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Look how happy Gates (of Hell) is below when the interviewer asks if people should be Injected for EVERYTHING! Eg, social security, jobs, healthcare, licensing for anything and on and on. You want to take a shit, you have to be VAXXED!

All of a sudden the Leftist “MY BODY MY CHOICE MOVEMENT” is SILENT

Remember Michael Jackson?

He slept with young boys. He held his baby over the railing of a bannister from an apartment. His defense was that he thought he was doing no wrong.

This is how these people think. They live in their own little bubble, protected by money, security guards and 16ft fences. They have a picture in thier own minds of how the world should be run.

To them, YOU are nothing but “Vulgar Eaters”. Vulgar meaning “STUPID as well as GROSS”, Eaters meaning “Consumers of THEIR natural resources!”

Yet people today, August 2021 STILL believe this is all about a killer virus and they are there to support us and help us through this “crisis” of “epic proportions”. Some even wear masks INSIDE their CARS, BY THEMSELVES with the WINDOWS ROLLED UP! How pathetic and naive some can be!

Why didn’t they act like this during SARs or EBOLA or Swine flu or Avian flu or every flu season that kills 2 million a year world wide? Why? Because Simon didn’t SAY so!

Watch first 3 minutes!

Learn how a NAZI FAMILY is invested in COVID

(Certificate Of Vaccination ID) aka COVEY PASS.

If you haven’t already seen it, jump over to our COUNTERMEASURES POST. Why? The post gives the reader some courses of action against Satanists but we wrote it to show something even more important;

In the post you will see how the “government” purposely goes out of their way to BREAK LAWS!

The CIA Agent tells us about how they do things against the law.

Point is they are saying “there’s one law for “THEM” and another law for the rest of us. Therefore there IS NO LAW!

Lets just use a simple example. A cop can go over the speed limit without being fined or jailed right?

Ok, so we have all these laws that supposedly protect WE the PEOPLE right?

WRONG! We just proved above that the government DOES NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN LAWS! So WHO in thier RIGHT, SANE MIND would agree take their experimental drugs?

WHO in their RIGHT, SANE MIND would believe them when they say “if you take the jab, you can return to normal”? If you ask ANYONE WHY they took the jab, 99% will say “they just want things to go back to normal.

Above we have just proved that the “Government” does not follow thier own laws.

The politicians we know have no singular power. They take their instructions from the Satanists.

  • Doug Ford in Ontario Canada said “I just follow the orders of my health officials”
  • Cops openly admit “I’m just following orders” When pushed “where did those orders come from?” they answer “health officials”
  • Where do the health officials get their orders from? The WHO.
  • Who owns the WHO? BILL GATES who is not a Doctor, Not a Scientist, Not an Elected official, Not a spiritual leader in fact he himself admits he’s not even that good a a programer. (and Windows SUCKS!) His programmers were making up viruses for their own operating system, then offering the “solution” with “antivirus software” so they win on both ends. Now he’s doing that with humans. Scare them with propaganda of a killer virus, then offer the solution, but the solution IS the virus.

“I was JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS” was the “defense” used by Nazis being sentenced to DEATH for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY at the Nuremberg Trials. From these trials came the Nuremberg Code, one of which states “I was just following orders” was not a viable legal defense.


The supply chains are screeching to a halt and most still have their heads in the sand believing it will all pass if I take their Experimental Drugs.

Open Letter to “The UNVACCIANTED”


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