Left Vs Right

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If you have been following our website, we told you in 2019 you will need to pick a side. This post hopefully will make that crystal clear.

We are at war folks and it’s not even Left vs Right. It’s GOOD vs EVIL. All the chaos in the world you see today it brought on by the Satanic Pedophiles that run the planet. It’s been many years in the making.

If you are just tuning in for the first time, we would advise you to review some of our past posts and pages of this website.

Let this sink in….

If you do nothing else today, just watch this. Hopefully it will encourage you to review more material below.

These are “CELEBRITIES” they are PAID to ACT!

Pro Antifa High School Teacher in California Says;


“I have 180 days to turn them (students) into Revolutionaries”

Follow up video

After the first video (above) the Veritas Reporter confronts the “teacher” who would not answer his questions. Then the reporter goes to the school where “he” teaches and the SCHOOL would not answer any questions either, thereby supporting the “teacher”. This is what you are sending your children to learn. Brainwashing, indoctrination into radical communism.

Not Just Him! There are many like this around the world teaching our children!

Next video title is deceiving

It’s mostly about how China CCP controls “their citizens”

  • Watch how China force drugs “their citizens”
  • Watch how CCP scrubs Chinese celebrities. Wipes them right off the map. They don’t want anyone gaining stardom or fame or the hearts of the poeple. They don’t want people to be rich. They don’t even want them to be INDEPENDENT! They want them to be completely controlled and reliant on the CCP. Hungry people will do anything for food.
  • Note how the head of CCP doesn’t wear a mask but everybody else does. Again this is just a posturing tactic. All the commie citizens should be seen but not heard. They should be faceless and voiceless and all look the same. This is why organizations use UNIFORMS. THe Mask is a uniform and a symbol of compliance to the New World Order.

This Is how NWO wants to run everything.


Watch this Fed up California mom RINSE the school board! you GO Mama!

Next Video

Some get ARRESTED! Does that not tell you something is wrong here? Parents getting arrested for standing up for their CHILDREN!?

Also in this video

  • if hackers can shut down big business, how hard do you think it would be for a country like China who makes the software and hardware for the Dominion Voting machines, to HACK THEM!?

Not “Mandatory” but you can’t work here without it

Dude is SPOT ON!

More than title says

There’s a bit about forced vaccines but most of this video is about the tactics of the CCP. Basically the CCP BILLIONAIRES don’t want anyone else to be billionaire or even “rich” or even independant for that matter! Watch how they scrub Chinese celebrities off the internet and destroy businesses they feel threatened by. Also note how the head of CCP never wears a mask while everyone else does. This is sick. This is how the NWO wants to run the world.

First day back to school

Won’t let him go to school without a mask even though he has a MEDICAL EXEMPTION!

See how they are creating a Two Tiered Society?


Leftist, commie, queers


Says he has 180 days to indoctrinate his students into radical leftist communist supporters! He has a gay flag and ANTIFA flag in “his” (the TAXPAYERS classroom!) Even has a poster of dictator Mao Se Tung commie who killed millions!

Watch as Undercover Project Veritas reporter lets this little faggot spew his guts out. How could “this” even be near CHILDREN for fuck sakes!? Let alone TEACH them! Also see this later follow up video;


Here’s the same Leftist Commie Faggot CALIFORNIA TEACHER will not answer Project Veritas Reporter

August 31 2021

Later the reporter tries to show the footage to the SCHOOL and they KICK HIM OUT! In other words the SUPPORT the COMMIE FAGGOT who is teaching CHILDREN how to be a good COMMIE!

Leftist Commie Faggots teaching other Leftist Faggots to fight

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