Food is the New Money

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Guy makes 75,000 a year as a “Urban farmer”

Food is the new Money

Used to be people felt “safe” or “comfortable” if they had a million dollars, or 5 million or 10 million etc. Now we can see that money has less value. Central Bank controls interest rates which controls values. If you watched the video on the head of CB (on this page) you will also see how they intend to control money by making ONE WORLD CURRENCY and force and coerce all companies to ONLY accept THEIR currency AND YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE  in this NWO currency UNLESS you TAKE THEIR DRUGS! (Exactly what the HEROIN dealers do) They can just as easily abolish all currencies as easily!

Now most are thinking “well they could never do that”please see our post on the use of the word “conspiracy”

And it’s not ONCE folks. Most will be killed by the drugs but those who live, will be made to keep taking the drugs over and over and there will be “variants” over and over. True dough has plans, budget (YOUR tax dollars) and already bought enough drugs to keep drugging many generations into the future. Drug your grandchildren and their grandchildren in order to keep the world population at “controllable level” of 500 million;

Just ask Alexa

Remember in War times, they enacted the “War Measures Act” which allowed the “Government” to seize bank accounts and say “it was for the war effort”.

Well now they call the War Measures Act the “Emergency Measures Act” which give them the same powers. It would be easy for them to seize accounts and say we switched to New World Currency. 

This is why the Satanists want to eliminated Private Property Ownership. They want Total Control and they cannot do that with small income centers. 

Same as the electric company or gas companies cannot be a conglomerate if people start harvesting their own electricity or get away from gas.

Anything the Satanists say, DO THE OPPOSITE! If they want you to take their Drugs, DON’T take their drugs!

If they Don’t want you to own land, BUY LAND!

Bill Gates is now the largest agricultural land owner in United States AND he PAYS farmers to NOT FARM!

What does that tell you?

What does HISTORY tell us?

• In the Stone age, if you had the biggest club, you were king
• in the Iron age, if you had the biggest sword and largest armies you were king (See Conan and the Riddle of Steel)
• then the shipping age, ships, planes, trains
• then there was the industrial age where manufacturing was king
• then there was the technology age where Silicon Valley Faggots like Zuckerberg could become billionaires. This would not have been possible in the Shipping age for instance
• Now head Nazi Klaus Schwab is pushing the “4th industrial revolution” where humans become robots attached to the central intelligence, ONE world, ONE Government, ONE Brain, ONE Military, ONE Currency, One Religion and that is Satanism.
see more about the various world revolutions here.
Since some of us will chose to NOT be Satanists, that means we will have to live on the fringes of society (if we live at all).
FOOD is a basic necessity. Food will be Money for us and the least amount of connection with “government” the better. That means LOWEST possible taxes (IF ANY). Some will just SQUAT on land.

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