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The theme has been Nothing is as it seems and WE WANT THE TRUTH so here’s a continuation

Let’s start with HAARP

HAARP was deactivated in the early 2010s but they switched it back on in June 2021. Subsequently the FAA issued a flight advisory about electromagnetic radiation

But HAARP is far more sinister than we are told (as usual)

Let’s learn about HAARP, it’s Patents in 10 minutes

What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!

Folks you HAVE TO understand, THESE ARE NOT VACCINATIONS! They have NO “bit of a virus” in them! There has NEVER been an isolate of so called COVID19 ANYWHERE ON EARTH! NOBODY has come forward to accept the MANY REWARDS of PROOF! Alberta government COULD NOT Provide PROOF, hence why they were forced UNDER LAW to REMOVE ALL MEASURES.

So what ARE they!? Let’s have a look….

Royston Potter

Former US Army LTC 28 years

Why are they so adamant to jab the Military and Front Line Workers?

Some says it’s because they want to kill off military and the health workers who would defend citizens and doctors and nurses that would help the wounded or maimed because they know millatries will not turn on their own people. The final step would be use of FORCE which means countries would bring in the UN military comprised of Chinese military. Hence why they would want to diminish each country’s independent militaries.

But there’s another angle. Maybe the nanobots make the military and front line workers NOT QUESTION ORDERS. Graphene is used in Computer Chips that work with AI. Have a listen.

Remember, COVID 19 = Certificate Of Vaccination ID and 19=AI.

The drugs (aka “vaccines”) are a bio weapon

He says he doesn’t know what evil is persuading these people to push them but they are being led by evil

Learn about Graphene

Graphene (which is ONE of the ingredients in the Experimental Drugs they are pushing) is used in microchips because of it’s conductivity and ability to communicate with external stimulus (like 5G networks). It’s basically a liaison between the Satanic pedophiles TOTAL CONTROL MACHINE AKA “AI” (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)

Are you starting to get it? COVID19 – Certificate Of Vaccination ID (for the masses so they can know “who gets some freedoms and who doesn’t” and 19 represents the 1st and 9th letters, A and I which is Artificial Intelligence which is the machine that you become PART OF once injected with Graphene/Nanobots/Smart dust so you can be controlled by Satanic Pedophiles. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Celeste Solum

is a former FEMA employee. She talks about Graphene, Hydrogel and Quantum Dot Application

ya, it’s a long boring “talking heads” video but the content is very disturbing. Basically Graphene turns your body into an ANTENNA so THEY (the Satanic PEDOPHILES) can control you though 5G.

more from Celeste here



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