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Your lessons for today;


Very important today since 99% of what we are being told is COMPLETE BULLSHIT especially from POLITICIANS!


Driving lessons 102

ya, you might need this too when the shit hits the fan (like NOW)

Former Chief of Disguise for the CIA, Jonna Mendez

talks about disguises

More from Jonna Mendez

this is Brilliant! Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets

Jonna Mendez on Spy Scenes From Film & TV

How to Remember Anything (almost)

Improve memory at least

There’s more to this post!

These are useful skills but we wanted to point something else out as well

Notice that the CIA Operative above did everything in thier power to BREAK LAWS! They use fake passports, disguises, espionage, even KILL people. Point is, either THERE IS NO LAW OR Some don’t recognize the law OR there’s no law for them but laws for the rest of us.

In any case, how could anyone believe what the government would have our best interest at hand?

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