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Think about it. If you were a psychopathic satan worshiping NWO hell bent on taking over the world what would you do? We would hold these secret meetings in secret places, invite only our own, the rich, the satanists. Hold them under the guise of doing good things like World Economic Forum that only wants GOOD for the world right!? Health Organizations like The World Health Organization, it’s for the good of your health right? That sounds saleable! Bilderberg group meetings for financial gain of World Economies! This sounds Great right!?

JFK saw though these secret meetings and secret societies and look what happened to him.

This speech was made April 27 1961. He was shot November 22, 1963.

So what does the NWO really discuss in these meetings? First, they likely make some sort of offering to Satan, THEN the meeting can begin;

Note: If any NWO execs are reading this, I apologise if I got the order wrong;

  1. Stockpile Coffins and coffin liners I put this as # 1 since this has been going on for many years. here’s a video from 2009.
  2. Pick your players; Who do you want on your team? China. They have come from being a 3rd world country to the top producing country in the world. But New WORLD Order is about GLOBALISM, not Nationalism. They want THE WORLD not to be the “top country” Kapeesh? NWO loves CCPs way of controlling thier people. They love the way they have brainwashed thier military and children from childhood. They love thier “social credit score number system” and there are billions of them so it’s natural to make them an allie if you wanted to take over the world.
  3. Put “your people” in strategic places.
    1. Take TrueDough from new World Order SECTOR FORMERLY KNOWN AS “Canada”* (remember we’re talking about GLOBALISM here right?) becuase he’s younger, easily influenced, easy to push around, both his fathers were commies. Obvious choice. [there will be no more countries, only sectors within the NWO, One Government, One Currency, One “religion” which will be Satanism]
    2. Same with Biden, old senile, easy to push around, will do what CCP says. Another obvious choice.
    3. Look at Otoole in the “Canada sector” there’s a CHANCE he might win so they had to INSTALL an CHINESE EXECUTIVE from the HUAWEI Co. to Ensure the tainting of the conservative party which is the only threat to the Liberals. This is know as “hedging your bet” keep in mind Trump BANNED HUAWEI Co. from United States. They are a huge global communications company behind the 5G networks necessary to run the AI (as in COVID 19 = the 19 representing the 1st and 9th letters A & I which they will need to run the planet with only 500 million poeple on it. Why would “Conservative” O’Toole hire a communist company executive and DELETE the Conservative petition to BAN HUAWEI from Canada!? Keep in mind that FORD was once conservative too until he met with Gates in the summer of 2019. Since then he flipped.
  4. Hack the voting machines to make sure they get in power and stay in power.
  5. Form Alliances with Big Tech and Big Pharma (see last video on this page)
  6. Control the Food
    1. build the seed depository and stockpile the world’s original seeds as a backup incase something fucks up.
    2. Next, genetically modify all plants to become seedless
    3. sell “roundup” as a way to control weeds while also killing the bees the politante the plants (remember we don’t want any natural plants growing right? only those produced by NWO)
    4. buy up all the agricultural farmland in key sectors like United States (as they will be the hardest to take over since they have large population and are well armed)
    5. PAY farmers to DESTROY their crops (see first video below) so that NWO farms will be the only viable farms
  7. Remove private property ownership so that the peasant slaves cannot farm their own land (see
  8. Bann Christian Churches because people congregate there and they might start to talk! and Satanists HATE Christ! He stands against everything they hold sacred. REALLY put the “fear of God into them by locking up pastors in Maximum Security Prisons, fining them and Locking down thier churches to set an example for anyone else who might try the same.
  9. Separate the family. Can’t have any tight knit groups that stick together. Divide and Conquer as always worked historically.
  10. Control mainstream media
  11. Censor and control the internet and mainstream social media so poeple can’t talk
  12. make them wear masks to see who’s compliant. those who don’t can easily be picked out of crowds with facial recognition software.
  13. Shut down private businesses since we need to have people reliant on “The System” can’t have independance right?
  14. Make them distance from one another so there is no contact! Can’t have human contact now right!? This should help break their spirit so they give up easily.
  15. keep them in constant fear of a fake virus
  16. force them to take our drugs. Some will react to and die (collateral damage) others will be controllable through nanobots and 5g network. Threaten them if they don’t comply
  17. Establish a New World Order Currency effectively making all other currency worthless IF PEOPLE GO ALONG WITH THIS SHIT AND ACCEPT NWO CURRENCY AS THE ONLY CURRENCY. I HOPE THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH NOT TO BUT DOUBTFUL! If we all JUST SAY NO to all this, then THEIR CURRENCY will be USELESS! But it will take some BALLS which most don’t have! They won’t even walk around without a mask! Some even wear them in their cars ALONE with the WINDOWS UP! Fucking Pathetic!
    1. It’s worth pointing out that most that took the drugs already (DRANK the PURPLE KOOL AID so to speak) did so becuase they thought this would bring everything back to normal aka THEY CAVED. If you’ve been following this website, you will know better. NWO will not stop EVER. They have plans to keep people drugged and controlled well into the future. You will never be able to satisfy the narcissist by giving them what they want because they will keep wanting more! FOR EVER! Of course in the Bible is says this only lasts for 1,000 years, Thank GOD! lol.
  18. You’ll need COVEY CAMPS to keep some non-complaints for torture and experimentation
  19. Finally, unleash the UN military (mainly comprised of Chinese who were bred for this) to mow down any remaining resistance that stand in their way

We’re already at #15 and most still think this is about a virus.

“Government” (aka New World Order) paying farmers to destroy their crops


She mentioned “no slaughter bill”. Can’t say I disagree with that having not eaten meat or dairy in 20 years. Many don’t realise that 2/3rds of the world’s crops are grown to feed to animals not humans! See first of all, animals require some 30-50 times as much land and crops to feed compared to feeding humans directly. Then, after slaughter, only 30% of the animal actaully reaches the plates of humans. THEN out of that 30%, much of it is WASTED, THROWN OUT for being too old, or because people “ate enough” etc incredibly wasteful system. If it were nesseary for man to be eating animals, then all the vegans and vegetarians would be dead by now (myself included). Then there’s the incredible waste of water, energy and the unfathomable cruelty as well.

Regardless, paying farmers to destroy thier crops is simply a control move by New World Order (aka Bill Gates and friends) Really. Why wouldn’t NWO simply pay the farmers for their crops rather than order them destroyed!? Think about it!

Truckers prepare to shut down Australia


Below: Must watch! Colonel Phil Waldren explains China’s involvement in NWO takeover of the Planet Earth!

Watch how easy it is to hack voting machines!

How they hypocritically say “they are not attached to the internet, then in the same sentence they say “well actually they are attached to the internet! Of COURSE they are! How the fuck do they get the “votes” to the central tabulation machine?

watch @16 minutes how China owns major Hollywood Movie studios. They make sure NO MOVIE paints China in a bad way. Right after that, big tough guy MMA fighter John Cena kneels and “apologises to China for calling Taiwan a country!” What a faggot!

@22 min, it switches to A SOLUTION – Reawaken America! They talk about “voting with dollars”. They are building a way to buy local, support local business, how to NOT give your money to NWO. Why would you want to FUND those who want to enslave you? He makes a joke too. Made me laugh.

@27 min, short clips you have to hear! The commies, Biden saying that “the constitution is NOT absolute!” and more leftist commie threats!

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