Oh ya baby! Here it Comes!

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Let’s take a trip back down that Ol’ Memory Lane, back in the “ol day’s” you know? before 2019, when it used to be “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service?” ya well look at it now…

Above you will see how UK is already saying you won’t be able to buy food without the COVID (Certificate of Vaccination ID)

Let’s examine the timeline;

1) 14 days to “flatten the curve” right?

2) then it was the “temporary” stickers on the floors (provided by Dog Ford’s sticker company)

and jail screens between customers and employees right?

es ist zu deiner sicherheit!

it’s for your safety

jail visit

3) 6 ft anti(fa)-social distancing right?

I guess they assume you will be on bare feet? No Shirt, No Shoes, No Distance, No Masks, No Certificate Of Vaccination ID (COVID) No service?

then it was we advise you to wear a masks
5) then two masks
6) then 3 masks
7) then it was “now you don’t have a choice, no mask no service!”

Corner Virus Alert

7) then came the vaccine
8) then it was two vaccines

Readers will have probably forgot what we said a year ago, “YOU CAN NEVER SATISFY THE NARCISSIST” and that’s what the Satanists are. They believe they are the enlightened ones and everyone else are “Vulgar Eaters” Vulgar meaning both gross and stupid and Eaters meaning users of “their” natural resources.

Now two vaccines and all of the above will NEVER be enough because governments all over the world are in bed with the Satanists who have plans to keep drugging people many years into the future until the population is down to 500 million. Then they will have achieved thier goal.

They use the word “Reason” (carved in stone) because the Satanists believe that God of the bible wants to control the lives of people. They believe that Satan is the Light and therefore the God of Reason, allowing man to make his own choices. How is that making thier own choices when the Satanists call for the mass murder of most of the world’s population? Is that man’s choice? Only a choice a a few psychotic Devil Worshipers who should be burned at the stake.

They’re so hypocritical; On one hand they claim to be atheists. On the other hand they hate “God of the bible” and believe in Satan. So they still believe in some “higher power” They would not “hate” God (of the Bible) if they didn’t believe in him. They call this “reason”. It’s all in the book if you care to read it.

Remember a year ago?


and predictions for the future; 

9) now you can’t shop here without many masks but now masks and ALL of the ABOVE are NOT SUFFICIENT;

10) NOW you can’t shop here without Certificate Of Vaccination ID (plan “COVID”) Quebec was the first to announce the COVID pass, Manitoba was 2nd, likely Ontario will be 3rd. Understand that ANYTHING given by “the government” is a licence and license need to be RENEWED So your COVID pass will need to be RENEWED REGULARLY.

11) Next you will need a COVID pass to renew your licence

12) Then there will be Water shortages

13) Food Shortages

14) Then it will be “you can’t shop here because we don’t recognise your currency”. We only recognize the Universal NWO Currency which YOU CANNOT participate in UNLESS you have the COVID (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) and the 19 representing the 1st and 9th letters A and I which is Artificial Intelligence which is the means of which they will track, trace, control you, know how much NWO currency you have, where you spend it, how you get it and if you are bad you they will be able to SHUT YOU DOWN REMOTELY by telling the nanobots in your system to coagulate, causing strokes, heart attacks etc, which they will just balme on a “new variant” which they will have another cure for, eg more drugs, more control.

Are you starting to believe maybe this is not all “conspiracy”?

Finally ending in VIOLENCE because people didn’t put their foot down at #1

So what’s the answer?

Aside from revolt / Civil War which, as you can easily see, won’t happen, especially in Canada since we have a small population which is mostly unarmed and compliant. Most Canadians just do as they are told.

option 2)

  • Grow your own food and live in the forest
  • Pay no taxes because that supports this NWO system

                                        D+Evil = Devil                                        

21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300


here you can see TrueDough of Canada is right on board with the above..

He has to be since he is ruled by the CCP. They need pussies in head positions who will do what they tell them to do such as Biden.

Trudeau’s Great Reset/Agenda21 Plans for Canada

Oct 2020


Trudeau announces Canada’s vaccine certification plans for travel

Jun 18 2021


Trudeau spends $3.3 million to lecture Canadians about racism



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