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The vile word “Conspiracy” must be expunged from our minds and vocabulary immediately!

It must be treated with the same negativity as the “N word”. Neither serves any purpose.

The word Conspiracy conjures up images of tin hat wearing crazy people who should be treated as invisible.

Don’t talk to them, don’t email them, don’t respond to them because that just feeds the fire. Don’t even LOOK at them! Look the other way should you encounter one on the street!

Pay them no mind and pass them as you would the homeless people on the street because they have no value and heck, we all have better things to do with our time right?

The “C” word means the end of the line. It means NO FURTHER DISCUSSION. The “C” word was made popular by the CIA after the JFK assassination. It was used to SHUT DOWN ANY FURTHER THOUGHT about it. He was shot, they caught the shooter, END OF STORY. ANYTHING else was “CONSPIRACY” right!?

JFK spoke publicly about Secret Societies and how America would NEVER be HELD TO RANSOM by them. Here he talks about them and Karl Marx perpetrator of Communism. So we know how this ended right? He calls the word “Secret” repugnant. This is a MUST SEE video and you need to HANG on EVERY WORD. No words have been truer and he was KILLED because of them. You can reach your own conclusion. This is my opinion.

He admits even he, the President of the Once Strongest Nation on Earth, didn’t have all the answers and appeals to the hearts of people but we know that Satanists have no heart. To them the rest of us are nothing but “Vulgar Eaters” using up “their” natural resources.

JFK’s final summation in this speech; “WITH YOUR HELP, man will be what he was born to be; FREE and INDEPENDENT!”

Marilyn Monroe

Was, let’s just say “close” to the President. Close enough that she too had to be silenced.

Is this all just “Conspiracy” or did it actually happen?


Where would we be if scientists simply refuted everything replacing any hypothesis with “conspiracy”? Everything would be SHUT DOWN. We wouldn’t have the light bulb. We would still be writing on CAVE WALLS. No sense researching. No sense THINKING for one’s self because there is nothing more, right?

The very word “Conspiracy” is down right arrogant. It implies that we know everything and clearly, we don’t. Conspiracy closes minds and the only thing is satisfies is the closed mind; “I’m right, now fuck off”. It’s complete arrogance and must be quashed lest we move forward.

It disturbs me greatly that I hear supposedly highly intelligent people using this word to an end, as if their minds can comprehend no more.

Here’s a list of 10 “Conspiracy Theories” that turned out to be true

Moving Forward

Super! Now that we’ve got the C word off the table, Cleared and BEHIND US, let’s have a look at what’s happening now and what YOU can do to AVOID IT!

We Told You So

Looks pretty cold and barren right? That’s all that visible of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault from the outside. That’s because it was built into a Mountain, on an Island, in the Bering Sea amongst the earth’s most treacherous waters, world’s worst storms, icebergs, sharks, foreboding climate. One would have to be very well equipped just to get there!

June 19 2006, they broke ground on the Svalbard Global Seed Vault project. This was a red flag in my books and I talked to ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN about it back then. The official story is that it would house specimens of ORIGINAL SEEDS from around the world so that incase of a “global catastrophe” “they” would be able to “RESTART” the world (restart, reset, seem to be today’s buzzwords). “Original Seeds” because everything else is GMO now and most of the world’s plants are sterilized.

Combine that with Monsanto’s chemical factory producing “Roundup” which was said to kill weeds but coincidentally kills bees needed to pollinate plants (and also known to cause cancer in humans. Monsanto’s was also responsible for Agent Orange that killed 100’s of 1000’s in Vietnam. Several class action lawsuits have been launched against the company) Monsanto merged with Bayer in 2019 in a deal worth $66 billion US. A deal so large it had to be approved by the European Union. Bayer has a good household name, so they kept the Bayer name and Monsanto can continue their dirty work behind the clean bayer name. Notice you never hear of Monsanto’s anymore?

First of all who are “they”? Well the official story if you look at the WIKI page is that the Norwegian government funded the project 100% and they claim it only cost 8.8 million dollars!? You couldn’t even ship the materials and equipment up there for 8.8 million dollars! In fact they set up a company called “Crop Trust” to hide the names of the true investors like Gates Foundation, Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway the Rockefellers, Richard Branson, Monsanto, Syngenta and some others.

The actual cost was more like 850 million to build it and they estimate the costs of building, maintaining and operating into 2100 will be about 11 billion, hence why the heavy hitters are in there. So they are the “key holders”

So let’s say there was a “natural disaster”. Who’s to say that those few “key holders” would be immune to said disaster? Let’s say there was a Global Pandemic Virus Outbreak for example that killed nearly everyone on earth. How would said “virus” know not to attack the key holders? Why would they be the only ones left on earth to restart and reset the planet?

If the Rich Global Elite really gave a fuck about the world’s population, why would they not make sure EVERY FAMILY on EARTH had a good stockpile of original seeds? This way somebody might be left on earth and equipped to restart again, saving the human species. The rich should know this would be hedging their bet, not putting all their eggs in one basket. Does that make sense?

But clearly, the key holders want NOBODY else having access to the world’s original seeds.

Why would a rich man like Bill gates want to become the largest owner of Agricultural Land in United States? Has he nothing better to do than to be a farmer? Are you starting to connect the dots?

Control the seeds you control the food. Control the food you control the people!

Gates Foundation is also paying off farmers to NOT farm! Making it more financially beneficial to them to NOT produce crops than if they were to go ahead and farm, leaving the food distribution up to Mr Gates.

So if they can’t kill you with their Experimental Drugs, they will control you with nanobots, starve people and if push finally comes to shove, it will end in violence, prophesied in many books including this one.

Make no mistake though, they want you and I dead. To the Satanic Pedophiles, the rest of us are nothing more than “vulgar eaters” using up “their” natural resources. Above was not “carved in stone” as a joke!

Biden’s Vaccine Strike Force is COMING FOR YOU!

more from Liz Wheeler….

Not Just America!

Remember a year ago? “That can never happen here” well HERE IT IS….

Quebec Ontario Canada says by September 2021,

citizens will need Certificate Of Vaccine ID (COVID) to attend all “non-essential services” that means gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts etc. So we know if this is happening in Quebec, it will spread across Canada like the fake virus did. Article

AND THAT’S JUST A START! First it was masks, then it was distance, then quarantine, now we’re at coerced vaccines, next will be “now you can’t even shop in the grocery store without Certificate Of Vaccine ID (COVID) [and for those just tuning in, the 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters, A and I which is Artificial Intelligence which is the means of which you will be tracked and traced after being “vaccinated”] After that will be FORCED vaccines as they are doing in India now.

If YOU will not even enter a store today without a mask, how will you fight back when they force vaccinate you? You can’t even walk around without a mask on!

Did we not say from the start that COVID19 was a PLAN NOT a VIRUS!? See, as long as you keep saying the “C” word then, you will never be able to see this.

This video talks about

  • @9min, you will see an Australian General talking about DOOR TO DOOR drugging
  • Toxic baby food!
  • @13min, One girl’s defense
  • @13min, “Kevin’s Story” some “adverse effects”
  • @16:20 woke young lady; “STOP BEING A COWARD!” she’s as frustrated as the writer is. We told you so. This doesn’t end until WE STOP COMPLYING! The FIGHT IS HERE NOW SO FIGHT! NOBODY IS SAVING YOU EXCEPT YOURSELF!
  • 18:40 Canadian Doctor spoke out on CBC open radio. He was later told to SHUT UP and was FIRED (one of MANY such cases)
  • 23:19 100’s defy lockdowns in California – total anarchy
  • sun creams exposed

Just watch the video. There’s a cute squirrel at the end.

French posters of kissing couples promote ‘desirable’ side of Covid jab – using SEX to SELL the JAB!

full article

Next Video: Top Scientists Warn there will be Food Shortages this Fall and worse!

Video show food being held in ports, and the word is LET IT ROT!

Still think this is about a virus right? Still think this is all the “C” word right?

Remember above when we mentioned Gates [of HELL] paying Farmers to NOT farm? here is it in this video Dept of Agriculture offering $3800/ acre to DISPOSE OF THEIR CROPS! (Directive coming from the Satanists, ya don’t believe it) Gates now owns most of the Agricultural land in US, who do you think had the Dept of Agriculture on thier PAYROLL? WAKE UP and FIGHT! if they do not, they lose 35c/ pound when they bring in thier harvest. STOCK UP!

@10min, you get some comic relief (you’ll need it by now) funny Indian commentator at soccer game

@13:35 Absolutely sickening! We’re back to vaccine “side effects” several people with involuntary muscular movements, neurological effects, you need to see it to believe it. It’s like the train wreck that you don’t want to see but you have to look. Fucked people up totally. Honestly better off dead at that point but hey man, IT’S FOR YOUR SAFETY right!? If you can watch this and still go for the Biological Experiments, good luck. Don’t waste your time studying this website.

@20m, you can see an “injectable microchip”, this is old school technology from 30 years ago but they’re still using it.

@21:20 watch how they try to make Experimental Drugs “SEXY”

Finally; @21:30 doctors strongly advise against the drugs – guys got a good point: If poeple start dying, there won’t be enough paramedics and ambulances to take the bodies away. Sadly the dead bring more disease. This is why they force the “First Responders” to be “vaccinated” first, so there won’t be anyone left to help, only untrained people.

Can we finally put the last nail in the coffin of the “C WORD” now? If you’ve still got that in your vocabulary, there’s no moving forward and humanity is doomed.

We need FIGHTERS! FREEDOM FIGHTERS not compliant sheep who will be led to slaughter by some psychopathic Satan Worshipping Pedophiles.

Get your EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS at McDonalds!

Has McDonalds ever given a FUCK about ANYONE? OR ANIMALS?

  • I’ll break this down for you, infact just skip forward to 7 min. News talks about deaths from the Experimental Drugs
  • 8:28 man faints after jab 9:00 carried out on a stretcher convulsing, over 4000 deaths FROM COVID AFTER BEING VAXED!
  • @10:00 Burgers, Fries and a shot of Pfizer
  • 12:00 guy glowing from Luciferase (mentioned in previous post)
  • 13:00 a guy lost his sister 43 years old wed afternoon, by thursday am, she was DEAD under 24hrs.
  • 15:00 health care worker “if you don’t take the jab YOU’RE FIRED.”
  • magnetic poeple
  • giving it away at grocery stores
  • 19:30 learn about Fauchi and his position in Moderna and his roommate was Bill Gates IG Farben was a nazi company which was bought by George Soros who changed it to “Moderna” Ebstein was involved too Listen to the video
  • Remember when they said “we won’t make it mandatory?” ya, it’s mandatory.


@20:00 Jackal in the White House. Fucken CREEP SHOW!

We need fighters folks. This is no time to be squeamish. No time for compliance. The Fight is on now. Your ever been in a fight in the school yard but at fist you never even knew it was a fight? You say things like “you serious man?” then the fight is on but you were in it all along. We need to be prepared and teh “C” word is NOT helpful.

Ontario Canada there are NO MORE MASK MANDATES

The “Emergency Measures Act” was rescinded June 08 2021 so there is no more emergency (as if there ever was an emergency) and no need for masks but people still wear them. Companies keep pushing that “its our policy” Stand up Canada.


  • Bombard the Police that businesses are making people wear masks for no reason.
  • call Lawyers, MPs, MPPs

Brain Trauma Surgeons have NEVER SEEN BRAINS LIKE THIS!

NOT JUST SWELLING BUT HOLES IN THE BRAIN, LIQUEFACTION MUST WATCH 6 MINUTES! Lungs SHREDDED, Hearts Swelled but hey kids, “it’s for your safety” right?

Endgame – Alex Jones Documentary – Full Length 1:27:00

Alex Jones Produced and released this in 2007 – watch first 10 minutes (at least)

Note: if it is pulled from CensorTube it’s also on Brighteon at this link

Rockefeller Quote
Rockefeller Quote

A good way of getting the word out is “show them”….

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