Pop up “vaccination” clinic

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Saturday June 19 2021, there was a pop up vaccination clinic held in “Pierre Elliot Trudeau Public School in Oshawa.

Now Children as young as 12 years old can get “vaccinated” WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT!

RiseUp Durham was there to meet the druggies who drove their children to take experimental vaccines never before tested on humans OR animals in the history of mankind. What could possibly go wrong?

The line stretched around the temporary tents and perfectly healthy adults and children baked in the sun until it was thier turn.

Gay flag proudly flies right under the Canada flag.

These drugs are not “vaccines”. Vaccines have some of a virus in them but since there has never been an isolate of so called “COVID19” found anywhere on earth, these drugs are only authorised under “Emergency Measures Act” (law that replaced “WAR Measures Act”). War Measures Act gave government the power to basically do whatever they want IN CASE OF WAR but now that it’s “EMERGENCY” Measures Act, that power supposedly opens up a broad spectrum of anything that they deem to be an emergency. Further, EMA was only supposed to be used for a short time, like if there was a hurricane, tornado, earthquake and poeple needed help in that time, NOT just arbitrarily held in place indefinitely, (over a year now).

The most populated States in America are now fully open with concerts, sporting events, 135,000 people stood shoulder to shoulder to take in the Indi 500 last week but “Canada” is still under lockdown and other unwarranted communistic actions.

Above sign says “No smoking, No Vaping, No Unauthorized parking” BUT injecting CHILDREN with Experimental Drugs that PERMANENTLY ALTERS their DNA is PERFECTLY FINE! They didn’t even need “Parental Permission”!

It’s dark in the picture but the line started on this side of teh parking lot, went around the “tents”. People waited in the hot sun for their turn.

The guy above got injected. I don’t know if he always walked that way or if this was as a result of the drugs. He wasn’t taking any chances, wearing a mask, and getting injected. How much worse can it be for him?

A long video here talks about woman miscarrying after taking the drugs; https://brandnewtube.com/watch/miscarriage-and-still-births-after-vaccine_2aZTtUQBCklc1hC.html

Less than 1% of “Adverse effects” are even being reported, yet already within a few months, the AZ shot is already the most deadly in the company’s 30 year history.

4 British Airways Pilots, dead days after getting injected. Other’s being banned from flying.

Vaccinated poeple being banned from flying also as the risk of blood clots increases do to air pressure.

Insurance companies are canceling people’s life insurance because they took part in some sort of Biological Experiment thereby voiding their Health Insurance.

“COVID MARSHALS” hahahaha! Id rather be a WalMart Greeter… or a Parking Ticket person

Ohio proposing a bill that would make it illegal to coerce poeple into taking drugs

Think about it; Cigarette packages have to come with warnings! CIGARETTES HAVE TO BE HIDDEN FROM CHILDREN but Experimental Drugs not only don’t have to have such warning but they EVEN come with INCENTIVES!?? WHAT THE FUCK MAN!? “we’ll give you Donuts! IceCream! Enter you into a LOTTERY where you could WIN 3 MILLION DOLLARS! UK even PAYING poeple to take the jab! AUFKM!?

Incase you missed it,

We put this video on our main page, Front and Center. If this doesn’t make sense to you, we can’t help;

A year ago

I had never heard the term “asymptomatic”. Basically it’s a fancy term for someone with no symptoms. This reminds me of Grade School when children would run around after each other and TOUCH one another and yell, “SUSY’S GOT THE COOTIES! DON’T TOUCH HER!”

So if you’re “asymptomatic” means you have no symptoms BUT YOU STILL HAVE THE COVEY! (Just like Susy) GROW THE FUCK UP!

Further, and we’ve talked about this before… They say “wear masks over the mouth and nose” because the Cooties could live in your mouth and when you “talk moistly” (as TrueDough calls it) you could spread the Cooties right?

So why can’t they simply swab the mouth? Why do they have to shove a stick up a person’s nose to their BRAIN BARRIER!? Did you know that several poeple DIED from THIS ALONE!?

Why do you think the BRAIN is put in the strongest part of the body? The SKULL? Buecase it’s a delicate instrument! NOT to be FUCKED with! Clearly they could swab the mouth and get the same results since they use mouth swabs in MURDER TRIALS where the accused’s LIFE DEPENDS on the accuracy of said test, so SURELY to God the mouth swab would be sufficient evidence to detect a cold or flu?

According to the Covey Act (which you can see on our front page)

  • Only people authorised by the Health Minister can perform the test but nobody asks for thier credentials.
  • No person is permitted to insert any foreign object into another person (without consent) That means, sticks, swabs, knives, needles, NOTHING unless YOU CONSENT. So just DON’T CONSENT! It’s like a fucking Vampire. They are not allowed in your house UNLESS you LET them! So don’t be stupid!
  • Again on our front page, “the PCR test cannot tell if you are sick or infected of not. was never meant to be used like that – Dr Kary Mullis, creator of PCR test 40 years ago for use with AIDs patents. He won a nobel prize for his work and was killed.. I mean he died August 2019, shortly after the COVID plan was unleashed onto the public.

Seven weeks later…..

BLIND, DEAF, THROAT PARALYSIS, TREMORS… but hey, at least she’s still alive right?


I could see if you were on your deathbed and they said there was no other option but to take these UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS, well they maybe you got no choice right? But for a perfectly healthy person to go inject themselves with something NEVER BEFORE TESTED ON HUMANS OR EVEN ANIMAL (thank God! Leave the animals out of this! They did nothing) This is reckless endangerment to humans. If you are an adult, nothing anyone can tall you but CHILDREN for FUCK SAKES MAN! They LOOK UP to adults and TRUST them! WHO could do this to a CHILD!? (“WHO” get it?)

Here’s another one about the Pilots that


These are Young healthy men, trained to be pilots. They HAVE to be in good shape with 1000s of lives in thier hands.


Note: This Regulation was revoked on June 9, 2021


Doug Ford still has ability to push this out till December if he so desires. I wonder how this will affect businesses that claim they have a “policy” to wear a mask since there is no more “emergency”? (as if there ever was one)

Why was this not in Mainstream media? You’d think it would be FRONT PAGE news?

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