but WHY!?

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I think I have it figured out!

It is said that only roughly 500 people at the very top of the pyramid really pull the strings here on earth. They are known as the “Cabal” the “Deep State” (government within governments) the “Unseen Hand” etc.

They operate though Secret Societies only privy to a select few. The highest of the Secret Societies only allow their bloodlines to join. That is, you have to be born into them (as well as be indoctrinated into their values and practices. (some of which involve witchcraft and satanism).

One has to question their motivation. It’s not money. They already have that. Sure, they want to rule the world. Sure they want to appease “their God Satan” work but let’s think about this further;

Many at the Top of the Pyramid are OLD! There are a couple of Rockefellers and Rothschilds who are over 100 and should rightly be pushin up the daisies by now. The Queen of England is pushin 100. Her ol’ man just passed at 99. Gates is over 70. Soros, Schwab and some of the others gangbangers are over 80.


They’ve only got a few years left on earth! Why not spend it on the beach being served Pina Coladas by cute girls? (young boys in Klaus Schwab’s case). Surely they all have better things to be doing than worrying about running the planet!? Can’t the think of ANYTHING better!?

For the answer we must look back at The Plan

COVID19 as we know is a Plan not a Virus. It stands for Certificate Of Vaccination ID but that’s for the “common folk” who “must be controlled” THEY have to have such “ID” to do ANYTHING! That’s why it’s sooooo important to the Satanists to get their drugs in EVERY ARM of EVERY person on earth! The Cabal doesn’t take their own Experimental Drugs. COVID is for the masses. No. Now we must look at “19” 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters, A and I which = Artificial Intelligence which we know is the means of which they intend to control the masses with. AI will know where everyone is, how much NWO Digital Currency each person has, where they got it, where they spend it. AI will assign the number to each person being a “social Credit Score which offerers the individual more or less money keeping them enslaved to The System like the Heroin Dealers keep “their women” hooked on drugs so they must keep producing in order to keep the drugs coming.

Epiphany! (whatever that means)

The Cabal are just humans. They know they all have a “best before date”, “Expiry date” or as Charles Mason pointed out “Everybody is given a death sentence when they are born”.

The rich can replace parts and extend life but they cannot live indefinitely IN THE HUMAN FORM. Being “Human” is a limitation!

What is “Human”? We have a biological body, a vehicle that we can direct to do things, to take action. That’s the physical aspect of being human but what directs our bodies? Our thoughts and memories! Let’s call this collectively “consciousness”.

So without the physical aspect of being human (the part that dies off) we are left with our consciousness.

An episode of X-Files suggested that our consciousness could be saved in digital format, likely only a few Gigs of space and whella! “Humans” can live forever! There is a downside though. In the episode, some who died as humans were “collected” into this digital/matrix world where they were made to be slaves to the system. Their jobs were to keep developing the AI FOREVER! No end in sight. Living in purgatory. Neither dead nor alive. What a hell! What a living Nightmare! Even the escape door of Death was permanently nailed shut! No way out! One trapped like this begged Mulder, communicating through a cell phone to SHUT IT DOWN! [this episode by the way was released in 2015, well before the announcement of Plan COVID]

Let’s take it a step further

Memories are kind of “Locked down” right? They are like the written word. “it has been written” now the are history but Thoughts some how are created…. or are they? Some say there are no new thoughts in the world. Only recycled ones. If All thoughts already exist, maybe we are already living in the Matrix? Maybe those recycled thoughts are all bits of information sitting on a chip somewhere?

How do we make new thoughts? Somehow we evolve. We make advancements in medicine, science etc. 50 years ago there were no cell phones but now they are reality. These had to be thought up somehow.

Klaus Schwab writes in his book “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” that humans will become part machine and there will be a merging of Humans and Technology (Technocracy)

Maybe this doesn’t need to mean that we look like the terminator robots. Maybe it just means that the masses become controlled by AI….Maybe some parts are replaced with robotic parts but let’s face it, the Cabal, the ones running the AI do not want to do the heavy lifting so all they really need to be a consciousness.

So going back to The Pyramid, those at the top are simply consciousness and they control the rest of what’s left of humanity as slaves. The consciousness will still need physical bodies to do some of the dirty work on earth. The “heavy lifting” that they don’t want to do.

Maybe all humanity eventually just becomes a consciousness?

Maybe the few left “evolve” into aliens to man spacecraft and spread their seeds to other planets and galaxies. This leaves those who “ascended into digital realm as “GODS”. They become “the creators” that the remaining humans pray to.

The bible says that this era will rule for “a thousand years”. The only way this seems possible is if humans no longer have the human form which expires. A digital consciousness could go on forever but one would assume is requires outside force to keep the computers running. This could be one reason for keeping the slaves, Maybe also defense against other such beings that might try to destroy thier “perfect world”.

Imagine psychopaths like Gates and Schwab running what’s considered to be New Humans for a thousand years!?

Everything is conspiracy / science fiction until it actually happens, like speaking through a cordless device across the world or making light without fire.

Lets NOT let this happen!

If you read NWO book, you will know that in fact the world is not overpopulated. The book was written in the 80s when world population was about 4.5billion. The writer points out that the entire world population then, could fit on the state of Oregon alone, each having 50x50ft lots (I’m not doing the math, it’s all in the book)/ Point is that this is just the state of Oregon. From this one can easily see that the world is not overpopulated. This is just more fear mongering for the Satanists to justify their actions.

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