and WAKE UP!

OR watch Odessa break it down for you in this video

Here are some highlights;

  • Full physical integration of biological and digital entities – humans and robots. WHO runs the robots? (WHO)
    • change human beings – our bodies, minds, and behaviours
  • take your children’s baby teeth to check them for composition, disease etc. This would be mandatory for you to stay in “health care”
  • tax housing so badly because owning a house is bad for the environment (so who will own it then?? hmm I wonder?)
  • altering human behavior by changing thier bodies and minds
  • of course tracking and tracing thier every move
  • analyzing YOUR SHIT from the SEWERS to make sure you are not eating any NON-PERMITTED FOODS! (they already arrest people in China for eating and drinking “ILLEGALLY”) and remember kids, this is FOR YOUR SAFETY! (famous Nazi phrase) Yes, they will know exactly where it came from.
  • most of these are right out of the Communist China playbook. Don’t miss 6 insane laws in China and their penalties, which include DEATH! China apparently executed 2400 people last year for various “crimes” more than anywhere else in the world. Commin’ attcha Canada! – AND the WORLD!
  • China considers “eating on the subway, playing music, or selling things on the subway UNCIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR” and has made LAWS AGAINST IT! what else will becoming uncivilized? They will just keep adding and adding new things YOU CAN’T DO! Why? BECAUSE YOU LET IT!



Watch the background. This is an “injection center”. Nice music playing in the background to keep everyone calm. This is fucking sick man. If you still think this is about the flu, I pity you. Reminds me of WAKO Texas when the ‘Branch Covidians’ all took the Purple kool aid. Did we learn NOTHING from that!?

Turn you into something alright.

Girl is SPOT ON

It Must be noted that Canada itself was NOT THAT BRIGHT to come up with all this alone. In fact the NWO (which was also a conspiracy a year ago) has been planning this for many years, centuries in fact. Global elite have Always wanted to control the entire planet under one government.

This is one of the echm.. .”PEOPLE” you are taking your ORDERS from

Your friend Klaus Schwab pictured above (obviously your friend if you’re going along with him) Grand Master Leader of the World Economic Forum where rich elite gather annually in Davos Switzerland to decide the fate of THEIR PRECIOUS world, wrote a book called “the 4th Industrial Revolution” where he explains where all this is going.

I have not read the book but it’s like this; We had the Iron age, the Manufacturing age, the Technology Age.. so the 4th will be a “blending” of all this where there are no more humans as we know them. They become cybernetic organisms only 500 million in total to be slaves to the few remaining Globalists who run the world IF YOU LET IT HAPPEN! AND IT’S ALL CHANGING PRETTY QUICK if you can even remember where we were a year ago when this was all “Conspiracy”. Right!?

More info here….



They will do so by using CRISPR technologies (in your injections today)

A year ago, if I told you CRISPR was a military weapon that could change human’s DNA, you’d say “conspiracy” well here it is today on Government of Canada’s website; https://horizons.gc.ca/en/2020/02/20/from-crispr-to-prime-editor-the-evolution-of-gene-editing-abilities/

It’s SO NOT “Conspiracy” that they had to PASS A LAW IN CALIFORNIA AGAINST IT!

State of California Office of Legislative Counsel. An act to add Chapter 37 (commencing with Section 22949.50) to Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code, relating to gene therapy kits, by S. Chang, Legislative Counsel of California, Aug 09, 2019

Controlling bugs… YOU’RE NEXT!

like the commercial on Canadia Radio ADVERTISING The “COVID VACCINE” that says “YOUR TURN IS COMING SOON!”

Why Canada First?

Canada is the most likely to lead the way with all this for several reasons;

  • relatively small population
  • Canadians are globally known to be passive, “oh you first, no I Insist! You first!”
  • They have no gun rights and willingly give up guns they had historically
  • As you can see today they are easily manipulated and comply with anything they see on TV
  • Their current leader, Boy Wonder will do anything CCP tells him to do, similar to Biden in the US.
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau, Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder’s legal father was Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was a communist sympathiser as you will see in the video below

and Boy Wonder’s biological father is said to be none other than Cuban Communist Marxist Fidel Castro

To get a further understanding, we have to understand Boy Wonder’s Mother who admits to having an affair with the Rolling Stones, (all of them?) and admits to spending time in the nuthouse. If you don’t believe this, there are many other videos where she admits she was smitten with the Cigar Smokin Commie, Castro, says he “eluded charisma” .

So young Boy wonder’s love affair with Communist China Party (CCP)should come as no surprise. I don’t know how anyone could have voted for this … person, surely CCP helped him win so they could keep control of Canada, in the same way they did in US.

MUST watch

After @6:00 he says how he loves China’s Dictatorship.

Boy Wonder (left)
Communist Dictator Fidel Castro (right)

TrueDough now planning to tax the sale of Matriminail Homes!

Matrimonial homes have always been sheltered from taxes but now he’s going after that too!


So we know what their plan is. Now what’s YOUR plan?

Above video notes that Klaus is predicting a “Cyber Attack” likely in the next fe months. He’s pointing the finger at “Darkside” an unknown terror group. Since Bill Gates of Hell predicted the “virus” now Klaus is predicting the Cyber attack, it’s pretty obvious to me that “Darkside” is just something made up that they can point the finger at. In reality, Darkside is those fe rich pedophiles at the top of the pyramid.

Cyber attack could ruin everything even more than it already is. Imagine not being able to communicate? Not being able to bank or use credit cards. They plan to bring the world to its knees until everyone submits to the NWO.

Everything must “break down” before it can be “Built Back Better” that’s one of thier slogans and they use it in a good light. Another of course is “You will own nothing and be happy”

You can also COUNT on FOOD SHORTAGES as Gates of Hell is now the largest agricultural land owner in the United States. Like he needs the money? NO He needs the control.

You can already see shelves in stores being empty. Everything is more expensive. wood, metal, gas. Another thing you can count on is “drought” which they will blame on global warming but in reality, its just another control thing imposed by NWO and some poeple actually LIKE the idea of communism! Talk to anyone who has defected or moved from a communist country to come to a Free Market, Capitalist society. Only now, NWO will make communism look like a walk in the park since they have so much more technology available to them now.

What will you do when they seize your bank account? Think it can’t happen? Like most thought “Vaccine passports” were a conspiracy a year ago (some still do) bank accounts were seized during WWII. Right now we are under the same legislation, “War Measures Act” which is now called “Emergency Measures Act” same shit.

Have a look at this book called NEW WORLD ORDER

written in 1985 by A. Ralph Epperson

It was all known about way back then, and even before. At least in ’85 Ralph had the balls to write about it well before internet.

as found on the bottom of
the reverse side of the
Great Seal of the United States
is Latin for


Written in 1985, surely this would have been considered CONSPIRACY right? Even now, people will still say it’s conspiracy because that’s the easiest way of dealing with something we don’t know enough about or like. The word “conspiracy” fits perfectly in that void. Closes the conversation and the subject goes back to sleep.

It’s right out of the communist playbook. Play by play!


There are MILLIONS who realise what’s going on and are fighting it.

we will fight for you

We’re fighting in the courts


Top Canadian Trial Lawyer, head of Constitutional Rights Center Rocco-Galati

Legal Proceeding against the School boards of Ontario

Legal Proceedings against Government of Canada

Legal Proceeding against Attorney General, Doug Ford, Chief of Police and more

These are just a few. The Lawsuits are FLYIN!

The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

We’re demonstrating on the streets

We all have to do our part. There are protests all over the world, every Saturday, most city squares at noon. This Saturday (May 15 2021) will be a combined world wide demonstration/ They’re expecting some 20,000 people in Toronto Canada. There will likely be events near you. Please come out. It’s your future and future generations of HUMANS.

Keep our species HUMAN!


ya, it’s Bizarre! it was all put in front of our faces in 2012 and before and we kept ignoring it. It was just some conspiracy freak show right?

  • Pyramids
  • many children in hospital beds
  • huge reaper comes to get them and they all fly up in the sky
  • huge dead baby
  • doctors and nurses dancing


Recorded 2009, now does it start to make sense?


As you can see from the above videos, an EMP attack was predicted and then, May 07 2021, Governor of FL Ron Desantis declares State of Emergency after Cyber attack cripples pipeline.

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