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klaus schwab

They want to make YOU a Tranny like THEM!

This video is so important we broke it down for you in this post. These are all slides from the video. Here’s how it works….

  • 145 is YOU,
  • 140, the sensor are the NANOBOTS which get injected into you
  • 130 is your cell phone so you can monitor yourself
  • 120, all your information including memories, what you see, what you think, it’s all uploaded to the cloud
  • 110 is control from the NWO (eg via the 5G networks)
  • 150, the whole thing is tied to a cryptocurrency “bank” so if you’re good, you get more “credits” to your crypto bank BUT if you are BAD, you get credits removed

and this is all done AUTOMATICALLY though AI (Artificial Intelligence) As we’ve been warning people about since 2019, COVID 19 is not a virus, it’s a plan, Certificate Of Vaccination ID and the 19 reppresnnts the first and ninth letteres A and I which = Artificla Inteligence and most poeple fell for it or are still falling for it as they LINE UP to get these nanobots.

If you saw the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, you might remember how they charged a person with “intention” to commit a crime. The crime had not even been committed but his nanobots sent the message out and he was incarcerated. Ya, now it’s REAL. Here you can see Gates of Hell has already funded this system known as “Trust Stamp”

The Nanos can be injected by his Quantum Dot system and show up “Illuminated” (Illuminati) under the skin when triggered by an outside frequency. Some say this is the Mark of the Beast becuase without it you will not be able to Buy or Sell as noted in scriptures.

See “*” below

At LEAST since 2016, they have been practicing with injections through the nose / blood / brain barrier, hence why the “tests” (not tests at all) were done though the nose. Think about it. They tell you to wear a mask becuase the so called virus can be transmitted through talking, sneezing etc, so they admit the virus can be live in your mouth right? Otherwise it would only be a nose cover but they want you to wear the mask over your nose AND mouth right? So why can’t the swab the mouth? Because they can’t inject the nanobots through the mouth. They would likely get swept away by saliva, killed with stomach acids and shit out, hence why the shoved sticks up so many people’s noses into their brains.

Click for PDF Overview

The mouth swab method has been used for years in murder and rape cases to collect dna. Such a proven method that the legal system trusts people’s LIVES with it. It can literally make the differnce between LIFE and DEATH for some convicts. So surely they could have discovered a virus in the same manner right?

As it says below, you don’t even have to be awake because your body will be sending them all the info they need day and night. They will even know what you ate and if you have been following this sire, you will know that the Chinese make a CRIME to be EATING AND DRINKING ILLEGALLY! Like if you like Meat for instance, it might be a CRIME to eat it or if you are eating TOO MUCH, thats a crime and no cop has to be there to witness it since your nanos will be telling on you, 24/7 wherever you may be.

At this point you are no longer human. You are a “Hybrid” of what was once human and that, whatever it is, is PATENTED and therefore OWNED. Remember what Klaus said (right on his website) “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY” that INCLUDES YOUR BODY! THEY will own it! Because YOU CONSENTED to all this.

China already uses a “Credit Number System” on their people, hence why the Evil Satanic Pedophiles running all this LOVE the CCP. But if you think that’s bad, NWO will make it automated and completely traceable, traceable. They will know where you are at all times, what you see though your eyes, your memories, even your thoughts and dreams. Once installed there will be no way of getting these things out. Not like the 40 year old “microchip”.. my DOG has one of those. Those are OLD NEWS. They can physically be removed. Not Nanobots. They will own you. If you rise up against them, they will even be able to shut you down without firing a single shot.

The NWO system of “Communism” will make Old School Communism look like a walk in the park. You litterey won’t be able to take a shit without them knowing how much, how long it took and EVERYTHING gets fed back into the system to determine whether you’ve been bad or good.

And YOU’RE the Guinea Pig! They have already rolled this out in Africa, so YOU’RE NEXT.

As to be expected with any science experiment things can go wrong as you will see in this video as a young woman convulses after getting her nanobots while soft music plays in the background to keep everyone calm, much like Wacko Texas.

Why do you think the world’s top lawyers are suing govements and school boards and police depatrsmtns over this? If it was a real pandemic, don’t you think they’d be onside?

Why do you think we have police associations against this?

Why do you think millions are protesting EVERY Saturday in ALL major cities across the world?

If it were a real pandemic, don’t you think people would be dropping dead in the streets?

“Oh but India that I saw on the news.” as of the time of writing this, it’s 50C in India, the hottest it’s ever been. Those poeple are in close quarters without enough food and sanitary water or air conditioning. And pictures used by the media were stock photos used from years ago.

Remember the Implantable Micro Dot from above? This is the whole name for it. Actually it’s “HUMAN” Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System but after you are injected with nanobots, you are no longer HUMAN, you are some derivative thereof, a hybrid of sorts. Therefore we remove the word “HUMAN”, then add up the numeric values for each letter. What are we left with? …..

Is it also coincidence that CORONA is 6 letters and if you add up the numeric values, what do we get? ya, 66.

You can see clearly where this is all coming from. Whether you are religious or not you can see this comes from a very dark place.

Still need more “evidence”? Please see these posts;

Dreams Really Do Come True only sometimes they are NIGHTMARES. At the end of this post, see the opening ceremonies to the 2012 Olympic Games. They were mocking humans back then with what was (is) to come.

Eyes Wide Shut Hear it first hand from an insider. Lots of hidden messages in this post. Hidden in plain sight for all to “miss”. Hence why we call it Eyes Wide Shut, like Stanley Kubrick’s movie that he had to make, trying to break his vow silence.

Your World is being run by Satanic Pedophiles

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