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This is unreal. You have to watch it to see how things really are. You are a “product”. Learn how YOU are listed on the STOCK EXCHANGE! Is this all semantics?
“if you put an S in front of WORDS you get Swords and that’s what words are.”
You are lucky to have come across this video becuase somebody did a lot of research to set this out for you. You don’t have to do the digging now. Just watch.
This video talks about how it all started, the words of law, the law of the LAND and the LAW of the HIGH SEAS.
Law of the land is law of the culture that lives on this land
Law of the High Seas dominates the whole world. Merchant Bankers “Mer” means water, eg Mermaid, statue of Liberty had to be put in the water.
You go to court to play tennis or basketball, you go to court of law, it’s a racket. Legal matters are a ball game throwing the ball back and forth. The judge is a referee, hence why he wears a black and white robe.

You just have to watch it to see it. We think this is all shit but this is why we are who we are and “they are them” (NWO) because they made all this shit up.

I guess it all means we should be pirates.


Video Rap song, just watch and listen….

first published May 13 2021

You don’t think it’s not real? According to Wikipedia

John Podesta was a US Democratic queer satanic pedophile from Chicago; John David Podesta Jr. (born January 8, 1949) is an American political consultant who served as White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 and Counselor to President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2015. Before that, he served in the Clinton Administration as White House Staff Secretary from 1993 to 1995 and White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations from 1997 to 1998. intersting that wiki says NOTHING about his Pedophila, only that its a conspiracy. However watch this…

but I never knew he was also an “Artist” Here’s some of his “art”

Did I mention this was the high advisor to Hillary Clinton Campaign? Research what was found on his computer.

Pizzagate is real. This is all real. I hate to say it.

Also look up “Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooking”

YOU decide…..


Please watch Please understand what’s going on

If you take the time to review this website, you will see how its all connected. Satanism, NWO, Pedophila, Communism because it’s about control and the that’s what the Satanists have wanted for Centuries. It’s important that you know this. It’s important that everyone knows this becuase all we have at this point is numbers, which are dwindling fast, becuase more and more are siding with them. Taking thier Experimental Drugs, giving up their control to THIS! Fuck that shit. I’ll DIE FIGHTING BEFORE KNEELING TO THE SATANIC PEDOPHILES! Ya, I HOPE YOU are MAD too becuase NOTHING happens in the Land called Complacency!



A 10 year old addresses the Municipality

About masks in schools


10 year old girl addresses school board

It’s a MIRACLE! Front Line of the Epicenter, dancing without masks, before the experimental drug injections and their STILL ALIVE! What is this? The WALKING DEAD come BACK TO LIFE!? lol

Chelsea Handler, American Comedian

“2nd shot, feels sick and deaf in one ear”

No dear, you’re deaf in both ears cuz you didn’t listen to your “conspiracy theorists”.


It all comes from a place of Evil. from the top of the pyramid of the “All Seeing Eye” on the currency of the once most powerful nation on earth the USA. Countries are not longer good enough. The Satanists have wanted control of the earth for Centuries and now you can see it all coming together via the internet which is why China already censors the internet in thier country and bans social media like facebook. Bill C-10 in Canada will take care of that here. Internet in Canada will be hard to get onto in the first place and IF you can get on, all you will see is “government” controlled propaganda. Only things “allowed” by New World Order.

Why is it always attack against Christian Churches? If you’ve been following this website, you know Pastor Artur, who “exorcised demons” from his Church on the holiest of all Christian days, “Good Friday” came back with a warrant and arrested him. He got out in 3 days after crowd funded lawyers fought his case. So now he’s at home with no church and there was an ARSON ATTACK on HIM AND HIS FAMILY! If you care to review our post Eyes Wide Shut you will understand how this darkness that has infected our world, HATES JESUS and ANYTHING to do with Christianity. It’s not just a “dislike or I don’t believe in him” it’s a downright hatred.

also please see our post; “The World is being run by Satanic Pedophiles”

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