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Dr Peter McCullough to Reiner, the German lawyer heading Nuremberg II trials and others.

Look, nobody wants to watch long videos especially if they are not interested. This is 47 min. long. It was one of 100’s of tabs open on my screens for over a week now. Finally got round to watching it and WOW! Everyone needs to see this hence why I have dedicated today’s post about this one video. I have broken it down for you to summarize at a glance.

This Dr believes there is a virus but the first strain was only strong enough to kill the elderly or frail. He goes on to say that the experimental drugs are mostly killing people not the virus which is no worse than a cold or flu.

As I said before, this is not going away. It’s being fought in courts around the world but NWO has done a great job of fearing people into taking the experimental drugs.

2) The Chinese “scientists” that were in Canada, shipped 15 viles of Ebola virus back to China (on an Air Canada flight!)  RCMP apparently is “investigating” but the “scientists” are no where to be found now. 

It is my belief now that they will keep trying to manufacture viruses and unless them on the world over and over until the population is down to 500 million like the Guidestones said but they can’t just release viruses because they would also affect those who released them (their side… and pay attention how this video refers to “Sides”. Clearly this is a war between good and evil. The Satanists want to rule the world and have 500 million as slaves. As Ive said from the start, we need to pick sides, just like in gym class when we picked teams) so they need to also create antidoes to save the Satanists. This is why the Chinese Scientists in Canada shipped Ebola back to China so they could work on an antidote before releasing the “next strain” of virus.

4) there will ALSO be WARS! This has been prophesied in several books including;

“The Story of the Committee of 300” (1993)

Excerpt:  “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.  The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

Above was written in 1993!

The term “useless eaters” is from “Vulgar eaters”. Satanists think anyone who doesn’t believe Satan is the enlightened one, is vulgar. They coined th the term “vulgar eaters”. You can learn more about this in these two posts, “The World is Being Run by Satanic Pedophiles and “Eyes Wide Shut” two must see posts about this.

and New World Order, by A. Ralph Epperson (September 1st 1990) to mention a couple.

@10 min into the video, he says it’s possible he might be able to get on mainstream media, which up till now has been impossible due to the censorship.

@14min, Reiner says “what these shots really do”, dna is passed through breast milk. Infants bleeding from the nose. Babies KILLED from breastfeeding! 

@16 min “the “adverse events reporting system only reports 10% of the adverse events” (I’ve heard as low as 1%) so the Dr points out that we are “10 fold worse that the reports” so he has collaborated and got several other whistleblowers in various reporting agencies. He now estimates that 50,000 dead Americans (American only!) by vaccines already. “Its Propagandized  Bioterrorism by Injection”

@18 min, Texas and Florida are the two lead states with the “least amount of cases” and Florida has the oldest population, retires! Why is this? Because those states are AGAINST vaccine, masks and lockdowns! Everything is open as NORMAL there! This has been confirmed to us by people we know personally. Everything is open as normal there, no masks nothing.

@21;30 Woflgang comes on saying that the hospitals in Germany received lots more money (cost 1.5 billion more than last years) although they had 8% less patients. System was never over loaded.

Wolfgang; “don’t be afraid of the virus be very afraid of the injections!” – of course! Why would they be blackmailing, coercing and incentivizing everyone to get experimental drugs!? 

Above is what blows my mind! Why anyone would agree to take part in some sort of biological experiment when they are perfectly healthy!? It’s bizarre to me. 

Look, if you were in NWO shoes, you wouldn’t simply make a “vaccine” to kill everyone right away right? Because then nobody would step forward to take it. Some will get reactions and die right away, others will become sterile. Now they are talking “boosters” which, how can there be a “booster” when they are talking about changing your DNA!? A “booster” is when they actually put some of the virus in your body. In time your body might become used to that, so they do it again, supposedly “boosting your immune system”. In this case, there HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISOLATE FOUND ON EARTH OF SO CALLED COVID 19! SAYS SO ON FDA WEBSITE hence why they had to use “Emergency Measures Act” to “legally” push these DNA altering Experimental Drugs on people. So there will be “Boosters” for those who didn’t die already!

I fear what happens after, if people are not killed off in numbers they want, they will revert to WAR as a last resort to kill off the remaining populations until they achieve their 500 million population goals. This is latterly carved in STONE as I pointed out from the start. 

@28 Reiner; they used an accident in the protocol of the Woohan lab to springboard their plan into action. You gotta watch this!

@30 min, scientific talk, you just have to watch, listen pay attention.
@31, Steve Kerch offers 2 million dollar reward (this is one of MANY such rewards offered so far)

@34 min, doctors are in fear but even LAWYERS are in fear of going against NWO.
@37 Wolfgang (as I said) “it’s like the mafia” 
@40 min “Nobody wants to watch long videos!”
@41min WOW! the doctor was testifying in US and was attacked by a French reporter! He was also attacked by a lady from Singapore who they later tracked and found she worked for the GATES FOUNDATION! 
@44min, kill the old, sterilize the young. The pressure is now on the kids! No consent needed for kids (first time EVER in HISTORY). Dr’s wife is Canadian, her mother was forcibly injected! and he predicts that forced injections are coming and has already been happening

Forced Injections

Here’s a video from India for those that missed it that I posted previously. It’s not the only place in the world where they are doing this already. If you watch the video you will hear how they have been doing this all over the world, especially in old age homes, hence why we heard of so many deaths in old age homes, which were called “outbreaks”. They were NOT outbreaks, they were all injected and many died as a result.

People know what’s going on

Lorain County Fair Rally in Wellington, OH. Sat, June 26, 2021

Love him or hate him, Trump has unparalleled support across America. Why? Because he’s the only one with some balls to stand against the NWO. This is why NWO needed him out of the way. America has always been the strongest nation in the world. 320 million population, well armed but now they are well surpassed by CHINA in dollars and population, hence why I think Russia now seems to side with China. Remember NWO is pulling the strings so if they want to rule the world, they must have the two great superpowers fighting together against America. now NWO has Biden installed who can’t remember his own position (called Harris, “President Harris”). He will do whatever CCP says to do and Russia has lots of experience with communism and controlling thier people.

Clearly one can see from the above rally that there are many that understand what’s going on and support Trump. Biden never had this much support. Nor did the Drama Queen in Canada either.

More on this. Many pics!

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