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Riddle me this Batman!

Why did they have to “Announce” the virus in 2019? If it was a real virus, first people would be getting sick, dying, dropping in the streets, in their cars, in their houses and they would DEMAND to know what’s going on!

Instead what to we get? The Greatest Media deception ever on Planet earth. Everyone mandated to say the same thing and to censor any other narrative. Billions of dollars thrown at it, 24/7/365 media coverage, mandates, MANDATORY vaccines and “passports” to prove you are “eligible” for ANY of YOUR OWN RIGHTS!

Your local “Conspiracy Theorist” can throw all the cards down in front of you, as we attempt to do each post however if you chose to ignore it, if you chose to not even look at these cards in front of you on the table, you lose. Nobody has ever won a card game without looking at the cards.

The Great Reset | 3 Major Events Happening NOW

Your local conspiracy theorists have been telling you for years now, you need to pick sides. You’re either with them or against them. There is no grey area. And if you think that going with them will save your life, you are sadly mistaken. Thinking you will be one of the “lucky 500 million left as slaves” is like playing Russian Roulette — with 5 / 6 chambers loaded. And if you “get to live” you will be a slave. Is this what you want for you and your family?

Don’t be naive. 

PTII young healthy athletes dead after getting jabbed

They were not sick. they had their whole lives ahead of them with promising careers. Why would they need experimental DNA altering drugs for a “virus” that likely doesn’t even exist? Do you take painkillers when you have no pain? (Some do) do you take chemo in the absence of cancer? If you are on their side this is what you are promoting and supporting.

Ontario Canada

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems: Report

There were 54 persons aged 25-39 included in the tally and 44 persons aged 40 and over

Doug Ford Flip Flop

First he was a staunch conservative, then after meeting with Bill Gates in the summer of 2019, he FLIPPED and went FULL COMMIE.

He’s flipped on many things. Here you can see how he said “NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, NO PASSPORTS, NO SEGREGATED SOCIETY”



I can write till the skin is worn off my fingers yet some will still chose to believe that all this is because of a virus that may or may not even exist but if it does you have a 99.8% chance of surviving it (without experimental drugs).

A virus so deadly, you have to be “tested” with a faulty test to even guess if you have it or not.

A CURE so SAFE all the drug companies have to have full immunity to prosecution. So safe that you have to be blackmailed, coerced and threatened into taking it.

It was 14 days to “Flatten the Curve” then it was just quarantine, then just wear a mask, then just take the drugs.. can’t you see this will not end? It’s not about any virus. It’s about total control. Weak poeple will simply cave and do as they say. “ah well, it’s just a mask. ah well, it’s just a vaccine. Once I get the vaccine, I can get back to normal” Did you not hear anything Klaus Schwab said? It has been posted numerous times over and over on this website as well as millions of others so I’m not going to reiterate it. Many still don’t even know who Klaus Schwab is yet they can easily throw “conspiracy” at anything they don’t understand.

Why is Walmart closing?

(and Superstores, Home Depots, Target and Sam’s Club)

100s of Walmarts, Superstores and others slated for closure.. or should we say “repurposing”.

The ONLY way NWO Satanists want you to buy ANYTHING is ONLINE where everything can be tracked and recorded. Without physical stores, cash will be useless. NWO Global Currency will be the only way to buy things on line and you can’t participate unless you kneel to the NWO and that means taking the experimental DNA altering drugs over and over again to keep your “PRIVILEGES” (AKA HUMAN RIGHTS) up to date. They will not stop until they have reached their goal of 500 million left on earth. 

Most jobs can be automated, hence why they feel 500 million is a good number of slaves for them.

List of Walmarts and Superstores slated to be closed


Related article

These large stores are being repurposed into FAEMA CAMPS!

They’re converting Hotels and Walmarts and building COVEY CAMPS around the World including CANADA

Here’s what happened to one soul in an Australian COVEY CAMP! Gone INSANE! No AIR FLOW (same as them making you wear masks all day)

This man was supposed to be released after 14 days but the are keeping him in there.

They seperate families and put them in these rooms by themselves.

Bad enough for him but everyone else locked in there, hears this all day. I predict the COVEY CAMPS will become even more sinister than this with human biological testing and other such “experiments” and yet some still think this is because of the flu. Fuck man. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

but hey man, “It’s for your safety” remember?

Air Pilot has a stroke while FLYING! Dies shortly after on ground

Your local conspiracy theorists have been telling you, you need to pick sides. You’re either with them or against them. There is no grey area. And if you think that going with them will save your life, you are sadly mistaken. Thinking you will be one of the “lucky 500 million left as slaves” is like playing Russian Roulette — with 5 / 6 chambers loaded. And if you “get to live” you will be a slave. Is this what you want for you and your family?

Don’t be naive! 

Why should you listen to me? It’s not just me. It’s millions world wide who see this for what it is.


Sept 5 2021 Amsterdam

Crowds like this have been gathering around the world, Every Saturday, Every Main City Around the World FOR TWO YEARS NOW to protest the systematic stripping of basic civil and human rights. For those who still think Im a conspiracist, it’s not just me.


Paris France

Protests Against Vaccine Passports

Paris France has implemented Certificate Of Vaccine ID “COVID” (aka Vaccine Passports) to go shopping. Crowds push though police chanting “Liberte” (Freedom)

“big strong, fully armed Paris police” beat a woman who tried to go shopping at the mall without a vaccine passport

You’re tellin me we’re not at war!?

Many humans so far have willfully given up their civil, human and moral rights and so far not one shot has been fired.

The cold war was all about posturing, positioning and psychological warfare. The main ingredient they need to control people is FEAR. Push fear, offer the “solution” and the world will be on their knees for you.

Control the food, control the money / currency, resort to physical force at the end as a last resort. We are beyond law folks. Every one of the Global Laws made in the Nuremberg Code has already been ignored by governments. Clearly there are laws for the masses but not for them.

Why should I be bothered to share all this information with anyone? Who gave me this job? Who is paying me to do this? Answer, NO ONE! But I’ll be damned if I can just sit on the sidelines and say or do nothing while all this goes on. I’m one of millions who get it and are trying to do something about it. I hope you will join us.

Problem is that millions are nothing compared to the billions who take mainstream news as the gospel. Your local conspiracy theorists do not have the resources to run the media, own CDC, FDA etc, make deals with large pharmaceutical companies. Those are the people who are “bombarding you with messages every day 24/7/365. It’s impossible for your “conspiracy theorists” to compete with them, yet we send too many emails lol.

US has Fallen, China is Going up

Biden is a disgraced puppet for CCP, same as TrueDough in Canada. Biden effectively gave Taliban Billions in Arms and Cash. Watch this and more of his disgraces.

Ya Let’s All be like CHINA!

Because “cash” is dangerous! and Filthy! and you could catch the Covey from it!

Bribe money to keep pushing their narrative

  • Also bribed provinces with $1 billion each to implement Your Freedom Passports


Here you can see ALL the Canadian parties here support COVID (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) aka Vaccine Passports. O’Toole who is supposedly conservative says here he’s all for it. The only party that has gone to the Freedom Rallies and put in their campaign about Freedom, Civil and Human rights is the PPC People’s Party of Canada and hence the other parties don’t even want to allow them in the debates!

O’toole is about a “conservative” as Doug Ford who WAS a CON before meeting with Bill Gates in the summer of 2019. Since then he went full commie, flippin from being against COVID and Segregation to, “I’m all for it!”

So a vote for the Con’s is like a vote for the Liberals. I see no difference anymore.

What can you do?

First you need to get on the right side of this

This is a document written in 1961 about the Communist threat to our Freedoms. Some solutions are noted from page 18.

All these other pages offer solutions, legal positions, forms etc that you can use for your particular situation

Canadian Law to Prevent Genetic Discrimination

Here are some solutions listed in another post

Research / Learn / Share

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