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She got fired for this

She knew this would get her fired

This is what it takes people!

Here’s here interview with Project Veritas ….

Watch at above video @10 minutes where CBC FAKED a broadcast. THIS IS HOW IT’S ALL PLAYED NOW! THERE IS NO MORE JOURNALISM! (on mainstream media)


Gates running the food supply

Google trackers on your phone

Google gave 39 million “GAIN OF FUNCTION” @ Wohan Lab – aka BIO WEAPONS

This video

Explains how they want to make you into a part human, part machine, SLAVE

Even I forgot how great our Links page was and it’s constantly growing. Here’s a link from our links page that offers lots of ideas to MAKE THIS STOP!

1000’s of lawyers around the world are trying to stop NWO

What judge will have the balls to find them all guilty? The penalty for Crimes against Humanity is death. I’m a less optimistic. Courts are government run. Judges are paid by government, (our taxpayer dollars). Rocco Galati (Canada) has not even been able to get a court date yet. Suing entire Canadian Government and he can’t even get a hearing. Where does that leave the rest of us?

If billionaire Donald Trump, President of the (once) strongest richest nations of the world can be silenced by NWO, where does that leave the rest of us?

Bill C-10 in Canada just pasted at 0130hrs June 23 2021 by politicians voting from home from their cell phones. No public input, no surveys, nothing. It will effectively ban free speech in Canada and censor what Canadians see online, the same as COMMUNIST CHINA where they cannot have social media. The only things they see there are what are allowed by CCP. The few permitted to blog about the government must be “licenced” and unless they say what they want, their licence can be revoked and the writers face fines and prison.

You can see the degeneration can’t you? Over the past year? We went from “normal” to communist pretty much overnight. Many said (and STILL say) “oh that could never happen here” (Canada or US) but you only have to look at the head of the snake. Truedough in Canada is a commie and Biden is senile. Putting him in that position is elderly abuse. He should be retired on a beach somewhere with a leg tracker incase he gets lost. They are both in the position they are becuase of CCP and CCP is ruled by the Satanic Pedophiles at the top of the pyramid.

Bean Counters

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is going. At the beginning, Gates said “no normal until most of the world is drugged” and his bum buddy Nazi friend Schwab said “return to normal is FICTION”

Let’s say 70-75% willingly take the DNA altering drugs, either by fear of the propaganda or by coercion / blackmail. That means 70-75% either die within a short time of receiving the drugs OR they are able to be tracked and controlled as a result of the drugs. That leaves only 25% of the population that the NWO has to “take care of”, a much more manageable number.

If you’re not familiar with the Deagel Website, it is a website that tracks military build up over the world. It USED TO have population forecasts into 2025 and 2050 where the population SUDDENLY decreases. US population alone for example decreased by 100 million by 2025 such as in this screenshot….

However in the past year, they have REMOVED their World Population Forecasts!

Below is a screen shot from the UK predictions before it was removed

Note that every other country’s population went down…. World Population by Country 2025 (UK 14M -78%Now Removed From Main Site (Screen Shot of UK figures)
View all Country Data using the Way Back Machine  **Once at link click on Black Deagel logo – (Make sure Way Back Header appears.)
Click on List of Countries – Then Click Switch to 2025 View

here’s more on the Deagel website This article talks about China and their Bio Weapons which ties in with our post about the COMMIE CHINESE SPIES that were in Canada working at Canada’s only Level 4 Bio Lab where they STOLE some 15 viles of EBOLA virus and flew them BACK TO CHINA on AIR CANADA JET. The couple today is NOWHERE to be found! It was easy because TrueDough is a Commie and no doubt helped them get in and out of the country. TrueDough’s Commie CCP handlers likey rewarded him graciously for his work.

If you still have any question about the plans of NWO, just read the INDEX PAGE of this 349 page book entitled CORONAVIRUS ACT which is law in UK now (believe me, most countries have thier own version of this now too) As we said from the start, THIS DOESN’T GO AWAY UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE RETALIATE.

Fusion of Physical, Digital and Biological Identities

COVID19 as I’ve said from the start; Certificate of Vaccination ID. 19 representing the 1st and 9th letters AI Artificial Intelligence. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with the flu people!

Incase you’re just tuning in, Klaus Schwab is one of them.. the Satanic Pedophiles at the top of the pyramid. ya, this is him (or her)… Transhumanism, Transgenderism…..

klaus schwab
Klaus on vacation

Elon Musk talks about “NeuraLink”

Connecting humans to the “Greater Artificial Intelligence” which might sound cool but who runs is? Ya, the Satanic Pedophiles of NWO.

They’ve been sticking things in people’s brains since the 40s (at least)

Unwittingly during operations. Now however such brain manipulation tools can be INJECTED

Some Solutions

As mentioned above, I doubt we can beat them in court as it seems laws do not exist anymore or at least they only work from the top down, like when the “government” wants to arrest innocent poeple and release terrorists but when private individuals want to challenge the government, they can’t even get a court date! To me this means all bets are off the table. We cannot rely on the “Legal System” anymore at least from our standpoint. Certainly cannot beat them by force against armies. I feel this is our only option.

Forget Hunting & Fishing!

A Rich Exploration into Off-Grid Living, Barter, Currency & Underground Networking

Fantastic video hits all these topics –> <– Sorry I couldn’t embed this so you have to go to the page. It’s an hour long but well worth watching if you care about your future.

One of the speakers on the above podcast is Steve. He has lived and worked off grid for 30 years. He teaches about edible plants and more.

Steven’s Sacred Gardener School:

Wayne’s complete Resource List: he’s the other guest from above podcast. He left his IT job and head for the hills.

EMF Map: map shows concentration of EMFs around the world (where NOT to go)

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